When Shift Hits the Fan

John and I talk more about the Shift in consciousness that we are experiencing right now. This is really the topic I am most interested currently because I can feel it happening all around me. It is amazing to be alive right now, folks. [So it was really cool that I saw you in my dream the other night, were you really there?] John: Oh yeah, … Continue reading When Shift Hits the Fan

Questions from a Skeptic

I recently “came out” to my boyfriend/partner-in-crime about my intuitive abilities and how I was able to channel information from the Spirit world. I was relieved when he didn’t immediately suggest I go “talk to someone.” He actually accepted it quite well. It is not that he is not willing to entertain the possibility of the existence of Spirit, he just doesn’t really care too much … Continue reading Questions from a Skeptic

The Natal Chart

Have you checked out your placements yet? Read on about the unexpected importance of astrology and your natal chart. I’ll provide some links below for you in case you need to access your birth chart or are looking for birth chart interpretations. [How does a natal chart work exactly? I understand that being born under certain signs already pre-programs you to behave and think and … Continue reading The Natal Chart

Colors, Music and Fractal Awareness

John and I discuss colors and music in the afterlife. We also touch on fractal awareness and how becoming mindfully aware of our own selves – the conscious and unconscious aspects – can help us transform and grow. [What color should I associate you with?] (John sends me a visual: I got sea green. Maybe with some laces of Duke Blue in there.) John: Cause I’m … Continue reading Colors, Music and Fractal Awareness

My Last Life

A question about pool leads to John telling me about my most recent incarnation before this one. I wish I had asked more about it, but it blew my mind, I guess, and when you are channeling it is hard to think about what is being communicated as it is coming through. Ironically, had my rational mind been present, I doubt I would have been … Continue reading My Last Life

3rd Dimension: School of Hard Knocks

When I became aware that there were other dimensions, and that parallel realities do in fact exist, I pondered the idea deeply. I also zeroed in on the fact that spirits do not experience suffering in any form on their plane. It made me wonder, “Why did I come here? Why do souls decide to incarnate on earth? Why even bother?” I asked. I am peace … Continue reading 3rd Dimension: School of Hard Knocks

Lessons and Karma

In this post, John and I cover a few topics. This is one of the many rabbit holes we have fallen down regarding the nature of justice, karma, and guilt. During this particular channeling session, I received confirmation that John indeed knows Erik Medhus (go check out channelingerik.com), who is another spirit friend of mine. Elisa Medhus is Erik’s Mama and a lot of my readers already know … Continue reading Lessons and Karma