Mike on Meditation

Welcome readers! For this session, I channeled my primary spirit guide, protector, and beloved soul mate Mike, and he was eager to share with us a broader, spiritual perspective on meditation. We touch on what actually is happening when you meditate, the ultimate benefits, and different methods you can try to find what suits you best. We are all unique and we all must find our own sweet spot. No forcing necessary – just an open mind and open heart. Enjoy!  

Love, T

Questions for discussion:

What does meditation do? And why is it so important for people to practice?

How can someone start a meditation practice? What are some practical steps?

Is there a right or wrong way to do meditation?

Are there different kinds of meditation? What are some ways people can effectively get into a meditative state?

What is the basic criteria for an activity to be meditative?


T: So there’s a lot of rhetoric out there about the benefits of meditation, and also how important it is for dealing with all the changes taking place on energetic levels, however there is little information on how to actually do it. I don’t scour every source of info out there, so I am sure there are already great practical resources out there. But I thought it would help my readers out if we talked a little more about how to actually do it. I would like to provide a practical guide to meditation and help people embrace their practice. Are we ready for this?

Mike: 100% absolutely!

T: Awesome. So first I want to touch on why meditation seems so hard to do. It seems to some to be intimidating, and many people never even try. Why?

Mike: It’s the reality, the society you live in, that really discourages getting quiet and still for longer than just a few seconds. A lot people cannot sit still for even 10 minutes, which is normally the recommended amount of time for meditative beginners. But let’s throw out all the “shoulds” and “should nots” for today, and concentrate on how we can get into meditative states in easier, practical ways. Meditation does not have to be considered a chore in your mind. It could just be simply relaxing. That relaxation can flow to a meditative state, sometimes without you even realizing it until you have been there for some time. Force will not work here. You have to concentrate, of course, but the key here is to relax as much as you can. A still body relaxes the mind, stills the thoughts. You can work bottom up, or top down, but it works either way.

T: It is entirely accurate that meditation is stilling, or eliminating, your thoughts?

Mike: More like directing your own thoughts. You get into a state in which you can easily observe and disentangle your thoughts from the thoughts streaming through the collective unconscious. A lot of noise that goes through peoples’ heads are the thought projections of others. When you are in a position to observe your thoughts, you can discern which thoughts are yours and which thoughts are others’. You can, of course, choose to let go of both kinds of thoughts if they energetically do not support you. You know these thoughts because they make you feel less than. These are the thoughts that you can relish in letting go. And then once those thought forms are neutralized, you can sit in stillness, connecting with your energy centers of intuition, your divine creative flame, sacred heart space, and third eye. But there’s no getting around it, kids. You gotta actually do it if you want to benefit from the results.

T: Yes, that’s the biggest hurtle isn’t it? Just doing it.

Mike: There are a lot of distractions in your world. Even when you are not watching TV or playing with your phones, you are still being affected by signals, radio waves, vibrations and frequencies traveling in the ocean of air all around you. Meditation is not only useful for relaxing into the body, but it also helps you build and charge up your auric field, shielding you from certain frequencies. Better yet, if you meditate to charge up your aura, the intention alone is powerful enough to shore up your field. You can program your aura to filter out unnecessary distortions.

T: How do you do this without engaging the rational mind?

Mike: It’s tapping into another area of the brain not used during conscious, moving-around-wakefulness. Your brain waves are altered and so you are put into another state without the constant questioning and resistance from rational mind consciousness. In this state you are able to observe and direct your thoughts. It all depends on what you are looking for in meditation, too. Do you just want to relax and turn off all thoughts? That is great for getting still, allowing yourself to be energetically clear, able to process and integrate current lessons. Or you can meditate to query within – this could involve more thought processes. The point here is to mindfully change your energetic state. This is what you learn in meditation – how to alter your own energetic state and how to discern yourself from others, so that you are increasingly aware of vibrations in your waking state. You learn to master your own energy. That is the ultimate benefit of regular meditation.

T: Is there really a right or wrong way to do meditation?

Mike: The wrong way would be not even giving it a shot. But no, if you are intending to meditate, you will be meditating, one way or another. Be patient with yourself and relax.

T: A lot of people fall asleep during meditation, myself included, especially when I am listening to a guided meditation or transmission. I often cannot remember where I was in the meditation when I drifted off, and I cannot remember anything after that. What’s up with that?

Mike: Falling asleep is good. Where do you think most of you go at night while your body sleeps? Mostly to the astral realm, and often to the higher realms from where we all originate. A lot of times you end up in those higher realms while in deep meditation. Your body and mind are both asleep – they have to be in order for you to drift seamlessly into those higher dimensions. Whether or not your conscious mind can define and measure your meditative success is not important here. Trust us, you are benefiting, even if you have no conscious memory of your deep meditations. You don’t need to have anything to report when you return to present. You will more feel the benefits of meditation, and these benefits usually last a long time.

T: Awesome! So what kinds of meditation can people do? I know that there are many kinds.

Mike: Well, there’s the sittin’ still and concentrating on your breath kind. This can either be done sitting cross legged or laying down on your back. You can even just sit comfortably in a chair. It doesn’t matter. Comfort is the key here. Notice the breath. Follow the breath. When a thought or thoughts pop up, and they will, imagine a breeze or wind – you can give it a color if you like, say light blue – and simply allow the wind to blow the thoughts away. If you wish to examine a thought, you can do so, because the other thoughts will have been minimized by your focus and attention to the breath. You can also ask archangels or ascended masters to enter in and hold a grid of light around you, to help further remove energies that no longer serve you. Guided meditations help a lot here. If you are new to meditation, guided mediations are the way to go. There are thousands upon thousands of guided meditation videos from minutes short to hours long on YouTube. Use technology to your advantage!

(Check out this incredible guided meditation: Steve Nobel – Golden Timeline Alchemy Transmission )

T: Absolutely. I still prefer to listen to guided meditations. Also, I love listening to solfeggio frequencies on YouTube. They help alter your brain wave states to help you get into a deeper meditative state.

Mike: Yes. So there’s that kind of mediation, the sit still, clear your thoughts and charge your auric field kind. During this kind of meditation you can connect with spirit guides, channel and download transmissions from your higher self. Although those who have developed their clair abilities can connect with guides, channel and download transmissions all while in a conscious state. But it takes doing the leg work with mindful breath and discipline stillness, first.

T: Yes. That is the truth. I definitely went through a period where I had to learn to get still and watch and neutralize thoughts. You have to tend to the inner first, before outer change can occur. I started doing yoga around six years ago and it helped so much in learning how to find my personal vibration of stillness. Recently I have been practicing kundalini yoga and it has really helped me expand my consciousness – breath married with movement.

Mike: Perfect segue into moving – or active – meditation. Another valid form of mediation. Activity which allows your mind to take a back seat and which allows you to get into a flow. Before going into any activity, intend on reaching a relaxed, meditative, and yet alert state. You will feel the moment more acutely, as well as be more in tune with your senses and extrasenses. Athletes tap into this flow all the time. Just let go, enjoy yourself, be fully present in the body. Breathe. Take it all in. Bingo, you’re meditating, even though your eyes are open and you are conscious and awake. For this topic, I feel compelled to provide a list, so for those list-loving humans out there, this is for you (he chuckles). Types of active meditation:

  • Yoga, stretching, light movement
  • Walking or hiking in nature
  • Sports of any kind
  • Art, Coloring, Painting
  • Music – listening to, singing along with, playing and creating
  • Creating with like-minded others – building unity consciousness
  • Doing dishes by hand, or any other chore that doesn’t require any thought, allowing the mind to drift and fall into a flow (T’s note: The added benefit of dishes by hand is interacting with water, which is healing and soothing, drawing you naturally into a calm state)
  • Journaling, automatic or trance writing, free writing
  • Dancing, martial arts, any controlled bodily movement
  • Daydreaming, visualizing while doing something with your hands
  • Doing something that scares you – seriously. Moving out of comfort zones often helps us get out of our heads and completely into the moment
  • Tending to plants and animals
  • Repeating affirmations or mantras throughout your day, at work, during errands or whenever. Allows you to observe yourself and others.

T: (once I knew he was done) Wow! That’s a lot.

(If anyone reading this has a meditation method that we didn’t touch on, please comment below and share! I love learning from others’ experiences!)

Mike: Yup! The most important thing to remember is that each and every one of you is unique. You are all on your own paths, and no one’s journey is identical to another’s. What might work for one person may not work for you. You have to take the time, put in the effort and realize how very worth it you are. You make a commitment to yourself. The commitment is that you will keep practicing, keep trying new things, being patient with yourself. Allow yourself to be guided and inspired by your own soul. If you intend to do better for yourself, you always will. Meditation doesn’t have to be something you dread. It can seriously become your favorite part of the day! Allow the possibility of it becoming so, if that is what you wish. Nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

T: And so it shall be! Thanks Mike! I think that’s all for now. I love you!

Mike: Love you too, darling. Take care, readers!


Coffee and coloring date with a like-minded friend? Yes, that’s still meditation!


I am honored to share with you the wisdom of Sgt. Mike Strank – read more about him here.


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  1. I am so grateful that I saw this on FB today! (2/13/18) This is so helpful & encouraging. I started chakra cleansing recently & it feels a little overwhelming right now, but I am learning more about chakras! And this channeled information is perfect for what I was looking for….GY


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