The Spirit of Time

I admit time has never been an easy thing for me as a multidimensional being to reconcile while residing in the 3D world. But I have come to know for myself that time has never truly been the issue, but it is our perception of time that can get in our way or confuse us from seeing the overarching picture. 3D-ers see time as linear and constant, marching inexorably towards whatever unknown “end-point,” whether that be one’s personal exit from the 3D realm in death or the “end of time.” These beliefs do not allow any room for the notion that time is actually cyclical in nature and it is not constant, but something that can be morphed and altered. It’s just a matter of, again, perception.

As we go further into higher dimensions, we’ll be learning how to calibrate our own perception to time, so that we become co-creators with time. Time isn’t something that happens to us, it is something we flow with, and can use to our advantage. It is important to note however, that even as time can be elongated, compressed or manipulated by our abilities as conscious co-creators, time does have its own essence and will always push on, regardless of anyone’s will. Time has a larger purpose than we could ever imagine (at least from our POV right now), and no matter how skilled we may become in manipulating time, we could never stop time completely. That is not to say that time rules all universes and planes, because I feel there are places of no-time. In fact, one could say that time and eternity exists together as one, perfectly balanced. Two sides of one coin, if you will. But in the here and now of where we are, the gears are in motion. Time keeps on moving and we can either move with the flow of time – or resist it – but one thing is certain – time brings change and change is inevitable. To quote Erik Medhus from one of our channeling sessions way back, “Those are the rules, I didn’t make em!”

Find out what the life force, the creative force, is working for in your time and then make for it too. In that way you become more than yourself and a part of creative evolution.     – Bernard Shaw 

Though it feels as though we are running out of time, we actually do have plenty of time to work out our new situation. Though physically, not much appears to have changed, I can feel that everything has changed energetically.  Right now, most people have not noticed any significant changes, but that’s because it all has to be worked out on an energetic level first before it can show up in the physical. This is what we are working on now – just noticing and feeling into the newness. It starts small and grows every day. Sometimes it feels as though we are in a fae or dream world. It gets a little weird here and now, but that’s a good sign, at least for me (life long weirdo here!). This is accelerated ground we are standing on and working with and time is gifting us with a unique opportunity here. The Spirit of Time is benevolent and wants to work with us and not against us. But, as I mentioned earlier, this spirit has a great purpose of which nothing and no one can stand in the way of. If you attempt to stand in the way of change, you will be knocked down. Time will be firm when and where it needs to be. But just like ANYTHING in life, the respect you give is the respect you will receive. If you choose to be the immovable object, time has the power to move you. It is best to go with the flow and whole-heartedly engage with time as an entity for the greater good. Instead of cursing time – whether something takes too long or happens too fast – we would do best to embrace time as our guide and helpmeet.

Spirit of Time, I embrace you and ask you to show me how to use the time you’ve given me wisely and for the greater good of all. So be it. 

What are you waiting for? The time is NOW to flex your multidimensional muscles! Check out my last post Sing Your Dreams into Existence to learn how to co-create your reality every day! 

Love, T



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