The SUN says “Just Be YOU”

Has anyone else noticed the changes happening with the Sun?

For those who have eyes to see and are aware of the lifting of the veils and dimensional shifting that’s happening right now, you may have noticed that the sun has changed in color. The light emanating from the sun now has a softer, crystalline hue. It has changed how our reality appears, how objects are projected onto the matrix hologram around us. Colors are more vivid and I am seeing the Magenta, Emerald and Gold rays of creation in everything from bubbles in ice tea to the bathroom sink porcelain to the stop signs on the street corners. Has anyone else noticed the sheen on things? It can almost look sort of rainbow-y. It’s beautiful to behold. Also, if you are already in tune with energy, you may feel that all of nature, the trees, animals and elementals, are in a celebratory state. Ascension is underway and there is no turning back! There is much rejoicing to be had right now!

The sun is also brighter but not harsher. I feel protected and nourished by the sunlight, when just a year or so ago I found the sunlight to be too harsh and I couldn’t be out in it for too long. These changes to the sun are so recent, that this past spring and summer prior to the Total Eclipse, the sun felt like it turned up in intensity and it was unbearable to be outside, even in the morning. I have channeled from The Ancestors that the sun has, for some time and up until the last few months, been in an unbalanced state, emitting harmful radiation that would eventually seep down onto our planet. Think about all of those awful sunburns you got as a child and even worse, the uptick in skin cancer over the past 30 years or so. The increasing imbalance of the sun for many eons contributed to the increasing imbalances on Earth.

This is no longer the case. The sun has completed its shift into the 5th density. So when you look up at the sun now, you’re basically looking upon a 5th dimensional entity. The Sun has assumed it’s higher self – a pure reflection of Source. I felt this palpable change during the August Solar Eclipse (of which I got to experience 95% totality here in NC). The Sun has ascended into a crystalline body, and the rest of our universe is heading that way too as we shed more and more of the lower densities. The light filtering down from the Sun is now filled with photonic particles, love light from the Divine, already at work clearing out the cobwebs of the stagnant 3D matrix system that has been in place so long. The photonic light is affecting everyone and everything on Gaia right now, infusing everything with Divine purpose, which includes the Divine decree for universal reconciliation and rejuvenation. Everything will be filled with this photonic light, and it will inspire most to look within and finally meet and accept all of their selves, their higher self, their guides, their shadow aspects and their sub-personalities (these personalities that we had to turn to for protection and security in the wild world of the 3rd dimension where cause and effect and duality had its role to play). Now we’ll incorporate all of who we are into one cosmic light BEing.

You see, there are codes within the photonic light that the SUN is radiating on us, abundantly, every single day. These codes are filled with information. This information enters your field and whether you know it or not is realigning your DNA, shifting you from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline structure. So really the best thing you can do right now is spend as much time as you can outside. If the sun is shining, make an effort to spend as much time as you can in direct sunlight. Allow the sun to touch your skin and warm your auric field. You are downloading the SUN’s codes, taking it in through your entire being, 360 degrees all around you. You will receive a lot of downloads through the top of your head as well as through your eyes and third eye. You may notice your eyes changing color, perhaps getting lighter, and if you spend enough time in the sun you’ll notice your hair feels and looks different, as if it was lit up from within. That is because as you become crystalline in structure, everything about you transforms to crystal, including your hair. People may say you are glowing or that you face seems bright or light up. You may want to catch the sun at sunrise or sunset, as you can look directly at the sun without blinding glare. You may have heard of “sun-gazing” before. Well, this is a great way to get your daily dose of photonic light and frequency upgrades.

The codes that the SUN is beaming down upon us with great gusto are serving to open us up to our soul purpose. We will eventually remember all of our metasoul aspects and all of our other lifetimes (that are actually happening concurrently, not in the past as linear mind structure would have you believe). We will remember why we came here and our true, prime directive – the reason we incarnated into Gaia in the first place. We will remember that we are eternal beings, beings that have experienced millions of different incarnations in countless star systems. As your other lives are all happening at the same time, you’ll begin to notice them bleeding through more palpably than ever before. Eventually, there will be no more vagueness when it comes to what you know at the soul level.

It is, of course, hard to imagine having full awareness of your multidimensional being, while still maintaining a physical form. But that is exactly what is occurring. This had to be a slow, building process – a process of BECOMING. There needed to be a 4th density buffer, a transitional dimension so that we could ease into it like a steaming hot bath. If it happened all at once, none of us would survive. We had to take the new codes and light frequency in doses, small at first, then increasing in amounts. Going forth from this NOW moment, the energy will only intensify. The awakened will begin downloading codes at lightning speed. The more space you have allowed for the NEW to flow in, the better prepared you will be for the acceleration of our collective ascension.

Allow the light to show you what else you need to integrate, accept, and incorporate into your BEing. Be willing to face anything that comes up, no matter how painful or ugly. Don’t run away from what is revealed. Transmute these shadows with LOVE and LIGHT and lovingly ask and convince them to work with you, in balanced cohesion. Most of the time, these shadow aspects, these hidden or pushed away parts of you, just need acknowledgement. They need to know that they are not failing you, that they can join forces with the other parts of you, that they are truly needed and are not going to be obliterated by the rolling up of the lower densities. The sub-personalities and ego self, the parts of you that were necessary for integration into the 3rd dimension, feel as though they will disappear or die, because the reality that they have operated in has changed, the rules of the paradigm have shifted and nothing feels secure or safe right now. Breathe into that discomfort and lovingly speak to these terrified aspects of you. Tell them that they are coming with you (and they truly are, they are just disoriented right now) and they will be updated to higher densities, purified from the inside out just as all the rest of you, physical and non-physical. Once these frightened or uncomfortable aspects are simply acknowledged and then “let-in” on what’s going on, they will relax and ease into flow, into balance, allowing your creative fire to move through you unimpeded. You were never meant to kill off any parts of yourself. The idea of killing the ego is misleading, and I am not sure where it originated. The ego is ascending and transforming just like all the rest of you! It will resume it’s place as an auxiliary to your overall experience, as was its original intention, and will no longer play the role of tyrant and/or martyr, roles it was never meant to fill. The ego has done an awfully bad job at managing everything, as we can see by the extreme polarity now vastly evident to those awake and asleep, but the ego is not to be punished. The ego needs to be healed and reassigned to duty just like all of your other aspects.

It will be important to focus on the things that make you happy going forward. You will be focusing more on your own innate gifts in the months to come. We are collectively called to turn inward and discover our authentic soul expression, as the mass ascension of humanity unfolds. You will be called to share your gifts soon, whatever those gifts may be. Whatever it is, know that you are very much needed and you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t your purpose to be here. Your awakening, your willingness to let go of what no longer serves you, creates energetic ripples that course through the collective, akin to building new neural pathways in the brain, triggering the awakenings of others, aiding them in regaining their multidimensional natures. Even if you do nothing but hang out in your garden and enjoy your plants and welcome the sun filtering down through the leaves, you are still contributing to the overall movement, to the ascension of all life, because you are embodying who you are and why you came here. A common thread of purpose unites us all – we are here to LOVE, ENJOY, and SHARE. We are here to build a new reality based on truth, integrity, unity, compassion, love and balance.

Hope this update was helpful! As always, please comment below or send us an email with your thoughts or questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Much love to you, light tribe!

Love, Theresa


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