Into the 5D Mystic

Into the 5D Mystic We’ve entered into a new sphere of experience. Now begins the gentle and miraculous unfolding of the new. The changes are becoming more noticeable in my perception, and yet more ineffable. My higher self has called me to this challenge today – to (very briefly) put words to the indescribable.  The moon is in Pisces – and it just so happens … Continue reading Into the 5D Mystic

Soulmate Resonations

Today I’m featuring a channeling session I did early on in my partnership with John. I learn about the soul connection I share with John and why he is currently guiding and helping me in spreading awareness of the spirit world. Enjoy! Me: [Why help me, anyway?] John: Because you can do it, it is your destiny to do so, you must take the higher road, … Continue reading Soulmate Resonations

When Shift Hits the Fan

John and I talk more about the Shift in consciousness that we are experiencing right now. This is really the topic I am most interested currently because I can feel it happening all around me. It is amazing to be alive right now, folks. [So it was really cool that I saw you in my dream the other night, were you really there?] John: Oh yeah, … Continue reading When Shift Hits the Fan

A Chat with Erik About Soulmates, Starseeds and the Shift

[Yo yo, Erik, are you there?] Erik: WHAAAAAATTTTTTSSSSS UPPPPPPPPPPP? (Then I hear the Watsky song, Ugly Faces – Listen here, the first line is literally WHAAAAAATTTTSSSUPPPPP?) [Hey Erik! That is pretty cool that you came in with a theme song, almost like you are a wrestler or boxer or something. I can almost see the towel around your neck. How are you doing?] I am … Continue reading A Chat with Erik About Soulmates, Starseeds and the Shift