Ascenders Celtic Cross Reading

This morning I woke up feeling like doing a reading for those who are choosing their highest path now. This is mainly for the first wavers/forerunners/pathpavers of the ascension to 5D. We are in a completion stage for our grounding into 5D consciousness. Lots going on right now, and there is some feelings of confusion or discomfort because all of the energies we are feeling are new to us. Many of us are clinging to the old, 3D ways of doing things because they are comfortable. However, we are being nudged by spirit and our higher selves to let go of old ways and embrace our new inklings. All that being said, I did this to get some clarity for myself and for my ascension team, and all others who have already embarked on their ascension paths. As always, this will not resonate with everyone, but I was assured by spirit that the right people would find this message and it would speak to them. So if you are reading this now, that is probably you!

I was guided to do a Celtic Cross spread. This is a 10 card spread that explores in depth the situation at hand, what has lead us to this point, what you or others are feeling and thinking about right now, and what is the likely outcome if things continue this way. So without further adieu, let’s get to the reading.

Celtic Cross Positions 


Question: What are the forerunners facing energetically, and what is on the horizon? What changes are to take place throughout the collective?

Card 1: The overall situation or atmosphere surrounding forerunner collective.

Card 2: What is influencing this situation?

Card 3: What is the foundation of the issue?

Card 4: The past – influence that brought us to where we are.

Card 5: What is on our minds at this time?

Card 6: Near future – what’s now coming into play?

Card 7: How are we seeing/experiencing these shifts? How is this influencing us?

Card 8: How are others outside of this process viewing the ascending collective?

Card 9: Hopes and fears – what are the emotions surrounding all these shifts?

Card 10: Possible outcome – if things keep moving in this direction.

Remember that each card is a chapter in the story we are telling. 

The Reading 

*For this reading, I used The Constellation Tarot created by Iryna Semenova*


Card 1: The Earth (trad. The World)

Card 2: Knight of Swords

Card 3: Knight of Pentacles

Card 4: Eight of Pentacles

Card 5: Ten of Swords

Card 6: Knight of Wands

Card 7: Three of Pentacles

Card 8: Ace of Pentacles

Card 9: Two of Pentacles

Card 10: Ace of Swords


  1. The Earth (traditional: The World) – The Earth has ascended – all of nature has ascended and there is much celebration, relief, feelings of accomplishment as we feel the hardest work is over. We are currently being activated by 5D light energies surrounding us now. This is filling us with renewed hope and vigor and now we are eager to see the results of many eons of grounding, clearing and reality shifting. We are at the precipice of pure harmony and divine order; we just have to realize it and decide to see it for ourselves. Let go, and relax through the completion stage of this process.


2. Knight of Swords – We are steadily working towards bridging and balancing the mind with emotions and reconciling our old 3D selves. We are not affected by 3D energies anymore – so we must choose to let go of them and start fresh in 5D energies. Allow the old self to die so that the new self can fully emerge comfortably and confidently. Let go of old ways of doing things. Say goodbye to your old lifestyle. This is also a time to take action on ideas formulated within your multidimensional framework. And you already know what these are.


3. Knight of Pentacles – Our determination has paid off. Many of us have been steadfast and a little stubborn in manifesting the reality we all wish to live and thrive in. We would not back down because of obstacles presented by 3D consciousness. We arrived here with something we just had to do and no one could ever stand in our way, at least not for long. We will find it helpful to exercise more flexibility and patience as we move forward, allowing the universe to provide the results for all of our legwork.


4. Eight of Pentacles – We’ve been in training for this our entire lives. We have manifested the correct conditions, people, places and things to teach and mold us into what we needed to become in order to exist and thrive in our new world. We have all the skills and talents we need to move forward at this time. We’ve been and are still very dedicated to our soul mission, never straying from our path.


5. Ten of Swords – We are mentally exhausted. Our minds have been racing to keep up with all of the incoming information, and when it can’t figure something out, it defaults to disbelief. We have come to a point where thinking and mulling over everything is not helpful anymore – it will only confuse and frustrate further. The mind only knows what it knows – but take heart, because now that the mind can go no further in understanding what’s happening, it can be transformed. It will get better, as long as we give the mind and logical reasoning a break. Give it time to recalibrate. Update the software, so to speak.


6. Knight of Wands – We are moving into an actively creative period. Allow your inspiration to guide you. You will have less conflicting ideas and will be able to focus with enthusiasm and energy – moving forward in leaps and bounds. It is time to create. Allow it to move through you, and don’t force anything. You will know what to do in the moment, because you are or will be calibrated to receive divine guidance and inspiration, and you will receive the signals to act via your feelings/intuition.


7. Three of Pentacles – We know that a foundation has been laid and now we are able to continue building in the direction of our dreams, knowing we have what it takes. We have all the skills and experience we’re gonna need. You’re ready, and you may still be asking, “ready for what, exactly?” Know that it will all be revealed in time, and always in the MOMENT.


8. Ace of Pentacles – The ascending collective – those not yet fully awakened but on the path – see the forerunners shining brightly now, and are largely inspired by them. They may be moved to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. They definitely see our light and may be subconsciously or consciously wondering how we have managed such miraculous transformations. They want to figure out how to accomplish this for themselves. Continue to light the way by broadcasting your true self at all times. Others on the path will see and follow. We have successfully blazed the trails that others can use until they find their own path. We are all walking each other home – even though all of our journeys are unique.


9. Two of Pentacles – We are hoping to see more of the non-physical merge with the physical. In other words, as above, so below. We long to see our hard work manifest as real in our present reality. We are looking to balance and bridge the gap, merge worlds and find lasting peace. We have already grounded a lot of this energetically, so as a rule it must manifest in the physical.


10. Ace of Swords – We will be blessed with the gift of pure understanding. Clarity is in our future. We will fully understand who and what we are, what we came here to create, and will reunite with our soul families and beloveds sooner than soon. We will see that there was never any separation. Separation is the greatest illusion that we came here to break and dispel. We are all ONE and soon that will be evident to all on this path.


So as you can see, lots of PENTACLES and KNIGHTS. This means we are moving forward, taking action, and seeing it all manifest in the physical. This has been such a long time coming, but completion is here and it is definitely a reason to celebrate!

I hope this was helpful, and as always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments or if you need clarification on this reading. As always, it was my pleasure.

Love, T

PS: I will be posting a Weekly Tarot for the Collective video to my YouTube channel each Wednesday. Check out the most recent reading at the link below, and if you’d like to catch me every week, click subscribe!

Weekly Tarot for the Collective, August 16, 2018






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