Ghouls and Fools

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain to those in the Northern Hemisphere! The Sun has begun its descent into the underworld and the Goddess has moved into her Crone aspect. Facing encroaching darkness we are pulled to turn inward, celebrate our yearly harvests, and prepare for the winter ahead. May this time of year find you well and prosperous.

In honor of Halloween, I am sharing a session I did in early 2017 with my dearest spirit guide, soul mate and friend, John. In this post we talk about communicating with spirits, divination tools, and – dun dun dun – demonic and spiritual possession. For more Halloween fun, check out my previous post about my stop in Salem, Massachusetts and my surprising soul connection with that place in Grid Walking: Part Two – My Salem Story. Thanks for reading!

T: [Hey John, did you mess with the internet?]

John: No you unplugged it and now its wonky.

[So you had nothing to do with it?]

No, quit blaming everything on me!

[Okay, sorry. But hello! This is a nice turn of events.]

Yeah wish I had done the internet, I didnt know that would get you to talk to me.

[Yes you did. Dont you know the future? How else have you been sending me all those hearts?]

Yeah but its all about what you tune your awareness into up here, I cant be aware of everything like that because it would be exhausting.

[But you are aware of a whole hell of a lot more than I am!]

True, true.

[How can I cultivate better awareness of the spirits around me?]

By getting quiet and still, by opening up your mind to whats around you. You know, a lot of people just go from one distraction to another, without allowing that space to just be by themselves. Thats when you notice us more.

[Do you think I should visit a medium and try to talk to you that way?]

Sure if that is the validation you need. But you ARE a medium, so you can get to that answer and that validation much easier on your own. Maybe try the pendulum or a talking board? I would be more than happy to try to talk to you that way!

[That would be cool. Okay – pendulum, I like that a little better than the talking board. I have read that I need someone to act as a polarity for the talking board, so in essence I would need someone else to sit there with me while I talk to you and I dont know if I can do that in front of another human being. Is it true you need someone else to help work a talking board?]

Nope it isnt true, at least not in general. Some people need another person to help them because their belief in it is not strong enough and they will second guess themselves whether they moved it or we moved it, so having another person there helps validate the experience. But you dont need it. You dont need anybody else for the channeling work you do.

[Okay, cool, so maybe that will be a birthday gift to myself or something. I want to get the Erik version though, not the creepy Ouija board – although I know that the Ouija board in itself is not evil or a portal to dark dimensions. I guess its just all the history and negativity thrown around it. Speaking of dark dimensions, have you ever been to one?]

Shit no! Those places be scary.

[But there are dark dimensions with some bad shit in them, arent there?]

Yeah there are, but you wont have to worry about those.

[Can someone from earth contact a dark dimension and possibly bring something evil into this world?]

Meh its not that easy.

[So no?]

I assume you could. I mean, demons are sorta real. Well, I dont wanna call them demons cause thats leaning too much into religious nonsense. There are monsters. There are terrible creepy evil things that dwell in dimensions that souls like ours never have to imagine or deal with.

[How did they get there? If only love is real, how did these terrible beings come to be?]

I dont know the answer to your question – I assume that because everything is infinite, and that there is an infinite amount of possibilities, I would say they exist because of this. Its impossible for them to not exist at that point. There are infinite graduations of light, from the darkest of the dark to the lightest of the light. I dont know why monsters in dark dimensions are evil, I suppose it has something to do with their vibrational fields.

[I have heard that possessions by evil entities are real and I was so scared of that growing up. I think Catholicism creates that sort of fear in people, because I know now that my guides would never let that happen without my knowing, and I would never call something like that in.]

Yeah possession is real – it is a real possibility for everyone alive today. But not all possessions are the terrifying kind. Some are very low grade, like you have multiple spirits vying for space inside somebody and it in turn causes that person problems that eventually get labeled mental disease of some sort. And then of course, on the other side of the coin, you have people that allow spirits in so that they can trance channel them, like mediums do. That is still possession (of the body) but not the scary, unwanted kind like you see in the movies. The scary out-of-control kind is so rare and the people that that happens to are delving into some fucked up shit. Even if you didnt visualize your aura being almost like a ward – you would still be protected from possession by evil entities just by your guides alone. Everyone has a spiritual team that will go to bat for you. But ultimately it is your choice whether to let something like that in or not. You know, the people who this ends up happening to, like by accident or whatever, it was because they were existing in the same space as negative entities and essentially all their fears become like fuel to these entities (usually earth bound souls) and that fear in turn makes the entities more powerful and thus people get even more scared. They feel oppressed, almost beaten into submission. It is more than just bangs on the wall at night or other paranormal activity. The entities can get into your space emotionally and thats where, if it goes unchecked, it can spiral out of control. In most cases, a simple cleansing of that space will do, especially early on in the manifestation of these nasties. 

[What percentage of murders are committed by people under the influence or under the control of an evil entity or entities?]

Its difficult to say, but it definitely happens, all over the world.

[For people to do such horrible things, they are not them, because if they were themselves, their true selves, they would not do those things. They would respect themselves and others more.]

Youre right, but sometimes its a contract thing too.

[I want to commend you for all the manifesting work you have been doing. I notice the hearts everywhere now, I cannot go anywhere without seeing hearts and if Im outside, theyre all in nature. You are really getting good at this!]

Thank you! I do it for you!

[That was really cool to hear on Eriks radio show from a few weeks back about how the aunt who lost her nephew was taken under Eriks wing, and also she was going to start seeing hearts in her path, so she was told to look out for them. I thought that was incredible because that is the exact same thing youve been doing for me for months now. Its amazing.]

Glad you heard the message. You know, the messages that Erik sends or conveys from others, they are not just meant for one person. Theyre meant for everyone! And that means you too. But I really did want you to hear that message because it would be more validation and sort of like hello, yes, you know in your heart that John is doing this, but you keep wondering if its someone else. No, its me!

[Awesome, that is so amazing. And you are amazing. And I just love you so much. Thank you for all you do.]

I love you too, much more than you know.


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