John’s Dream Job in Heaven

I just want to take this opportunity to express the gratitude that is in my heart for all of my spirit friends and guides, who are present with me everyday and who have helped me open up to All That Is. Love you guys so much. And a big thank you is in order to all of the people, in my everyday life, as well as my … Continue reading John’s Dream Job in Heaven

Spirit Stands with Standing Rock

We conducted this channeling session months ago in November, right after police used brutal force on peaceful protesters at Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. I was feeling very discouraged about this situation. I am a firm believer that we need to abandon oil and other archaic uses of energy that ultimately hurts the planet and us. Clean, renewable energy such as solar or geothermal, is … Continue reading Spirit Stands with Standing Rock

When Shift Hits the Fan

John and I talk more about the Shift in consciousness that we are experiencing right now. This is really the topic I am most interested currently because I can feel it happening all around me. It is amazing to be alive right now, folks. [So it was really cool that I saw you in my dream the other night, were you really there?] John: Oh yeah, … Continue reading When Shift Hits the Fan

Truth & Consequences

In this channeling session, John and I discussed lying and why it is constantly utilized by people on earth, but doesn’t really work in higher dimensional relations and interactions – and also about the inevitable consequences lying causes in our daily lives. [John, why do I lie?] Because you are non-confrontational and you would sometimes rather lie than tell the truth in order to keep harmony. [So why do lies get … Continue reading Truth & Consequences

Set It and Let It

John has a message for us all on setting intentions and letting go of expectations in order to see the reality we truly want. This is one of my favorite tidbits of John’s seemingly boundless wisdom.   You have the right to set intentions, to dream up a better reality for yourself. You have a right to ask for things you want. The universe wants to give. … Continue reading Set It and Let It

The Natal Chart

Have you checked out your placements yet? Read on about the unexpected importance of astrology and your natal chart. I’ll provide some links below for you in case you need to access your birth chart or are looking for birth chart interpretations. [How does a natal chart work exactly? I understand that being born under certain signs already pre-programs you to behave and think and … Continue reading The Natal Chart

Colors, Music and Fractal Awareness

John and I discuss colors and music in the afterlife. We also touch on fractal awareness and how becoming mindfully aware of our own selves – the conscious and unconscious aspects – can help us transform and grow. [What color should I associate you with?] (John sends me a visual: I got sea green. Maybe with some laces of Duke Blue in there.) John: Cause I’m … Continue reading Colors, Music and Fractal Awareness