Embracing Lighter Energies in March

Embracing the lighter energies in March (Energetic update: 03-08-18)

Everything just feels so much lighter these days. I perceived a significant shift for me on Wednesday, February 28. Since then, venturing into the outside world (lower 4D planes) no longer feels as crushing, compacting or uncomfortable. There is a jubilant feel in the ethers. The fae, elementals, animal and plant kingdoms are in a state of celebration, for they were the first to experience and perceive the influx of lighter 5D energies. Gaia herself has been in a celebratory state for some time now, but it now seems as though humans are beginning to settle down a bit. A lot of us are refusing to feel fear anymore and are stepping into our power. There is a gentle resolve in the air, but there’s also a fair amount of confusion or uncanniness. Even with all of my excitement, I noted that I was feeling a little odd or apprehensive as well. I was able to discern that I am feeling what the collective is feeling. People are waking up to their multidimensional natures in droves, causing confusion, feelings of here and not here, and disorientation. We are landed on uncharted shores, and the feeling of uncertainty is part of the experience. I feel that as we go further in those these new energetic territories, we’re going to feel less like waiting for the other shoe to drop, and more like we’re finally right where we need to be. We eventually stop kicking and thrashing in the waters and settle down and learn to tread, or better yet, alternate between swimming and floating on the currents.

It is very important for us to stand in our own space, with clear intentions and with our hearts fully engaged, leading the way. Though the specifics are still fuzzy, all I can see when I look ahead is brightness. To me, that’s a really good sign. More and more souls are going to start lighting up everywhere. Clairvoyantly I am getting the image of the globe and there are multicolored lights turning on all across the world, some shining so bright that they look like a city in the darkness – to me that indicates light workers converging in an area, coming together to raise the vibration of specific locations. Perhaps this has to do with ley or grid lines. The specifics don’t matter so much, because whatever you are doing is working. Keep it up.

Do more of what you do.

Doing more of what you love to do is so needed right now. If you only knew, or could see what affect you’re having on levels far beyond our senses, you would never hesitate to shine your light ever again! Being you – your awesome self – is enough. You don’t have to go be something you aren’t. Being yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and ultimately, the world.

Doing what you do, that which brings you joy and fulfillment, brings light and healing to others in ways we don’t yet understand. We must trust that the understanding is coming. More layers will be revealed in time – at the perfect time, no less. In the meantime, enjoy these lighter energies. Spread your light and shine brighter than you’ve ever allowed yourself to shine before. The time is NOW for all light workers (that’s all of us incarnated here at this time!) to turn it up – express yourself in all the ways that feel good. No matter how small the act, even if you are dancing in your living room – everything you do out of self-love and love of others affects the collective in powerfully positive ways. You create new pathways for others to access in their own journeys. We’ve already been energetically assisting and healing each other, we just didn’t know it. Will finally knowing this strengthen your resolve? I know it is strengthening mine.

Negative energies have left in droves, and have been recycled by Source light to be used again. Much of that energy was sent to the healing of Gaia and all of her life-forms. Soon, clearing of all negative energies will be complete. It will be very hard to act solely out of ego anymore, as ego requires negative energy for fuel. Remember that ego was designed to protect us in a harsh, lower vibrational world. The harsher the environment, the more the ego developed as a defense mechanism. Ego is the shield that is no longer necessary to bear, at least not out in front, where it has often served in getting in our way. Ego will be reprogrammed and returned to its original template which is to act as an auxiliary for helping to define the energetic space in which the being chooses to engage in.

The bottom line is you’re going to start feeling lighter, happier, more inclined to work with and create with others. Unity will be at the forefront in your priorities, as well as establishing and strengthening relationships of all kinds. Unconditional love becomes possibility, where before merely existed in the realm of make-believe. We finally realize there is no such thing as us vs. them – there is only US.

Hold fast to your heart – your golden compass of truth that knows all. Your heart holds the original divine template and will lead you right where you truly want to go. Beyond all fear and doubt, there is a lush land of plenty that welcomes all to its healing light and waters. I will meet you there, beloved, brother, sister, friend, comrade in service of light!

Much love,

Love, T


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