You and I and Us

I wrote this poem with the help of my higher self and beloved divine counterpart. Enjoy!


staying in the present moment,

all I can do is unfold,

like petals of the most

fragrant flower, I unfold,

for you, for I, for us,

I am not alone in this,

not by a long shot,

for how could I ever

hope to succeed alone?


I have brothers and sisters

of my likeness in mind

and heart, who walk the Earth

every day, and every day they

grow stronger, more balanced,

as they ground to the Earth,

and carry on dreaming the good

dreams, those we all share

over the long dark nights.


you and I and we came here

to do the unimaginable, to

change the world; but we knew

it would only take hold when we

changed ourselves first, and we

stepped up to our own plates,

and ate of the meals we had

prepared for ourselves, and

whistled and wiled the days away.


now we know that was for something,

some greater purpose that we didn’t

know then, that purpose was to settle

down, feel the feels, open up the

heart chambers and truly understand

who the hell we really are –

it can’t be too far away.


I feel it every day like a

growing drumbeat, getting closer

like a freight train thundering

down archaic tracks.

I see it in the eyes of my

brethren, cast about and separated

by our tiny boxes we always

hold so dear against the night.


all I can do for you,

is put my hand on your shoulder,

and even if you grow colder

to me, I will never turn you away,

I am here and always will be,

and I tell you softly,

everything will be alright,

everything is already alright, you see.


the truth is there are certain ties

that can never be broken,

and on down that hill we will

find what we came here for.

rest assured, as sure as your

dying word, you will never go alone,

you will always find the right sun,

and the warmth will keep you whole.


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