New Moon – Equinox Window of Higher Light

Energy Update 3/15/18

New Moon/Equinox window of higher light


I can really feel them today – the higher light energies streaming in via our Sun, which acts as a portal for these divine light particles – and I suspect this will only increase in intensity over the next few days, from today (15th) through the Equinox on the 20th. Of course, we’ve been feeling this building up since the beginning of the year. There will probably not be much of a let up, but that is expected, as everything is in acceleration right now and has been for some time. Many of us have been working towards integrating more and more light for years now, at first taking it in small doses but overtime building up to the point where now many of us can actually “hold” and “anchor” light to the new Earth grid. I put those words in quotation marks because other Ascension teachers have used those terms and they resonate with me. I often glance other ascension teacher’s written material, teachers who I resonate with, and I am always surprised at how similar our experiences are even though we are all undergoing unique processes.

I always know when there is a higher influx of light streaming in because I can feel it in my neck and shoulder blades. This area of my body is where I can physically feel energy the most – because this is a large entry point for energy to enter my body. On higher light days like these, I can feel my neck and shoulders tense up or even experience minor aches and pains, and a slight humming sensation, often accompanied by chills that go down my back. A little movement and light stretching usually do the trick and assists the energy flow.

I usually don’t write about ascension symptoms, because the worst of them happened several years ago before I was keeping a blog or journal about the ascension process, indeed, even before I knew I was undergoing this process and had been pretty much since birth.

But for clarity’s sake, let’s go back to 2012-2013, when I began experiencing sudden, seemingly overnight severe, debilitating pain originating behind my shoulder blades and traveling into my neck, lower head, and shoulders, elbows, arms and eventually my hands and fingers. Now mind you, I was 23 years old at the time, and had always been pretty healthy, though my diet probably could have been better. But I had not gotten into any accidents, nor injured myself playing sports or doing anything else. There was no reason, no cause, and nothing that the doctors or chiropractor could do except help ease some of the pain with medicine and therapy, none of which helped in the long run. The one thing that did seem to help long term was doing yoga and keeping stretched out. Yoga helps you circulate energy (known as “prana”) around the body, and there is a big focus on the breath, which helps oxygenate your blood cells, organs and all of your tissues.

When I had my awakening and began listening intuitively to my body about what I was going through, I understood that many of these random symptoms I had had throughout life, with no known cause that pop up quickly and disappear just as quickly, were actually ascension symptoms. When I researched them, I was surprised to see other people experiencing something similar. But not all symptoms fit the person. Or vice versa, so it can be a very confusing process especially when you are involving internet searches and information coming from external sources. Trust yourself, and your body, first. That should be rule of thumb, I think, when it comes to anything like this.

Anyway, in my case with the pain, when the light started to filter into my upper energy centers, or chakras, I was very blocked off and narrow in those channels, and so the bottlenecking of energy caused tension to build in the muscles surrounding those energy centers. Painful knots, known by chiropractors as trigger points, began to build in my shoulder blades, where the light was steadily going to work, however limited it was in its flow. My body had to adapt to this incoming flow of light, and fast. My internal structures were evolving and expanding at a very rapid rate, and the result was tension, resistance, and of course, the eventual mind-numbing, excruciating pain. And of course, I did not understand what was happening then, thinking I must have hurt myself as a server at work (“Do I carry too many plates? Seriously, though?”), but really the cause could never be pin-pointed (I’m still a server, and carrying plates and trays is fine now). This not knowing what was wrong business caused me a lot of stress, further amplifying the pain, and not only the pain, but emotional and mental misery as well. I was a wreck for a little bit. It wasn’t pleasant, but I am glad I made it through.

But if I could go back, I wouldn’t have changed it. Something had to occur for me to slow down, take stock, listen, tune in, tune up, and generally change my outlook and my trajectory for how I was treating myself and my journey. I am grateful that my wake-up call was not something more serious, more life-altering. A lifelong sucker for pain like me, I always listen up if something hurts. You should too.

Now, 6 years later, I am pain-free in more ways than one. The experience I had lead me to practicing yoga pretty regularly, and a lot of things in my life have improved because of my darker days dealing with intense pain. Now, totally utilitarian, my neck and shoulders are my primary link to feeling out the intensity of current energies. It’s an instant read on the environment – I always feel any shift in density there first. It’s a pretty cool “sense” to have, now.

Energetically, I liken today’s energies to be like water at the sea being swept away from the shore, quickly, as if the ocean is taking a huge breath. This energy over the next few days is going to surge back as multiple sets of gigantic tidal waves, one after another. Makes sense with the New Moon in Pisces this Saturday, the 17th. All of this new energy has a cleansing, healing, watery effect to it. It flows, it twists and swirls. It can either take the form of its vessel or spill out over everything, depending on how it’s handled. This energy longs to be everywhere and touch everything, and that is its purpose.

To some, this energy rushing out (and then subsequently rushing back in) feels chaotic, restless, aggravating or downright scary. This does not have to be that way for you! For me, it feels blissful, celebratory, fun, like taking a breath after holding it for so long. I feel like I am in my element, up to my ears in the healing waters, but then again, I do feel quite watery most days! Finally the light is coming through in streams, rather than through cracks here, cracks there. Like water, light only needs a little bit of give and then it’s the whole wall coming down, baby! Hope y’all are as ready as I am.

No matter how you’re handling these energies, you are certainly feeling them, one way or another. Everyone and everything is being generously drenched by these tiny crystallized particles of light. They are literally restructuring and reshaping everything at every level, and it will not stop until the process is complete (who knows when that is? Not I).

Whatever state you are in, whether it is apprehensive or jubilant, one thing is common for all of us. We are going to be OKAY. More than okay. We are going to be so pleasantly surprised at what the future holds for us. All of us. Not just some of us. ALL of us.

But we have to let go. Surrender ALL to this light. All of the negativity, the blocks, the limitations, all of the self-imposed restrictions we have placed on our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Surrender it all to the Light and prepare yourself for goodness to enter in, filling those vacated spaces with love and light.

We have entered the Equinox window, a very potently magical, fertile time for change, new growth and new beginnings. Perfect for those on this path, as we are all in need of a boost, a spring in our step. Not all of us are made out of faith and rainbows. A lot of us are longing to see the physical proof of all of our inner endeavors. Well, good news. We’re going to start seeing our physical realities morph and change to match our inner realities. This is not a drill. This is the real deal, man. This is really going to unfold according to your soul plan and how you set it up for yourself to experience. While everyone experiences something, no two experiences will be the same. Current belief systems or background programs will determine how the masses “see” this shift occurring in their lives. For most of us, the so-called “Event” is not one singular event, but something that has been shifting and occurring for us our entire lives. Perhaps that is how I am personally experiencing the Event, when someone else could possibly experience it in just a moment. We all get to choose how it plays out for us. We chose to be here to experience this in the body. We wouldn’t be here if this was not part of our plan.

Hold onto your HEART, which is your TRUTH. Why settle for someone else’s truth, when you have your own truth? Even if you do not yet “know” your truth, you already have a truth. It is already there. It is YOU. It is who you are. You cannot be anything either than YOU. And who YOU are is LIGHT. Immense, radiant, LIGHT. You are so loved.

I was journaling earlier today and my beloved soul mate/gatekeeper/protector guide Mike shared with me this sweet little reminder from our families just beyond the veil:

Remember how much you are loved. You are so loved and cared for by the universe and your entire soul family. We’re everywhere ensuring that you are able to do your soul purpose. You are a gift to the world – never forget that. One day, all will see it and know it – but trust that they already feel it. The ones who are with you will follow you to the edge of infinity and beyond. You are never alone.

Enjoy these lighter days, my friends!

Love, T

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