Standing In Your Space

The following contains information channeled from my higher self as well as what I glean intuitively by tuning into the collective spirit. Please take with you only that which resonates, and discard the rest. You must weigh any and all incoming info or data against your own intuition, which knows all and what’s best for you. Trust yourself.

I’ve always known that something big was going to happen in my lifetime. And now, on the precipice of whatever this is – this new frequency and new way of being – I cannot yet imagine what it will all look like, but it somehow feels familiar. I’m recognizing signs and synchronicities at a rapid pace and understanding that I was the one who created the blueprint of my life and set myself up for all this. I am realizing that everything that has happened up to this point, lessons that were enlightening or challenging, pleasant or not pleasant at all, was to get me ready for this. It was to teach me, train me, prepare me, and eventually I would be ready to fall into a flow. But I had to go through the lessons first. I resisted quite a bit throughout my young life. But for all the resistance, there was simply more openness, more gentle allowing, and I have my soul to thank for that. My soul has been present my whole life and has always gently nudged me in the right direction, and never went long ignored, thank goodness.

I knew I had to be a black sheep in this life. I was never meant to fit in, for fitting in might have been the difference between waking up and remaining asleep. I chose to start this process early, so that I wouldn’t need to be shocked awake later on in life by a traumatic event. Many souls choose the shock-awake method, whether that be near-death experiences, death of loved ones, or serious accidents, and there is no judgment here from me, only the discernment that I have chosen to avoid such paths. My awakening was gentle, even though it was often lonely. I was already slated to feel foreign. I came into this world already uncomfortable with the vibrations here. I now understand that when I came into this world, my consciousness entered my infant body on March 20th, the day I should have been born, but I didn’t come out of my mother until the 29th. This was because my soul didn’t want to trade the warmth and safety of the womb for the chaotic, dense vibrations of the 3D world. As a soul with a body, always feeling uncannily out of place, I was always meant to chart a new course and help build a new world.

Many others were not originally on an awakening path, and I certainly feel for those now jolted out of their slumber into fear and chaos, because they did not have a chance to practice managing their energy when it didn’t count as much. Now it’s ALL that counts. Without mastering one’s own energy during these (now constant) intense light upgrades, one may be set for breakdown on spiritual, mental, emotional or physical levels. Some people are now more susceptible than ever to lower astral energies. These are dark/dead energies and entities that have never been incarnated into physical form, but seek to control beings who have forms (bodies). These lower entities pop in and out of people who have not yet built up their magnetic center. A healthy aura naturally shields against unwanted energy and interference, but most people aren’t even aware they have an aura or an energetic body to begin with, much less know how to charge it. A weak magnetic center collapses in on itself, attracting lower vibes and sucking in energy of all kinds, light and dark, like a black hole. Lower entities can sense this and are drawn in, more or less depending on current circumstances, environment, etc.

Let’s use bars, or anywhere alcohol is served and consumed in mass quantities, for an example. It is not a mistake that alcoholic beverages are known as “spirits.” When someone partakes in a drink, they are willingly offering their minds and bodies up to lower astral entities. Alcohol is a portal to the lower astral realm. By partaking you are, albeit unknowingly, entering into an agreement that spirits can enter, use or influence you. In an impaired state, your subconscious is laid bare, and entities may see and tamper with it. Just because you are not conscious of the specifics of the agreement does not mean that you do not agree to it. The same applies for signing contracts you didn’t read, or were not given access to read, but signing them anyway. Does this mean, next time you have a beer, you’re going to become possessed? No, and there’s no use in being afraid of it, but what I am trying to bring to light is exactly what alcohol does on an energetic/spiritual level. It opens you up and lowers your inhibitions, like all other intoxicating substances do. But opening up to what exactly, may not be as obvious.

The entity or entities in league with the alcoholic substance will align with the person’s ego/sub-personalities/ID primal urges/ “inner demons.” These are not evil in themselves, rather these are shadow aspects that are largely ignored, despised, and kept hidden by your conscious aspects. Your conscious self is afraid of your unconscious aspects and will do everything it can to avoid, ignore, put off, or deny looking at those aspects. So when you drink, you are inviting these lower energies to seek out and attach to your shadows. The more one tries to deny their own shadow, the more fuel is created for the entity to use, and it is easier for them to get into one’s space. It used to be just “rides,” but now they are looking for hosts to stay with for as long as they can. But they will not ultimately be successful. These things have no idea of the divine order and they are completely unaware that the ascension is a “done deal” – there is no turning back now, and their days here on Earth are numbered. What they do know is that they need to find a host, and quick.

Right now it is not hard to find someone to attach to, as people are experiencing such discomfort that they are constantly reaching for their fixes. But not all fixes are created equal. Alcohol is the most damaging, most sinister one of them all, because it is the most widely used, propagated by mainstream culture and in your face ad campaigns. The dominator culture pushes alcohol on us like it is our sworn duty. Almost every adult I know imbibes, at least on occasion, and usually they are more likely to do so as prompted by others. When someone sees another person not drinking, it can lead to ego-bruising and an attempt to get the other person to get on their level. On a subconscious level, most people don’t actually want to drink. Most people, on some level, wish that they could eliminate it from their lives. But because they cannot, or will not, they are threatened by those that abstain. They may try to get you to join in (“I’ll buy you a drink!” “Shots all around!”), counting on social conventions to keep you from denying their offer. If you refuse they may still attempt to involve you (“Want a sip?” “You should try it, it’s good!”) and when you still say no, they will either demand to know why OR they will attempt to make excuses for why they chose to drink (“I get awkward in social situations” “I had a long day at work” “I can’t dance without alcohol”), as if you opting out somehow says something about them or their choices. It may be hard to look in a mirror sometimes, but it is not up to you to determine what they see, like it or not. You are in your own space, choosing not to drink. It literally has nothing to do with anyone else, but people who cannot distinguish themselves from others are offended/taken aback/made uncomfortable by a sober, abstaining person. But you are under no obligation to imbibe to make someone else feel at ease, nor are you required to give anyone an explanation as to why you choose not to partake. Sure, if you really are the designated driver (which seems to be the last acceptable explanation these days) then say so, but if you are not, then why lie? “I don’t drink.” Nothing else needed. Now, people who know you and possibly those you used to drink with may want to know why, and you may choose to tell them the truth. I always say to friends who I used to drink with, “I don’t drink anymore. It lowers my vibration and I don’t look forward to being sick, either. It’s just not worth it to me.” You choose how you want to handle it for yourself, but know that you don’t need to do anything. Just do you.

This is why, clairsentiently I can feel that bars and many restaurants are incredible dense places, and not just because they are packed with people. They are literally filled to the brim with lower vibrational entities, more so now than ever before, since they are able to move around in the astral layer more freely. They have one purpose. Look for someone to attach to, because if not, they will eventually get sucked out of our dimension and into the higher realms of light. If left without a host, and because Gaia is and has been releasing all dead spaces (no places to collect and hide), they will be drawn beyond their will to the nearest portal. There’s a lot of this sucking going on – giant portals spread out all over the world – that lead directly to source origin points, where lower energy can be recycled. Many so-called “ghosts,” entities and lost soul fragments are gladly leaving this plane now and are actually looking for and seeking out these portals. We have such a portal here at our house (which I wrote about in October). I have seen many of them exiting our reality above our house, and most of them are absolutely relieved.

Lower entities stay as far as they can from here, in general, and even when they come here in a vehicle (a person) they cannot stay for very long. They cause their host to get itchy to leave, sometimes rather abruptly. I have seen this so many times now. Most people like coming here (indeed, sometimes we cannot get our friends to leave! Because this place feels good), so it sticks out when others cannot even bear to be in the front yard, let alone the house itself.

Lower entities cannot attach to anyone living here at this time. My partner and I are considered guardians of this portal. If we weren’t already protected by our auric shields, we would also have backup support from angelic forces, and of course, the golden dome of light that surrounds our entire area.  There’s a reason I feel so much better and lighter when at home, as opposed to anywhere else. When I leave Merlin’s Gate to go out (our energetic fence, physically held in place by a gigantic hedge), I feel a palpable density shift, as if the fabric of reality around me got heavier. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, to say the least, almost a crushing, compacting sensation. When I return home, I instantly feel lighter – as soon as I pass through Merlin’s Gate I am back in my higher vibrational space. Again, palpable energy shift from one density to the other. This is precisely why I am choosing to stay home more than not, and have slashed my hours at my 3D workplace. Now each venture into the 3D world is a meditative practice for me. It’s a chance to flex my new abilities, claim my own space, and observe all of the energetic changes without attaching too much to anything “out there.” Every day gets a little easier on that front.

I know in my heart that eventually people will be free one way or another from their unconscious choices and agreements. This is what the ascension or shift in consciousness is all about, releasing attachments, lifting self-imposed limitations, and finally finding the freedom their soul is longing for. Until that point, it is going to be crucial to maintain your own energy, staying behind your aura in neutral observing mode and finding your breath and stillness in the midst of chaos. Things will get more chaotic for some people, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

It’s also important that light workers continue to transmute darkness into light in whatever way they do best. Everyone is here for a reason, and light workers and way showers are here to act as examples to those who are utterly lost and waking up in a tumultuous sea of change. They are looking for the way up and out, just like all of us. We are all looking for a place to belong, to love and be loved. It’s been sought for in a myriad of ways but can ultimately only be found within. It can never be found or realized without. But sometimes, in our darkest hour, we need a light to show us the way, to inspire us, and activate us to begin the search on our own. It can all start from spotting a lighthouse amidst the folding seas, and suddenly there is hope. There is something, deep down inside, that is finally awake. As beings of light, we already are that. We are the lights in the darkness, but we must choose to shine and shine brightly. While we cannot bring anyone else’s ship into shore for them, we can provide the light to guide their way on. We are, after all, simply walking each other home. Everyone has their piece of the puzzle, their part to play in this grand symphony. So we must not judge the journey of others, including if they still choose to abuse themselves, in whatever form that manifests, because there is a reason they decided to do it this way. Know that standing in your own space, as a sovereign being, who is not swayed by social constructs to turn against your own truth, you are providing an example, or a pathway, that they can be inspired by, and thereby activated, but only if they are looking for it and choosing it. You cannot force this on anyone. All you have to do is be YOU. You are not converting people or preaching to the masses, you are simply, confidently, standing in your space, at one with yourself and all nature. You’re a light but not a life saver. You’re a silent teacher, but a teacher nonetheless. And you raise the vibrations of everywhere you go. You let go of the need to define yourself when you simply step into being. Your message is stronger and louder than it ever was before, back when you thought you knew what you didn’t know yet. Now, you know, and literally everything you do, no matter how mundane and seemingly insignificant, is filled with presence and loving awareness. You transcend definitions, labels and limitations. You breathe new life into foundations built on cooperation and communication, and call back your energy from structures built to limit, ensnare and deceive. As you become more aware of the true nature of things, it becomes easier to clear and transmute lingering fears, doubts, malcontents and stagnations.

I feel as though we are in for another massive shift on February 15, this week, which is a solar eclipse of Aquarian energy (as the sun is in Aquarius). To me, this signifies finally releasing our aversions to looking at the big picture. It is time to really ponder how we are and can make this world a better place. I’ve been thinking about how awesome it would be have a positive news channel on TV that would serve to boost the morale of the collective human spirit. Trust me, there is far more good news than bad out there, but you’d never know it if you trusted what you heard on TV or read in the paper. Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, the world is NOT a scary, terrifying place. It is a place filled with good souls who are looking to do better for themselves and others, but they are, by and large, lost in the distractions of the matrices of their daily lives. These are all the expectations, responsibilities, roles to fill and whatever “isms” they subscribe to, whether that’s materialism, socialism, corporatism – all of these external factors serve to keep us perpetually confused and ignorant to our truth. This solar eclipse is going to help the collective see through their current illusions into the heart of their soul’s purpose and their ability to align completely with their higher self.

I hope this update was helpful and as always feel free to comment or email us with any questions or feedback you might have. Thanks for reading! Blessings to you, beloveds.


Theresa is a psychic intuitive, clear channel, spirit translator and writer. She offers personal e-Book readings in which she channels answers to your submitted questions via your spirit guides, higher self, angels, other lives and/or loved ones in spirit. Learn more about this here. Theresa also offers Tarot and Oracle card readings, complete with spread charts, photos, and intuitive interpretations. Check out Services and Readings for more information about these offerings.

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