IMG_20160426_122152Hello, my name is Theresa, aka Triple Spiral. I consider myself a psychic intuitive, and I enjoy spending time channeling my spirit guides, and in particular, my friend John, who has helped me open up and receive correspondence from spirit. This blog was created in hopes that I could share the channelings and the wisdom I have gained since communicating openly with spirit. Our mission is to spread awareness of spirit and higher vibrations, in hopes that we can help others transcend lower, fear based vibrations. I seek to bring harmony and balance to the world through knowledge and compassion. On earth we are experiencing a great shift in consciousness and I have been called to do this type of work – as many others are! The veil is thinning and many of us are beginning to realize that there is much more to reality than what we see around us. The spirits want to help us, but we have to trust them and open ourselves up to their guidance! The majority of them would say to you right now, “Don’t be afraid. It’s ALL GOOD! Trust in your journey. Trust in yourSELF!”

About John:

John is now learning how to help creative types channel inspiration directly from the spirit world to create something in the physical. He is also deeply involved in the mystic arts – he would probably tell you his job title is “Magician.” He is also deeply connected to his people – his soul family members, who he keeps “tabs” on and manifests a piece of himself to be with each person – to help them grow and to protect and nurture them with what he calls “energy juice.” John is also really cerebral and he loves giving advice, but he always maintains that he doesn’t have all the answers and that each person’s primary source of knowledge is available within.