Into the 5D Mystic

Into the 5D Mystic

We’ve entered into a new sphere of experience. Now begins the gentle and miraculous unfolding of the new. The changes are becoming more noticeable in my perception, and yet more ineffable. My higher self has called me to this challenge today – to (very briefly) put words to the indescribable.  The moon is in Pisces – and it just so happens this update is very “spaced out.” As someone who lives for the moment, these words I allowed to flow through me, rather like channeling. This is my pure expression. Use your intuition to really feel into my words. Take what resonates and discard the rest. One love.

It is more apparent to me than ever that what I have manifested as my physical reality is an elaborate illusion. I have long held this belief. Believing that I was in a simulation and could change my trajectory based on my choices really helped me get to a balanced, peaceful state. But actually seeing a belief manifest tangibly is a whole nother ball game. This is what I SEE now.

My etheric family is with me always. Their presence is more obvious than ever. I can always identify which spirit is communicating with me, instantly, as I can read their energy signature – their code, if you will. They project stuff onto the holographic reality around me – real, tangible, physical signs and messages. They do it through animals, music, lyrics, conversations, numbers, road signs, TV and movies. They’ve been talking to me through these mediums for some time now, but recently it has been overtly obvious and the frequency has ramped up. It is constant now. They never let me forget where I actually am – well, wherever we are, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Plus I can hear them via my inner senses more clearly than ever. I know who I am. I know who they are. Now I am just waiting until their avatars awaken and remember too. It is already happening. I love them. I will wait forever if I have to, but I won’t have to.


We are accelerating. The foundations have all been laid. We’ve been gearing up for this all of our Gaia lives. Karmas are cleared. Now it is up to us to create our version of heaven on earth. Where you are right now is where you are supposed to be, but it is not the last place you will go. This is only the beginning. You are planted like a seed to the new earth fabric. Now it’s time to blossom.

It’s all about what we create now. Some people may not know how to create their most authentic reality. But the process of dissolution of all that is not you is underway and will not stop until you are back to YOU. Just you. We will all be able to see what we can not yet see. We are all heading into the light. It will be a bumpy road for some. They will look to those who are shining examples of joy and peace. You can be that not just for yourself but also those you love. They are already known to you, whether in physical or spiritual form. They are seeking you, as you are seeking them.

When you share your love-light, you share pure freedom with others. When all the restrictions and barriers to true love are lifted, your world will return to balance overnight. I say your world, because there are many worlds. Worlds beyond worlds. And we all end up right where we want to be.

Going forward into the 5D mystic, I fully intend on reuniting with ALL of my selves, in whatever form they take. Soul group in the flesh, consider yourselves CALLED TO ACTION.

The goddess/god in me stirs and longs for YOU. Come to me.



photos by T. Mattiello – all taken at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh – “You Are Here” collection





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