Moving Forward into New Earth

Moving Forward into New Earth – Ascension Update 3/28/18

  As we move into the 5th dimension and choose to create lives that are meaningful, integral, and joyful, Gaia will simultaneously recreate herself from her original divine template. She knows that by healing herself, she is healing everyone and everything that exists as part of her. So too, can we apply this to our focused spheres of experience (this life and body we have chosen to inhabit on Earth). We can heal ourselves, knowing that in so doing, we heal others, just as Gaia does. We can’t heal others until we heal ourselves. But we are not in this alone, and we have a lot of assistance. As we heal, it sparks something within the people we encounter on a daily basis, activating their own self-healing. This, of course, occurs on the subconscious level first.

Depending on your soul mission, it is highly likely that your higher self wants to heal, is looking forward to it, and wholeheartedly accepts whenever it is offered. There is healing happening at every level right now, from the collective down to the individual. Usually, once that healing becomes noticeable to the ego, the ego begins to create resistance, to various degrees. This is what we are seeing happening throughout the collective. Massive resistance caused by ego as it attempts to manage and control what seems to be occurring without its permission, indeed beyond what it can even perceive.

The more ego-driven one is in life, the more difficult their awakening will be. Hopefully, with all of this higher energy here now, it will be an easier transition, but there are no guarantees. One thing that is certain is that people will not be able to bring their baggage with them through these portals into higher strata of consciousness. People are being forced to drop their fears, attachments, beliefs, habits, and unhealthy or stagnant circumstances in rapid, shocking ways. It’s turning some people inside out, because they refuse to let go and surrender to their soul’s plan. Ever heard the saying, “let go, or be dragged?” It’s as true now as it ever was.


Mind/Body/Soul System as a Supercomputer (with 4D printing abilities)

  If you are a frequent reader of ascension blogs, you have no doubt encountered rhetoric and information about negative aliens / evil entities / demons / service-to-self entities / “Team Dark,” among other labels and titles. There is a lot of talk in the light worker community about this so-called battle between light and dark happening – a sense that we are fighting for or against something. There is also a lot of stuff about “the controllers,” said to be off-world alien parasites that have minions in the astral and physical realms, pulling strings at all levels. Personally, I am at a point where I am not so sure that they ever actually existed, at least not to the degree in which many give them credit, which is that they control everything and somehow are able to delay ascension. Is this yet another way to lay blame on something outside of ourselves so that we can avoid taking responsibility for our choices? If they really do exist outside of us as actual beings that have consciousness and an evil agenda, they are only empowered by our focus on and our fear of them – of this I am certain. I am of the mind that these things can only exist as a “program” of sorts, like a computer virus, and does not actually have any individual agenda other than to do what it was designed to do, which is confuse, mimic and distort soul energy. These programs exist because we created them. We needed to create them to help us learn our lessons, and do the mission we came here to do.

Human minds are so much more powerful than the average person realizes. We are very good at creating blocks for ourselves with our fears. We can create “demons” that follow us, thwart us, and pester us, and many times seem to take on a life of their own. Perhaps we create these “entities” because of our subconscious fear of destroying ourselves. Many people carry memories in their DNA of the Atlantis cataclysm, and have subconsciously played out those fears in their many lifetimes since then. It’s the proverbial “waiting for the other shoe to drop” disease. But we can transcend this, if we open up our awareness, and realize nothing can hurt us unless we allow it.

Can we liken the mind/body/soul system to a very powerful supercomputer with 4D printing abilities? We, of course, were not exactly provided the manual to our very powerful supercomputer when we arrived here, at least not obviously. The manual, of course, is found within the soul. Higher awareness allows you to see things from a different, broader angle.

With our powerful supercomputers we possess the ability to create, and we always create first in the 4D astral space – this is what I refer to when I use the metaphor 4D printing abilities. The first things that are created are thoughts. A collection of thoughts grouped together creates a thought form – a template of something that may eventually manifest in the physical. Now, these thought forms are not really anything substantial until they are charged with emotions. Fear, of course, is a very strong emotion and so provides a lot of energy to thought forms. Those charged thought forms can strengthen or weaken depending on the amount of focus you place on them. The more you focus on them, the more likely they will manifest in your physical reality. We, as co-creators, also frequently latch onto other peoples’ creations and add to them with our energy. This is why picking up the vibration of fear seems like catching a disease, because it is energetically being passed around in the collective, and only grows stronger the more it’s circulated.


Why do we have war? Why do people fight each other? All people involved are people, underneath we are all the same. But when we allow our thoughts to become charged with fear, we send that out to be embodied in another. The “other” becomes more – or less – than human. The other becomes something evil that we must destroy before it destroys us. This is what happens when we allow ourselves to become the victim and give all of our power away to something outside of us. Neither side is right or wrong, not truly. It is the fear that drives those involved to act, and in the case of war, act against each other.


Perhaps our thoughts and emotions – especially those that feed into fear – are actually what created these 4D “dark entities” that menace us and get into our spaces, lowering our vibration. As in, WE created them with our unconscious, habitual overthinking, and nearly universal penchant for living in the past and future, replete with what-ifs and could-have-beens. These “demons” or “negative entities” constantly stand in our way and keep us from what we want, and “they” persist because we are either completely blind to them, OR we constantly place the blame or see the cause for these menaces as outside of ourselves. Once you begin to take personal responsibility for your own thoughts and emotions, and their eventual creations, you cease to believe that something “out there” is keeping you down, holding you back, or actively targeting you. It is so easy to lay blame on the cabal/the controllers/the powers that be/Archons/Dracons/Evil Aliens/insert other evil villain group here. Unfortunately for us, we give our power away when we refuse to face the fact that all of the challenges we are facing both individually and collectively are our own creations. We either create it on a personal basis or we feed, or send energy, into the collective to eventually draw from – a vicious cycle that’s hard to break.

In my perspective, demons, evil entities, and dark energy are no more than strongly charged thought forms released by humans sometime in the fabric of space. So why are they so real to those who believe they are coming from outside of themselves? The only conclusion I have is that those people who believe there are bigger fish pulling strings are simply unaware that this is all an illusion – a simulation – it’s not real. This place is a learning ground. We come here to either learn to be a victim, OR we learn how to be a self-sovereign, free, wholesome being who remembers their true self. When you choose the latter, you choose not to engage in the matrix of fear and misinformation. You choose to accept all of your parts, light and dark. You realize you are a creator and your life is literally yours to craft and make the way you like. We were NOT put here. We CHOSE to be here.

We’re just stalling, and setting ourselves up for disappointment, when we stop to wonder when all of the bad people and evil doers are magically zapped from the face of the Earth and are sent to their own evil planet where they can do evil things to their evil hearts’ delight. Then, we can all get on with what we really want to do. However, this waiting game we are playing with ourselves is not helping us. We’re postponing our own lives because we are waiting with bated breath for this or that to happen. This is not how this going to work. Desiring for all of what you perceive to be bad to be suddenly removed from the Earth is a big ask. A BIG ask, and you don’t understand what you are asking for. Bad people are not bad, they are out of balance. And what is this ascension process if it’s not a rebalancing of the inner and outer scales? It’s coming, for ALL of us, even though that may be hard to see right now.

We are not condemning, removing, or banishing our own shadows. No, that’s not even possible, because your shadows are part of you. They are the parts of you that have been ignored, neglected, tamped down, and shut up, and they are acting out now because they need your attention and your love. Condemning all shadow is condemning yourself, because there is not anything out there that is not also within you. There are no others. We all have shadows and we all have light. All part of who we are. How long are we going to run from who we are – all of who we are? Once those shadows are acknowledged and you have provided space for them, they will work with you, not against you. Take your power back by opening to ALL of who you are, shadow and light. Allow your shadows to express themselves in healthy ways, through awareness and acceptance. Allow them to inform your experiences. They’ve already shaped you, and helped you get to where you are now. Bless them for the lessons and the resilience you have earned because of them.


Our personal ascension is coming but it is up to us how it all plays out. This can be a joyful, blissy experience, or it can be a rocky road full of misery. All that is left is our individual choice. And that’s the main thing about this place we all exist in – we all have a choice and we’ve always had a choice. For so long, our dreams have been self-deferred because we have trapped ourselves again and again with our fears. Fear is what holds you back and once you can take responsibility and accountability for your piece of the “dark pie,” you can choose to transform it all into crystal light. Transmute it, neutralize it, reintegrate it and use that energy towards positive development in your life. You’ve been afraid long enough, don’t you think, and what has fear gotten you, exactly?

Sort out what’s real and what’s not real – for you. Never mind what other people are thinking or doing or saying. The only thing that is real is Love. All else is just a distortion of Love. Ascension is the process of seeing through those distortions and making peace with their influences in your life. Let it all go. It taught you much and readied you for what was to come, and now it’s time to move courageously forward, into your vision of New Earth.

Hope this update was helpful!

Love, T

(All photography by T. Mattiello)

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