Channeled E-Books

hellomynameisjohnbookcoverFree E-Book Download: Hello, My Name Is John, by John Shepherd, Transcribed by Theresa Mattiello

Hello readers! Please help yourself to a free download of John’s book of wisdom channeled by Theresa. Simply click the link below and save to your drive. These are some of the best channeled messages I received from John during the initial phase of our partnership.

Hello, My Name Is John – Click here to Download PDF

Order Your Own Channeled E-Book

Many people absorb information easiest through reading and being able to re-read whenever it suits them in order to come to deeper understandings about wisdoms transmitted from the other side. I am offering my automatic writing channeling abilities to answer questions you may have about the nature of reality, the afterlife, ascension, healing past lives, etc. etc. If you are asking about a loved one in spirit please provide at least their name and a picture if you have it, but not necessary.

Here’s how it works. Send in no more than 3 questions. A smaller amount of questions insures we can go in depth with each question and get the best answers possible. I ask these questions through my spirit guides (including John!) and through your spirit guides/Higher Self and channel the answers into a typed format. I will then check for typos and send it to your in PDF format to your email. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF, however most popular browsers support PDF viewing.

Channeled E-Book (3 questions) – $50

Please touch base with me first to check for availability. Send your inquiry for channeling and questions to I will send a paypal link to your email. For an example of how your e-Book will appear, download our free e-Book Hello, My Name Is John using the PDF link above.