Ascension 101

ASCENSION 101: Weekly Spirit Crew Chat with T & KP

T: Theresa – channels Mike and John

KP: Kristin – channels Erik

Channeling Transcript:

T: So today we want to talk about the Ascension. The shift in consciousness that is happening right now within each of us and outside of us. It’s affecting every single organism on Gaia.

KP: Pretty relevant topic for what’s happening in the world. Absolutely.

T: Yes. I believe it’s the most important. But few are aware much less prepared for the changes it’s bringing.

KP: Definitely. It can be very overwhelming to hear about it if you don’t have the right info.

T: Yes, people always jump to end of world scenarios. It’s hard to talk about it in a general, non-spiritual manner but it is very much a spiritual process.

KP: Exactly. That was my first thought when learning of this concept. Are we all dying? What in the heck does this mean…ascension?

T: So, in the simplest terms we can manage, what is the ascension?

Erik: The process of complete enlightenment. Disclosure, balance and the return to heaven on earth.

KP: Still sounds complex, I know.

T: Okay for clarity’s sake – Heaven on Earth – what is that? Does that mean that the higher dimensions where “Heaven” resonates to will be brought to Earth?

Erik: Yes. Essentially.

T: I’ve tried to look at it this way: everything’s technically already in heaven. All that exists IS spirit.

John: Earth fell into lower vibrations long ago and that made it seem like we were separated from heaven. Now we’ll see that we were never separated nor will we ever perceive to be separated again.

Erik: Exactly the veil of illusion and forgetfulness is being dropped. For good. The end to duality. End to all struggle. Complete Sovereign freedom amongst all people…races across the globe and the galaxy. All are returning home to their divine natures. Their original state of being. Perfection. This will include and manifest as many DNA changes and shifts in your physical and cellular nature.
T: Apparently there are multiple veils as well. Almost like firewalls that keep us from seeing the bigger galactic picture

John: Those will all fall away with time.

Erik: When this starts happening you and everyone around you will begin a deep spiritual journey of awakening. Awakening to remember. To remember self. Ascension is a gradual process, not a cliff dive. Peeps couldn’t handle it all at once. It’s like a slow debriefing.

Mike: In fact, the matrix structure is dissolving as we speak. Only reason things look the same is your collective belief in your previous, status quo reality.

Erik: Yes, your ability to believe equals your ability to perceive. The mind cannot and will not perceive it if it’s not within your belief structure.

John: Those who have eyes to see are noticing the changes. Peeking through the cracks, there’s brilliant light filtering through the old structures. This is a time of celebration as Gaia is in the throes of birthing a new world, with the help of light workers worldwide.

KP: This is by far the most exciting time to be alive.

T: Most definitely.

Erik: For sure.
Aaron (through KP): This is it. The final show. If you’ve ever had that strange feeling like you were always waiting for a party that just never happens… Well this is it. It’s party time people! And trust me everyone from heaven (home) is watching!

Erik: Yeah…think Truman show style. Wink

T: Well, we got some great questions! Let’s start with Bruce’s question: when is this ascension supposed to happen? Is it a different time for everyone?

Erik: The ascension is currently under way. For everyone. It is a uniquely different process for each one of us. Each individual experience’s the ascension process differently at different rates and stages but yes. We are all currently going through it together. Whether we are aware yet or not. No man left behind, Bruce.

KP: Or women E!! It’s 2017!!

T: I get it. On that note, Mike is bringing something up about the shift.

Mike: It’s a balancing of masculine and feminine energies. A perfect dance. We’re each being called to balance those energies within ourselves first. The shift happens within first.

Erik: The shift is a return to self. Who you were originally intended to be, before you incarnated and took on all this heavy crap. Return to free-spirit.

John: Also we have already moved into the 5th dimension. The opportunity is NOW for us to experience heaven IN our bodies as we were meant to originally. But because this is all new, nobody got the memo.

Erik: Yes. Exactly. So it looks and feels a little crazy. This is why there are waves of awakening. So that some can lead the path for others to awaken…shine their flashlights, so to speak.

John: Yes. It’s time for the woken ones to shine, use their abilities, and show others the way. You guys are leaders.

Mike: Sergeants of your light tribes.

Erik: You chose to wake up first. We are the forerunners.

T: Bruce’s next question was have some of us been asked to stay behind to help?

Erik: Yes. Many of us volunteered to be here to stay. It was written into our soul contracts/blueprints.

John: It’s not exactly considered staying behind, because we are all moving in this direction together. Some people will choose to exit because they aren’t ready to shift.

KP: Yes.

John: They will incarnate onto other 3D/duality planes of existence to finish their soul lessons.

Erik: But no one will reside on the old 3D earth matrix. You will be given a choice to move on and choose your next incarnation. Those that wish to stay in the body here on earth will…those that do not will choose to leave and incarnate elsewhere. Only those who wish to be here and see the transition to new earth will stay. Otherwise you are free to leave and experience other planes of existence. This is the first time you are given a choice where to incarnate since you entered this earth matrix experiment. This time you can go anywhere in the universe. You won’t be limited or using your 3D earth mind to choose. Free-will…the creators best built in design.

T: Yes old 3D matrix is no longer an option for a habitable plane of existence. Also, they’re showing me that not only are we shifting in this lifetime, but all of our other lifetimes are shifting too.

KP: Yes. That’s why many of us are currently going through past lives, remembering. Gathering all of the split fractals of our soul’s makeup.

John: You will also begin to notice that lower vibrational experiences feel and seem very synthetic. Why? Because it’s difficult to experience lower vibrational states in a higher vibrational frequency. You can pull yourself away from the issue, whatever it happens to be, as if it truly doesn’t matter, and it probably doesn’t – it’s just a trigger based on past experiences that usually causes a reaction of some kind. You will also notice that you can interrupt a reaction before it even begins. You become conscious of being unconscious. You’ll be able to see choice points, and will easily be able to discern the right choice for you in the now moment.

Erik: You will experience what it is like to live and reside in what most refer to as heaven (upper dimensional planes) while in your body, for the very first time in the human experience. You will get to see and do and know all I do, Bruce. While in the body! Heck Bruce…you’ll even see me! You can already…you just don’t think it. Believe it and you will see it!

T: Yes. Technically, illness and strife no longer exist. It’s only what you CREATE now. You can create opportunities just as easily as problems.

Erik: Exactly. We are entering instant manifestation. Which means you gotta get your thoughts real centered and focused Bruce!

Mike: Yes. Focus.

Erik: Cuz the world is your oyster now baby!!

Mike: Watch your thoughts. Spoken or unspoken.

KP: Yep works both ways

T: Some Avalon wisdom: “Never name the well from which you will not drink.” (from The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley).

Erik: Very powerful those thoughts of yours. You ARE a creator Bruce! You all are!

KP: I’m learning that now. Tough lesson. We were taught the opposite. We are so damn powerful. They just didn’t want us to know…no one taught us..

Erik: Right now we are entering a process of unlearning and allowing for remembering. Everything you thought is not. It can seem like a bit of a backwards rabbit hole at times. But it’s worth it if you just open up your mind and heart to the process. Let yourself fall into belief.
T: We have a question from Paulette: Can you give us a definition of exactly what ascension is – it is confusing hearing different things from different people. Does it mean physically ascend or just things will feel differently?

Erik: Both. All of the above. It’s unlike anything you can compare it to and it’s a never ending limitless process. So it can be hard to define. Confusing and complex. Until you remember. Then it’s not.
John: So basically we are entering a higher vibrational frequency. A higher bandwidth if you will, where there is loads more knowledge and instant access, instant manifestations and a broader range of experiences.

Erik: Yes, not unlike computer upgrades. Or reaching different levels in video games. More and more info will be coming to you automatically through your gut and intuition. You will begin to receive memories and downloads. Trust them. They are your compass through this process. Listen to them Paulette. You can’t and won’t quite be able to experience or describe the next level, until you’re there.

John: It is always there, you just have to open up to it. Ask your guides to help you open up your clairs, and receive upgrades to make it easier to access your soul’s compass.

Erik: Ask Arch Angel Uriel!
KP: For those that don’t know. Erik is an embodiment of the Arch Angel known as Uriel. Therefore you can call upon your connection to him as your spirit guide, Erik Medhus, yet know that he also wields the power of an arch angel. The arch angel of knowledge and wisdom. He’s great at giving you access to information and downloads. You just have to ask him. He’ll be there!!

T: Yes, they like to call them individuations of an arch angel. There are millions of them.

KP: Like an army.

T: Kristin and I are individuations of AA Ariel. Arch Angel of discernment. Individuations get to have it all, in my humble opinion. I mean, we’re angels, but we also get to experience incarnations. We are like the special forces. We incarnate into ascending planets. We’ve done this loads times before!

KP: We split and incarnate to get the job done and meet up with individuations of ourselves. Justice league of angels.

Mike: It’s almost done. But also just beginning. It’s all happening NOW in one ever-living moment. That’s why we say, when we shift in this life, we shift in ALL of them.

KP: Many people are going to be awakening to their angelic selves. There are a lot more of us then you can imagine. And don’t count yourself out…you might be one of them. It’s all a matter of believing what you are capable of being and then remembering.

T: And you could also say ET selves…ET/Angels…one in the same. Beyond 12D in origin.

KP: Yes. Exactly

T: But still existing as an extension of source energy.

Erik: Yep. We are all source energy, just different branches of individuations. Every single one of us is connected like a giant source family tree. Some closer than others, yet all the same…equal. All creators. Each one of us has divine gifts and powers waiting to be claimed and revealed. Most are so depressed and in a very, low vibrational state. They cannot see, hear, or think it. They do not believe. Once the veils are fully lifted and you step into the new world. You will see yourselves for who and what you truly are. Which is capable of anything. You only limit yourselves. Your mind has been in bondage for so long you forgot.
John: That’s why it’s important for light workers and awakened ones to share their stories. Then people will start to have their own experiences.

KP: Yes like a waterfall or a domino effect. We are all connected, flowing into one another. We all effect each other.

T: Terence McKenna just popped in!

Terence (through T): Encourage DIRECT experience!

KP: Love! Hey big T.

Terence: Hello Kristin! You girls are doing incredible work!

KP: Thank you! High praise from the man! You did some incredible shit here big T!

Terence: As I was saying, simply having direct experiences will influence others. We need you guys to share your experiences, with humor and wit…share from the heart. Others will be inspired.

KP: I know you were helping me and Theresa that night we had our experiences in the mists [in the cranberry bog on Cape Cod.] Glad to have you, teacher.

Terence: Yes! I love helping the ones who are taking up the mantle, so to speak. The night you are mentioning was when you two wandered into another dimension, or better yet, that other dimension found you!

KP: Yesss…LOL!!!

T: Yes! I could see that we were surrounded by intense crystal blue light for hundreds of miles around. Our spirit family was all around us.

KP: That was amazing experience. So healing and enlightening for my soul. For both of us.

T: Yes, definitely!

KP: It was so beautiful. And the sky. The colors…Swirling luminous rainbow night sky. Tres Magnifique!

T: It was the same night we were entertained by the green orb out in the middle of the field with no obvious source.

KP: Yes!!

T: It would get brighter or dimmer seemingly based on our thoughts towards it and occasionally accompanied by a reddish, orangish ball of light that would flare up and move around in circular motions. We assumed it was Erik and Aaron messing around. Could have been faeries though.

KP: And I kept seeing UFO lights like ships were stationed all around us out of the corner of my eyes. They were surrounding us in the middle of the field. I definitely felt the green orb was Erik. He was playing with us!!

T: Yes and the next night the green and red lights moved to another location

KP: So cool. So fun. Childlike magic and mystery that night. What a show from our boys up above! We also saw what looked like a massive firefly or elemental light blinking in the sky, right above the trees in the middle of nowhere. No cell towers, no house. No lights should have been anywhere in sight. Truly a night I will never forget.

T: Yes, it was amazing. Most paranormal activity I’ve ever had a privilege of witnessing. We also connected with our lives in Avalon that week.

KP: Yes.

T: In the mists of New England! John wants to tie in Avalon to the shift/ascension.

KP: Absolutely. Go for it Johnny.

John: Many people have heard of the mists of Avalon, the lady of the lake and the King Arthur stories, but what is the truth behind Avalon?

KP: Good question.

John: The people of Avalon were direct descendants of Atlantis. They retained among them knowledge of the old ways that were slowing slipping from the memory of Earth. They emigrated to France and later Britain after the destruction of Atlantis. When we say descendants, we also mean these are souls that are incarnating many times into the same bloodlines. With their knowledge of white magic and their bond to nature, they were able to use magic to shield themselves from the outside world.

Erik: Yes, your ancestors are actually you. Your soul incarnated through bloodlines at different times and points in history. All stemming from same tree. The Avalonians retained much of their divine powers, knowledge and memory. Although slightly less than Atlantis. Each subsequent incarnation upon the earth has since has become more filtered…tightly controlled and modified. Avalon was right after Atlantis so most retained knowledge and practice of the old ways still handed down.

John: Yes, each time they were born into increasing veils of forgetfulness. But in Avalon it was special because all memory would be restored upon integration into their tribal culture. They had matriarchal societies where the priestesses would retain and share the knowledge and wisdom of the Goddess with the entire tribe.

KP: Exactly. So really they didn’t forget much.

John: And the tribe would celebrate based on the apparent celestial events. They were able to manifest heaven on earth – hidden from view and could not be found by outsiders. In their land they experienced endless summer as well as abundance that never ran dry. That’s why they were keen on celebrating cycles, because they experienced beautiful idyllic weather year round. Almost like they were in a dome. They lived completely outside. No need for shelter since the weather was ideal.

Erik: They knew how to manifest. Masters.

KP: Erik is showing me after the great flood, which was actually not upon the whole earth but instead was a localized area. Caused by a technological weather device influenced by crystals. I believe this is when the divine feminine/masculine balance was shifted. The destruction. That’s when fear began. Before that there was no fear based programming in incarnating. Nothing to be afraid of.

John: Yes, so that’s why the Avalonians took shelter behind the mists, to preserve their way, the way that was slowly being buried by veils of forgetfulness and misinformation.

Erik: After Atlantis we had witnessed so much tragedy. Most of us drowned and/or watched our family’s perish. It was programmed into our soul memory. Deep to the core. We carried these things with us from lifetime to lifetime. Until this very moment in time.

John: The shift is a return to those ways, but in a new format. New to Earth, at least. We’ll recover it all and the best part is we will never lose it again.

Erik: Exactly. Permanent restoration and soul physicality healing. Many have chosen to call this the new Atlantis Rising. Back to self…source…divine perfect nature.

John: At home in the etheric realms, everyone’s Higher Selves have come to an accord. SHIFT OR BUST, BABY. It was the original intention, but because humanity chose a harder route, we get to ascend even higher than ever imagined. We got more XP points.

Erik: Yes, just like a video game. Best analogy I can give you for life and how to ascend. None of this is real. This conversation isn’t even real if you want to get technical. All happening within the mind programming. Your software, so to speak.

KP: Does that make sense? Each software upgrade allows you to reach even higher levels in the game. More advanced knowledge and higher consciousness.

T: Yes, but I think what we are talking about goes beyond the programming. The programming was not designed for us to perceive a shift. That awareness comes from the soul, as real as it gets.

KP: Right, we are overriding the programming. Our higher selves are joining us. Awakening us and over riding the programmed illusion.

T: Yes.

KP: He just keeps showing me matrix scenes. Saying everyone should watch that movie while in the process of fully awaken. You will perceive it differently.
T: I didn’t like the fear in the movie. The ascension is not about fear. There is nothing to be afraid of when waking up.

KP: Yes. Always Hollywood tactic to distract and discredit with fear.

John: Hollywood almost always misses the mark. They base their stories on the tenant that “something is wrong and needs fixing.” Part of waking up is realizing that nothing is wrong. You are perfect and absolutely enough and right where you are supposed to be.

Erik: Exactly. Perfectly perfect. Ascension should hold no fear. They teach the opposite so you are led off the path of alignment. You are enough. Just as you are. You are always pure. You are just choosing to experience and believe otherwise.

John: People are always worried about what they need to change, whether it’s the way they look, what they eat, what they know, who they associate with. You’re too focused on the external in those cases, limiting your ability to align, because you are focused on what’s outside of you, not what is within you. You are so focused on having it all…when you already have it all within.

Erik: Exactly. It’s all about the distractions. You can cloak and disguise. Massive illusion happens when you’re distracted from the truth. Misleading to say the least. Quite a treasure hunt for the soul.

T: Yes. You’re not like anyone else out there. You’re worth getting to know yourself. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you can easily distinguish what is your energy from others’ energies.

KP: So true. Once you find yourself. You fall in love with that person with your own soul.

Erik: It’s the only way to rise above self-hatred. You must see yourself for who and what you truly are. Love embodied in physical form.

T: Yes. Terence is bringing up direct experience again.

Terence: Theresa has done a fair amount of research over a number of years but nothing has come close to the direct experiences she’s had, some of which took the span of a few minutes of so. There’s just nothing else like it. She’s read a lot about how drugs of any kind “muddle” your sensitivities to spirit, but because she decided to take a chance and try psychedelics, she discovered that psychedelics really work for her in terms of gathering first-hand empirical and observable data. So someone was out there publishing rhetoric that you couldn’t be spiritual if you indulged in recreational drugs, and here Theresa was, soaring through upper dimensions and communing with Source energy. And discovered, she was her own epicenter. She was the well from which all life sprung. That realization is priceless and cannot be found in any books, blogs, or podcasts.

T: Aww thanks, Big T.

KP: Love it!

Terence: You gotta follow the path that calls to you the most.

KP: Absolutely. Be your authentic self.

T: Okay, so Tina also had some questions. What are some of the ascension symptoms? Why do we go through them and how can we help aid in the physical effects?

Erik: Ascension symptoms are hard to pin down or limit into a list. Pretty much any emotional/physical/spiritual symptom you have at this point can be pin pointed to ascension at this time.

T: Yes, everything that happens now symptom-wise is related to the ascension. John is saying that our galactic families aboard starships above earth are sending down high frequency encoded photonic light. So that will enter into your crown chakra and move downward, clearing blocks and restructuring your channel.

Erik: Your body is going through massive physical and emotional stress triggers…not to mention you are going through full DNA upgrades unseen to the eye. This will manifest and show up as every symptom in the book.
John: Aches and pains, flu-like symptoms. You may experience a rush of energy up and down your central spine/channel. Related to kundalini upgrades. That’s your power moving through you. It rests at the base of your spine and will occasionally move upwards, burning off anything no longer serving you.

Erik: Anger, depression, emotional traumas resurfacing. These triggers are all part of the ascension plan, to rid yourself of what you are not.

John: Yes. Sudden outburst are just releasing. Let it out and let it go.

Erik: You are in the process of shedding, of becoming light.

John: Yes, moving into your Light Body.

Erik: You must first purge the darkness. The heaviness.


Mike: Breathing will be important. The key is to get into a state of non-reaction. As the world spins around you, you can stay calm and able to make the best decisions at the precise times. You’ll experience the world trying to tangle you up into resistance or reaction. Surrender and move into the changes. Let the current carry you and trust that you are being divinely guided to your highest expression. You can also choose which timeline you are on! Do it every morning when you wake up.

Erik: You will also begin to lose weight. Many of you will find this easy at some point. You will be finding you no longer wish to consume certain things and adopt different eating patterns. You may even begin to feel you need less food or hardly have an appetite at all. Completely normal as you shed density and transition into your lighter body forms.
John: Yes, also there is no checklist for ascension. Do what feels right to you.

Erik: Exactly it’s all about your personal journey and your vibration. What makes sense to you.

Bob Marley (through KP): No pressure, Maaan. No pressure

Mike: Also, it’s more about what you put out vibrationally, then what you take in. You’re gonna encounter energies you’d rather not take in, but there they are, in your face. How you handle them is testament to your level of experience.

T: Personally, I am finding that I am eating a lot less altogether. Feeling lighter. I think we still believe we need food, that’s why we still feel hunger. Once it’s proven that we can exist on source energy as a food source, there won’t be as much strife!

Erik: Yes. You will begin to sustain yourself off of light. Source energy.
Mike: And when the upgrades come in, don’t fight it. If you need rest, take it. Day off? Done.

Erik: No resistance ever!

Mike: Need to lie down? By all means.

Erik: Worst thing you can do to yourself is allow fear and resistance to slow the process.

John: It may help to listen to meditations on YouTube through headphones, or take a nap. Believe it or not, a lot of your ascension work happens while you’re asleep, so when you’re awake, it’s time to enjoy! Get into a peaceful state of mind while awake and it’ll carry over into your dream space. It will help you with your shifting efforts in the higher realms as you sleep. Ask for help! Your guides, angels and loved ones want to help make this shift as easy as possible for you. They’re all waiting for you. You likely hang out with them while asleep. There’s a lot of celebration going on right now.

Erik: This is the biggest thing you’ve ever experienced while in a body. Be gentle, be kind to yourself, love yourself fully and completely. You can listen to binaural beats, Isochronic tones subliminal messages and positive affirmations as you wake up or go to sleep. Take control of your mind and reprogram your software. Take back your power to decide what each day and moment looks and feels like. Choose what you wish to experience within yourself.

John: Yes, you get to choose your experience. Choose it every morning when you wake up.

Erik: Tell yourself today, “I’m gonna be my best version of myself.” Then go out and love the shit out of life and everyone in it. You’ll get here. Follow that yellow brick road in your heart center. You’ll find us. Intention is everything.

T: Very important for times ahead. I always affirm, “I attract harmonious people, circumstances, experiences and relationships.” “I only allow the energies of peace to enter into my aura.” Your aura will filter it all out. Speaking of which, let’s plan on doing a session about auras – shielding up, and programming auras.

KP: Ok. We will have to do a part 2 to this ascension stuff too, I can feel more questions.

T: Yes, and I hope our readers send in their questions too! Thank you Tina, Bruce and Paulette for all the great questions today!

KP: 143 guys!

T: 143

Read more about the shift in consciousness in When Shift Hits the Fan and A Chat with Erik About Soulmates, Starseeds and the Shift.

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  1. So I hear a lot of “just believe” “you are everything you need to be” .. which is great.. Ive always felt like a believer in a sea of non believers. Im always on the wrong side of town from all the other “believers!”. Where are my people! lol…so any information on “staying in the flow” is good for me.


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