Standing In Your Space

The following contains information channeled from my higher self as well as what I glean intuitively by tuning into the collective spirit. Please take with you only that which resonates, and discard the rest. You must weigh any and all incoming info or data against your own intuition, which knows all and what’s best for you. Trust yourself. I’ve always known that something big was … Continue reading Standing In Your Space

Ascension 101

ASCENSION 101: Weekly Spirit Crew Chat with T & KP T: Theresa – channels Mike and John KP: Kristin – channels Erik Channeling Transcript: T: So today we want to talk about the Ascension. The shift in consciousness that is happening right now within each of us and outside of us. It’s affecting every single organism on Gaia. KP: Pretty relevant topic for what’s happening … Continue reading Ascension 101

Ghouls and Fools

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain to those in the Northern Hemisphere! The Sun has begun its descent into the underworld and the Goddess has moved into her Crone aspect. Facing encroaching darkness we are pulled to turn inward, celebrate our yearly harvests, and prepare for the winter ahead. May this time of year find you well and prosperous. In honor of Halloween, I am sharing a session I … Continue reading Ghouls and Fools

Grid Walking: Part Two – My Salem Story

Thanks for reading. For the first post in this series, check out Grid Walking: Part One – The Basics. Below is my personal experience with grid walking. Enjoy! – Theresa Grid Walking: Part Two –  My Salem Story Over a month ago I embarked on my self-proclaimed Great Northeastern Road Trip of Love and Light that would take me all the way to Massachusetts to see … Continue reading Grid Walking: Part Two – My Salem Story

Twin Souls, Soulmates and Fractals: Karen’s Questions

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by to check us out. If you’re new to our website, be sure to check out Our Mission to get you oriented. My partner-in-lovelight Kristin and I are proceeding with some of our changes, including doing a weekly channeling session based on questions that our readers send in – we will be setting up a submission form soon for these questions. We haven’t … Continue reading Twin Souls, Soulmates and Fractals: Karen’s Questions

Grid Walking: Part One – The Basics

Cemetery in Old Salem, Mass. photo by Theresa M. Lightworkers are drawn to do certain types of light work. It’s one of the more rewarding parts of the journey. Most of the time, you don’t have to do much of anything and still you are making a difference. The vibration you are holding and sending out all around you affects more than you can know. Just … Continue reading Grid Walking: Part One – The Basics

Sunbows and Sun Ra

Happy September! So, how’s it hanging?! August was an incredibly transformative time for me and I hope that everyone who is reading this has experienced change of some kind for the better. Collectively we’re continuing to experience influxes of intense energies and cosmic downloads. Many lightworkers are well aware that the energies and light upgrades are accelerating ascension in humanity – and with it comes … Continue reading Sunbows and Sun Ra