I was born with the ability to see and sense spirits via the “clairs” but sometime during childhood I shut most of it down, because no one knew how to help me understand and control my abilities. I was raised in a strict religious and conservative household and so the resources were not there for me to embrace who I really was. That is not to say that I am not grateful for those early life experiences, because they helped prepare me for what lie ahead. I had to be deprived of myself so that I would go looking for myself. It started with intuitive voice of the Mother Goddess, deep within me, calling me to remember who I am. My strongest “clair”, that of claircognizance, or “clear knowing,” never ceased and was always present – the insistent intuitive voice was never fully quieted by any external world pursuits – however much I chose to ignore it. After a while, long enough to have collected some data, I could not ignore how many times I had just had a deep knowing about something and later on, days, weeks or months after, would find it to be true. This happened so much throughout my life and it prompted me to discover what was actually going on. Couple that with my lifelong connection to spirit – I have always been spiritual, even during my darkest days, and always knew there was more to reality that what we could see and perceive with the five senses. I suppose you could say I had faith, but I placed it in myself more so than in a belief system. Once I made the decision to do better for myself, the doors just opened.

In my mid to late twenties I experienced a spiritual awakening. This, as I said, first involved me getting back in touch with who I was. But this awakening took an accelerated pace when I received contact from the other side by my friend and soul brother John who transitioned in 2015. My partnership with John lead me to channeling via automatic writing – a great method for the claircognizant psychic. Automatic writing was something that I never thought I’d ever do, and in fact didn’t even know it was possible until I did it, with John leading the way from the spirit world. I learned so much about the afterlife while channeling, first with John, then my other spirit guides, including my twin soul’s higher self, who has been my closest guide since the beginning of time. Eventually I regained clairvoyance and clairsentience abilities, which allow me to connect with guides in meditation or even consciously through trance channeling. Most of the time, we just chit chat, and it often leads to interesting discoveries. I now work closely with the archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael, as well as Metatron and Sandalphon. Most of my time is spent focused on creating, maintaining and spreading good vibes, which is easy when you have a lot of help from the spirit realm. They make everything easier, but they can only assist you if you ask for their help!

Earth is not the only place I have incarnated and will not be the last. I have lived in countless other star systems and chances are, you have too. Our consciousness retains the memories of all of those lives, and they can be tapped into, and so-called ‘remembered.’ I remember other lives in the stars. I have no specific origin, and can trace lineage everywhere, but my soul – a primordial flame – is nearly as old as all creation itself. I incarnated onto this planet, along with multitudes of my soul mates – brothers and sisters who are cut of the same energetic cloth. My soul purpose and mission is to spread awareness of spirit and higher vibrations, with the goal of transcending lower, fear based vibrations. My soul group – my ascension team, if you will, who are also incarnated at this time, who come from all walks of life – we each seek, in our own unique way, to bring harmony and balance to the world through knowledge and compassion. On earth we are experiencing a great shift in consciousness and I have been called to do this type of work by my galactic star family – as many others are! If you are reading this, this is YOU too, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

The blog on this website was originally created to share the wisdoms I was channeling, first from John then later on my spirit guides and ancestors. You can read all of my older entries in the archives. (Download a free copy of John’s book of afterlife wisdom here.)  More recently I have been posting updates in the blog featuring my intuitive downloads and insights into what is currently taking place on not just a planetary level, but a universal one – the shift in consciousness. As the years have gone on, my mission has gotten clearer to me that the ascension is and will remain my main focus in the years to come. If you are looking for more information, support, guidance, or just a place to bounce your observations off of mine regarding the ascension / shift to 5D / Age of Aquarius – this is the right place for you, my friends. Stay tuned for more posts!  You can also follow the Instagram page for this website @thelifereview143, where I post semi-regularly.

If you’ve read some of our content and resonate, drop us a line! We want to get to know our readers! We hope with this site we can create a safe, non-judgmental place for metaphysical and spiritual discussion, sharing of experiences and methods of keeping balanced in this changing world and shifting dimensions.  Stay tuned!




Theresa & the Spirit Crew

So what does 143 mean?

143 is my soul group’s personal code for “I love you,” brought forth  by my soul sister, Kristin, who is a contributor to the blog and provides much needed energetic support for our soul mission here on earth. It is a message of love and support for one’s journey. The Life Review added 143 to their title to celebrate the partnership of great hearts and souls.


About John:

John is now learning how to help creative types channel inspiration directly from the spirit world to create something in the physical. He is also deeply involved in the mystic arts – he would probably tell you his job title is “Magician.” He is also deeply connected to his people – his soul family members, who he keeps “tabs” on and manifests a piece of himself to be with each person – to help them grow and to protect and nurture them with what he calls “energy juice.” John is also really cerebral and he loves giving advice, but he always maintains that he doesn’t have all the answers and that each person’s primary source of knowledge is available within.