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Dear Reader,

The closer I get to spirit, the more I see just how many possibilities are out there. Following my light and the guidance of my spirit family/guides has led me to see that I am capable and more than qualified to start offering service to others through my intuitive abilities. Meeting with soul family members incarnated at the same time as me has served to catapult me into this new understanding. I am shifting past normal means of earning and striving and instead looking to where I can offer balance and perspective. I wish to focus my energies on healing myself and in turn healing Gaia and all of the souls emerging from spiritual darkness and so this is why I am accepting and surrendering to this path. I believe in abundance and the generosity of the universe and that is why I can proceed without fear knowing that I am fully supported in my mission. I hope in doing this I will encourage others to find their own light.

As I mentioned, we are working on expanding our channeling and counseling services. I’m teaming up with soul tribe family member Kristin Pasko to help teach and guide people through the ascension/Shift to 5D and how to follow their own light through the changes ahead. We will be offering readings, classes, ebooks, blog posts, and channeling videos. We appreciate any and all support for these endeavours.

If you wish to donate to our mission, please visit our pay pal page HERE. Thank you so much for any and all support and love on this divine mission. We look forward to reaching out and helping others on their path as well as continue sharing our stories and our hearts with you.

Love and light,

Theresa, Kristin & the Spirit Crew

tKscoobyTheresa, Kristin, and Scooby (photo by Lisa Grezlak)