Ascension 102

Ascension 102

Managing Your Vibration, Light Language, and Tools for Ascension

* For part one of this series, check out Ascension 101. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments section below.

T: Theresa – channels Mike

KP: Kristin – channels Erik

Channeling Transcript

T: So really I want to see if Erik has any ideas about how to manage your own space better when people start talking negatively or expressing in a chaotic way?

KP: Good one.

Erik: Pull yourself back and recognize you’re only there to observe. It’s your assignment. Treat it like you are a spectator at the movies. Keep reminding yourself that moment to moment. You’re there to observe. Let it flow over you. Do not become the experience. Only observe it.

Mike: Yes. Pretend its theater.

Erik: Correct. All life is a stage we play on. Created unscripted from moment to moment. That’s why you’re so powerful. You write every moment. Good or bad. Free will gives you both polarities. Freedom to choose the drama you wish to play out.

T: I do notice that when I don’t engage with the complaining or negativity they don’t come to me as much with it anymore.

Erik: Yes when you engage you are feeding into the energy they are looking to pull out of you. All energy flows where attention goes. Basic law of attraction

T: Cool. Thank you!

KP: I am in learning on this too. Big lesson lately.

T: Yes. It seems like it’s getting more intense for some people

KP: Being empathic is challenging. More and more people are discovering or will be discovering this challenge, as people’s abilities naturally break out through the shift.

Mike: The veils have come down so much that people are feeling each other more, and reacting to these discomforts.

KP: Definitely. Energies are so sensitive.

T: So awesome how we’re basically channeling the same thing at the same time.

KP: I know! Love it.

T: Me too!

Erik: As the shift proceeds you guys will be seeing more and more people release unhealthy toxic pain and behavior patterns stored deep within the psyche. Anger…negativity…depression will come up, among a host of other symptoms in your everyday interactions with people. Stay calm and know that this is only a symptom of release. A symptom of the beginning. A final release of pain from the soul and the beginning of healing. Once these energies are cleared with the shift. They are gone and cleared from your body forever. Final release.

Mike: Yeah. It ain’t been pretty so far.

T: Erik, do you think I should strive to stay home/in more during these times of intensity?

Erik: If you feel you should then listen to your gut and intuition. Go with the flow and follow that golden compass Theresa.

T: Love that!

Erik: Only you and your body will know the right time. If you are feeling extra sensitive then use that as your compass to steer away. Let your body and spirit guide you. If you do choose to go out, know and treat it as an experience. Know and acknowledge it as research in the field, to know how your body reacts and triggers. Use it and utilize every experience with intent and you’ll never view it as a negative. All is for purpose. Also on days you’re feeling extra sensitive to people’s energies, take extra time to prepare and battle up. Meditate…take a bath…cleansing shower…use protective crystals and give extra love and care.

T: I definitely notice that I am setting the tone for my interaction with other people. Most people respond to my vibration peaceably now. I am practicing seeing the good in others. Even when they’re acting cray.

KP: Me too. It’s making me very aware of the frequency I send out.

T: Yes. Very careful not to add to the maelstrom.

KP: Exactly. It’s like feeding fire.

T: I was observing how people get upset almost like catching a disease.

Erik: This is an experience in learning to stay in control of one’s own being as a full creator in reality. Realizing and recognizing the frequency you emit and send out to others. You have the power to react or not react. To become the fire or to simply feel its warmth. You get to pick the degree at which you enter. We are taught to be afraid of germs and touching each other, yet we are taught nothing about protecting our energy.

T: Yep. Something keeps popping up in my awareness, this notion of “transitional teams” already here and in place for the Big One. I wonder if we can channel any more about that? I’ve been noticing more people in my midst who seem strange or like they’re from elsewhere. Maybe it’s just the veils dropping or perhaps there are ETs in place ready for the show to begin?

KP: I have been noticing a lot of strange interactions and otherworldly connections lately. Makes me wonder as well.

Mike: You’re attracting people like you. Like attracts like. No wonder they’re all kooky.

T: (to Mike) Ha! Thanks sug…..

KP: I’m feeling people’s higher selves are coming online into their avatars. Like they’re waking up transitional teams from elsewhere.

T: Yes that resonates.

KP: Like they were stationed in bodies and now they’re being activated for mission. I’m feeling the Starseeds are the transitional teams now waking up.

Mike: People who have been managing their vibration for some time now are finding that things are developing easier in their lives. You’ll notice renewed zest for life in some. You’ll see it in their eyes. They’ve allowed space for higher self to come in. Like you gals.

T: Yup. I did hear Erik say, “you are the transitional teams.” I woke up ahead of time in order to prepare. Like a good Sergeant. Basically was in training for the first part of my life.

KP: So it’s almost like we grew our avatars here to wake up later for this gigantic mission. To come online with our higher selves.

T: Wow! So cool. I’ve come such a long way. It’s good to finally have the crew assembled. And more on the way I’m sure. Adding to our light tribe, and since you never know who it’s going to be, I project general goodwill towards all. The people who are worth it tend to stick around.

KP: Good way to be. Lead by example. That’s been my lesson lately.

Erik: Don’t teach or correct….show people. Lead by example. You guys will also find that you will need less words to accomplish this as time goes on. Especially as you dive more into your telepathy.

T: Nice! I am ready to utilize light language.

KP: Me too.

T: Not sure exactly what that means yet but I’m sure I will.

KP: Anything more efficient then this language. So many communication barriers in this human language I’m ready to remember more. A better way to communicate. More peaceful language.

T: A few months ago I received a download that light language is actually circular in nature. There is no linear procession to it. You know how we have sentences in spoken language…that are linear and structured with a beginning and end.

KP: Interesting.

T: But light language is not like that. It can be interpreted in many ways. It is sent to you as a block of info that you then translate.

KP: I see.

T: That’s why discernment is very important for channeled messages, or really any incoming info.

KP: That is what I find most difficult. Sentence structure. It changes everything. The whole message.

T: Have you ever seen the movie Arrival? [a movie with Amy Adams depicting the arrival of aliens, another one you gotta see, Star peeps.]

KP: Yes loved it. I loved how they were depicted as a peaceful species.

T: Yeah. The aliens’ language in the movie – that’s what my guides used to describe light language.

KP: Wow that’s cool! Much more efficient. Like a download in a symbol.

T: [spoiler alert again] Remember how the human authorities misinterpreted a word? They thought the aliens said they brought a weapon.

KP: Yes! And everyone freaked out!

T: What they were trying to say is they were offering them the tool of their language. Not a weapon, but a technology.

KP: Yep. How easily messages can be distorted. Actions that are set into motion just by a distortion of a message in language. Happens every single second.

T: Absolutely.

Erik: That’s why there is such a need for a universal light language.

T: Oh goodie, this is what they [T’s guides] were talking about earlier. I will be exploring light language in the future. The way my word-weaving soul will evolve.

KP: Probably help with telepathic messages too right? You just send someone the symbol. The light language. I can’t wait.

Mike: Part of this shift is taking down the Tower of Babel.

KP: What is that?

T: The tower of Babel was in the Bible.

KP: Ok I never read the Bible.

T: The story goes that these people built a tower to get to God/heaven. Hold on I wanna make sure I get it right. Mike brought it up. I heard of it but don’t know it that well. They were trying to get to where God was. So God made them all speak different languages, all of a sudden. They couldn’t understand each other, so they could not continue unified in their effort to build a tower to God. That’s why it’s called the tower of Babel.

KP: Why would god do that to us?

T: Source would not have done this. Most likely advanced ET’s were responsible. Probably the Archon/Draconian overlords. Separating the humans. Initially creating division that would echo for eons.

KP: I agree.

T: Jehovah (the God in the Old Testament) may actually have been an ET who took advantage of the early humans convincing them he was the Authority. He stayed hidden behind clouds and loud “trumpet blasts” and blinding light (perhaps his space ship). Part of Yeshua’s mission was to bring in a new era and wipe away the lies that God was wrathful. He was so before his time, but so needed.

KP: He was a Galactic Agent for change too.

T: Yup. He’s like a commanding general. Good to have in our corner.

KP: I agree.

T: So part of the shift is breaking all of these false agreements made by the collective over eons of conditioning. As Noah was saying the other night, somewhere along the line we discovered ‘faith’ and gave our power away.

KP: Makes sense.

T: We gave credence to the forces outside of us to govern our lives

KP: Exactly. We stopped believing in ourselves as creators. Became victims and bought into the theory of blind faith.

T: Humanity is young. We’ve been easy prey for some time, but now that we are choosing to wake up, source is responding by sending us some help. These intense light codes coming in are providing learning curves.

Erik: May feel like intense emotions. Your emotions are really your teacher though. Your guidance system. Listen to them. There is a lesson, something to be learned from each emotion and experience. Perceived negative or positive. All is learning. Pay attention. Be aware. Awareness is your best source tool next to imagination. Be aware of each emotion. Let it teach you, then release and let it flow over you. This is the best way to get through these challenges. Live in the moment. Be the moment. It’s all we have.

T: Yes. I find myself crying for no reason but it always feels really good. Part of the water thing. Water is everything right now. As living crystals, water is our most important tool.

Robin: Imagination, awareness, intention, water. All great tools for surfing the upcoming waves. Water also helps you communicate with your guides.

Erik: Huge conduit. Drink it…bath in it. Play with it…visualize it. It’s your best friend through this shift.

T: Awesome! Do we have any other questions?

KP: Not really. None that I can think of.

T: Cool. Maybe that’s it then! You were spot on today guys. Love you all.

Erik & KP: We love you!!

T: 143

KP: 143

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