Sing Your Dreams into Existence

In this article, I share my method for singing my preferred timeline or reality into existence. How in the heck do you do this? Read on, my friends, and feel free to comment below with your questions and/or thoughts. Enjoy!

The Music of Creation

 I love to sing. It is one of my favorite things to do. I was in choir all throughout school, and while I never made a career out of it, I am glad that it has remained a part of my everyday life. I always have music playing in my head, and can write lyrics and put them to music pretty easily. I hum or sing while doing most tasks and when I am at home, I have music on almost all day. I can remember and pick up lyrics and melodies very easily, and over the years have enjoyed playing the guitar, violin and keyboard. Music has just always been there, it is a source of immense joy for me, and it is the main way that I connect with the spirit world.

It is my deep connection to music that has led me to the belief that everything that has ever existed was originally created out of sound. Since everything is made up of energy and vibrates at a certain rate, it is an easy enough assumption to say that everything was created by sound, and not just sound, but music, because if we really look, creation has a pattern. That pattern is the divine template and it informs the unfolding of creation (ie. the golden ratio – perfect patterns in nature). There is infinite intelligence and intention in the music of creation. The music of creation hums everything into existence and keeps humming for all eternity, an ever-lasting crucible of new life surging from old.

I would have to agree with the first line in the Bible in the book of Genesis, “In the beginning was the Word,” because of this belief I have that everything was created from sound. The universe and everything in it was created through song. This song is the Song of the Mother, the everlasting void, the place of nothing from which something emerges, and to which something melds into nothing once again.

It is with this concept that we can reasonably approach the possibility of being able to “sing” our own creations into manifested reality.

Singing our creations into existence is building upon the concept of saying or chanting incantations. By stating aloud your intention, the template of what you’ve created is charged with life force energy and once set is more likely to manifest in the physical. Stating intentions is very powerful, but combining it with high vibrations (such as when you sing) helps it manifest quicker and many times better than originally imagined.

Singing a thought into form adds an extra layer of oomph to your manifestation skillset, especially now that manifestations are picking up speed and arriving quicker than ever before. It is more important than ever to hold and emit the vibrations you want to attract. This means you take a more active role in creating your own intentions and bringing them to life through your focus on them.

Music connects us directly to the Otherworld & Spirit, and also raises your vibrations to meet the vibrations of the otherworld, from where you create your reality. We are constantly pulling from the void to create and perceive the physical world around us. Fish don’t think about the water that surrounds and nourishes them, and this is very similar to how the otherworld surrounds us and informs our movements in the 3D physical world. We may not see/feel/notice it, but it is still there and still affects us all and we all tap into it on a daily basis.

When you choose to engage in co-creating your reality, you tap into the world of the miraculous where literally anything is possible. This is how you transcend circumstances and start living your life from a place of unfoldment. You realize what you actually have control over and that is the thoughts you think, the intentions that you hold, and the direction in which you journey, via your choices.


How to Sing Your Reality into Existence – Step-by-Step

1)     Get still and comfortable. This is best done at the beginning of your day. Become aware of your body and space. Breathe. Release all tension and set all extraneous thoughts aside.

2)     Put in your order with the universe. You can be as specific or as vague as you want, but remember that the quality of your manifestation depends upon the quality of your intentions. Take some time to really work out what it is you are actually intending. Being clear is of the upmost importance, as well as focusing on what you want, and making your intentions based on what you want, ignoring that which you don’t want. Don’t give what you don’t want any energy. Just focus on what you want to see happen and manifest. Write down or say your order aloud. The universe is listening either way.


Examples of orders:

Vague (leaving it up to the universe):


“There are infinite possibilities. I call forth the best possible reality for the highest good.”


Focused (projecting your intention to the universe):


“I attract harmonious people, situations, circumstances, encounters and relationships.


I ask that spirit helps me today with all of my tasks and all goes smoothly.


All I encounter will feel at peace and will be inspired to tap into their higher selves.


I accept the abundance of the universe as I am grateful for what I already have. The universe provides what I need before I even ask.”


3)     SING! After your order is placed, sing, hum, whistle, chant, or repeat a mantra for at least 20 seconds. Doing this solidifies your intentions. You can put on a song to sing along to, or sing a capella, have a go-to song or a different song each time. It does not matter.

4)     Let it go. You’ve placed your order, set your intentions, and sang it into existence. Now it is time to let it go and let the universe do her thing. The last thing you want is to confuse the universe by expressing doubt, concern or impatience about your intentions. Letting it go is trusting that if it is truly meant for you, it will appear in your life. If it does not show up, then perhaps it was not meant for you. We can overthink things, believing them to be what we want, when in reality something better awaits us. As a rule, humans are impatient creatures. So, this is a really important step. Relax. This is part of what the singing is for in this exercise. Singing right after placing your universe order distracts you from any nagging doubts that may immediately surface.

Singing is so very powerful. Clairvoyantly and clairsentiently I can feel and see my creation in the 4D astral space as a ball constructed of the thoughts and intentions, that I then fill up with crystal light as I sing into it. Then I let it go so that it has all the range it needs to solidify in the physical world and manifest in the front of me.

It Couldn’t Hurt

So how effective is this really? First things first, you’ll never know whether something works until you give it a fair shot. This means trying it out more than just a few times, allowing yourself the chance to see it work for you and adjusting it to better suit your personal needs. Secondly, you must open yourself up to the possibility of it actually working for you, even if you don’t fully understand how it works.

For me, it works incredibly well, and that is why I have been moved to share my method. I choose to keep it flexible so I can adjust as needed. I will be more or less specific with my intentions for each day depending on what I have planned. The universe unfolds according to a divine template anyway, so allowing her to surprise you is an experience unto itself. I love sitting back and observing how it all perfectly unfolds from one moment to another. Part of this is trusting in the flow of life. You get to choose how much you’d like to interject your own destiny onto the fabric of the overarching story of life. Whether we fully embrace our ability to co-create our reality or just allow and be at peace with creation’s natural unfolding – we end up where we need to be, regardless. I choose to go more with the flow of life, while someone else may prefer to go out there and achieve their dreams through action. Whose style of living is the right one? Neither of us is right or wrong. What is important is to honor your own nature, your own inclinations, whatever those happen to be. We are not all the same, thank goodness, and there are just as many ways to go about living as there are actual living things.

I hope this is helpful to someone and at the very least, it can’t hurt to try. Plus, it would be impossible to take this too seriously, which is part of its allure. Singing is fun and truly lifts the spirits. Make it a fun activity to ready yourself for your day ahead. See how it sets the tone for your interactions with others, and how it affects your energy level. Try it for two weeks and then see where it takes you. You may be surprised at how something so simple yields such incredible results. Experiment, have fun, discover and enjoy. Until next time!

Love, T







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