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The Life Review 143 is an emerging resource for spiritual, multidimensional, metaphysical and psychical research. Theresa is a psychic intuitive, spirit channel and translator, word-weaver and ascension teacher, maintaining special focus on the shift in consciousness and healing through reactivating the original divine template within.

As a Starseed incarnated on this ascending planet, my soul purpose and mission is to spread awareness of spirit and higher vibrations, with the goal of transcending lower, fear based vibrations. My soul group seeks to bring harmony and balance to the world through knowledge and compassion. On earth we are experiencing a great shift in consciousness and I have been called to do this type of work by my galactic star family – as many others are!

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Free E-Book Download: Hello, My Name Is John, by John Shepherd, Transcribed by Theresa Mattiello

Hello readers! This website was originally a blog where I shared the wisdoms I gained from my friend, John. John passed away in 2015, but immediately began communicating with me from the other side. Over the first year or so, I channeled hundreds of pages of information from John about the nature of reality, the afterlife, the shift in consciousness, and much, much more.  John has also helped me uncover past lives as well as assisted me in connecting with my emerging soul tribe.

Please help yourself to a free download of John’s book of wisdom channeled by Theresa. Follow the link below, click the PDF link on the next page, and save to your drive. These are some of the best channeled messages I received from John during the initial phase of our partnership. Enjoy, and feel free to contact us with your feedback.

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If you have found any of the content on this site to be helpful for your own journey and wish to share the love, please use the link below. Thank you so much for the honest energy exchange! I love being able to have an ad free site, and my plan is to keep it that way! I want The Life Review 143 to be an online sanctuary – a safe place for those on the ascension path to find guidance and to know they are absolutely never alone. While we all walk unique paths, we can come together to celebrate our differences and in the process, find striking similarities that bring us even closer together. I look forward to seeing you on the path. Namaste, soul friends.

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