I finally got to a weekend to have time to say “thank you!” I’ve read this probably three times now – starting to make notes. This does all ring true! Nice to get a little confirmation – AND nice to say hello to family […] Also, part of my questions involved my daughter and her no longer taking care of my mother, but transferring that to me. Well, Robin Williams had a lot to say that included a sit-down talk. I used the book “She Is a Believer” and the conversation went FABULOUSLY. Oh what a relief, relief, all of my fear is gone and I feel confident I am doing the right thing. Thank you! And to Robin (and all other there in my support) […] I will be recommending your e-book service. I think it’s great and not like anything I’ve done before.

Linda P

These two girls definitely have access to the spirit world! They will bring forth your guides and loved ones. They have brought both forth for me. I can only wish to have some of their ability one day. They thoroughly answered my questions on twin souls. More importantly, I have received valuable personal information through them. Before Erik connected me with these two, I was feeling spiritually stagnant. That is no longer the case; they helped open a whole new world for me. I will not hesitate to get more readings in the future. I am grateful to Kristin, Theresa, and of course, Erik!!

Karen D.

I was so excited to get the reading this morning! Erik is so right on about what’s going on with me & he knows how much I appreciate his support. I printed out the “Mini” e-book so I can go back from time to time & refresh my memory when I need a reminder. There is a lot of information for me & I was looking for guidance. Thank you Theresa for being such an open channel!! I have been following Erik & his Mom since July 2010….It forever changed my life. I did not know Erik was a guide until last year and he had sent me a message & a few pranks since then – haha. He was here playing with the hallway lamp light & moved my reading glasses!! That was last the week when I went to his house – for Elisa’s get together in Houston. So he makes himself known!! One of the most valuable messages I got with this reading is to Let Go of My Doubts – to get out my own way so I can move forward & manifest what I desire. I will schedule another reading very soon as a follow-up. I’m already doing research with one of his suggestions for consulting!! I want to end this testimony by saying you are one of the most – I’m at a lost for words – Receptive Mediums and your desire to reach out with so much love & caring for others. It’s evident in your website as well…. (my first reading was in January 2005 and countless others since then & you are one of the best. Thank you!!

Gwen Y.

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