Questions from a Skeptic

I recently “came out” to my boyfriend/partner-in-crime about my intuitive abilities and how I was able to channel information from the Spirit world. I was relieved when he didn’t immediately suggest I go “talk to someone.” He actually accepted it quite well. It is not that he is not willing to entertain the possibility of the existence of Spirit, he just doesn’t really care too much … Continue reading Questions from a Skeptic

Welcome to the Life Review!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Theresa, aka Triple Spiral. I consider myself a psychic intuitive, and I spend a good amount of time channeling my spirit guides, and in particular, my friend John, who has helped me open up and receive correspondence from spirit. This blog was created in hopes that I could share the channelings and the wisdom I have gained since communicating … Continue reading Welcome to the Life Review!