Grid Walking: Part Two – My Salem Story

Thanks for reading. For the first post in this series, check out Grid Walking: Part One – The Basics. Below is my personal experience with grid walking. Enjoy! – Theresa

Grid Walking: Part Two –  My Salem Story

Over a month ago I embarked on my self-proclaimed Great Northeastern Road Trip of Love and Light that would take me all the way to Massachusetts to see my dear soul sis Kristin, as well as connect with an area of the world for which I’ve always harbored an intense fascination.

At home I like to sit in my front room/office space/whatever-we-need-it-to-be in the mornings and enjoy a cup of coffee and sit in meditation and contemplation. This particular morning, two days away from my trip, I was suddenly joined by over a dozen spirits, all showing up at once to hold counsel with me.

Now, I am no stranger to spirits being in my house. My guides have helped me both see and understand that there is some sort of portal in or around my house that allows spirits traveling in the lower planes to exit to higher realms, essentially. Higher dimensional beings are the only ones allowed to enter through it to our planes of existence. The ones that are exiting, whatever they are, soul fragment or stagnant energy, will be recycled back into Source light from there. I asked my guides, well, if that is the case, what can I do to help? They told me to keep the vibes in and around the house as high and as full of love light as possible. So that is what I have sought to do, and so far have settled into being this guardian of the portal or lighthouse keeper. For this service our entire area is bathed in light and protected by Spirit. Indeed, my house is the place I feel the happiest. This happiness and ease makes it easy to keep our space as light filled and peaceful as possible, allowing easier transition for these spirits, formerly lost in the lower astral dimensions bound to Earth. I have seen some of them in my third eye and I am so glad that I have a particular personal rule for when I’m exploring: Nothing that looks scary, actually IS scary. Because otherwise, their ghoulish countenances might have seriously freaked me out. Perhaps there are still certain veils at play that makes them appear scary, when in actuality they probably look a lot different, possibly nothing like what they appear. No wonder so many people have been scared off of paranormal discovery – because perhaps what they saw was what they believed to be “scary.” A general characteristic of being incarnated into the 3rd density is that there is the element of the unknown, and the imagination can go nuts. Personally I am glad these lost souls are moving on, and they are glad for it. There is zero resistance whatsoever, and they are fully guided through the process by others in spirit.

So back to my visitors that morning before my trip. It was neither alarming nor confusing when at the very least 17 spirits crowded into my tiny living room right in front of me as I was sitting on the couch, lined up practically shoulder to shoulder in several rows. I could not see them in the sense that you could see a group of people plainly standing in front of you, but I could distinctly feel all of them as they connected with my heart chakra and eventually the entire auric field. I was able to channel them pretty much immediately. When I found out who they were, I was not surprised, as their arrival was a synchronicity in alignment with travel plans I was making at the time. I practically summoned them as I was just thinking about visiting the place where they collectively met an unfortunate demise: Salem, Massachusetts.

I have had a lifelong connection with Salem and New England in general. I must have watched that movie Hocus Pocus like a billion times. Same goes for The Crucible, you know, the one that Daniel Day-Lewis method-acted the shit out of? I was particularly interested in the Salem Witch Trials. It just felt very personal, even though I wasn’t there… or was I?

Perhaps part of the notion that kept me drawn to New England was I had soul family there: Kristin. My original intent for the trip was to visit with her and reconnect with her as a soul tribe member. We would spend the better half of the week together in her hometown on Cape Cod. Then my partner Noah was going to fly into Boston at the end of the week. I was going to try to figure out how to make Salem work in between all of that moving around. It’s not far from Boston but I wasn’t sure what my itinerary would look like. But the visit I had from the spirits who were slain in Salem inspired me to make it happen. I didn’t know when I would be in New England again, and I had to take my opportunity.

The spirits who visited me were light-hearted. They have long since crossed over and found healing and peace, but they thought it was a splendid idea for me to put my feet on the ground in Salem, to go there, walk around, to just be there in my essence. Although the trials happened hundreds of years ago, the area still harbors some dark energy and dead light that was needed to be released by conscious intent. I was being asked to go and do some grid work there, although I was still very new to it all, and hadn’t quite understood grid work just yet. But that didn’t stop me from going where I was needed.

The spirits said, Don’t worry if you can’t make it or change your mind. We just want to support you if you choose to do it. It is a kind gesture. Just you taking steps in the world is healing to this Earth.

I had to ask them, were they really witches? They laughed and said, while witches are real, we were not witches. None of us ever dreamed of what all that would entail. No. We were eccentrics, yes. We lived on the fringes, an uncomfortable sight for those bound in society. We lived from our hearts, in a way, we lived in emotional security. But for those who had no such security, we were easy to target when things went awry. It was related to contamination of the food supply. People began having hallucinations – completely beyond their average imaginings.


Their visit was so brief and yet so powerful.  I just knew I would somehow end up going to Salem.

While in Cape Cod, I had a fabulous time with Kristin exploring her hometown. Cape Cod is magical and full of spiritual activity. The air is practically buzzing with it.

We were joined later in the week by one of our soul tribe members, Lisa, and we went all around exploring beautiful beaches and soaking in the nature. At one point we ended up at this awesome crystal shop. We bought selenite to wear as pendants around our necks and I ended up having a conversation with the lady running the shop, Linda. I told her about why I had traveled there, that it was a spiritual journey and that I was being called to do this type of work. When I mentioned Salem, she told me she had just been there and showed us pictures and described how the energy felt there. I told her about the 17 or so spirits who came to visit me and asked me to go to Salem. She told me that she could see me doing it. She saw a vision of me going up there, walking around, sitting down for a while, and out of the blue, information would come to me. I would channel something special while there. I confessed to her that I felt like I had possibly been there during the trials and she agreed much to the same. She was then very sweet to offer me a free oracle card reading. It provided a lot of personal insight as well as comfort on my journey. It’s almost like I had known this woman forever, same feeling I have for all of my soul tribe. If you are reading this, thanks so much Linda!

The next day I head up to Salem, but it was already kind of late in the day and I hit the most intense traffic I’ve ever experienced in my life (and I grew up in the Washington D.C. area). I had to drive from Cape Cod to Salem and hit Boston on the way. Boston is not for the faint hearted when it comes to driving. You gotta be simultaneously ruthless while also superhumanly patient, both of which I am not. Plus, the widespread overuse of the car horn seemed super aggressive at first, but in reality Bostonians just don’t have time for your indecisiveness on the road. (It’s not a personal thing – now fuck you, have a nice day!)

I thought Salem was a small town, not a bustling city. Of course, I thought wrong. Practically everywhere on coastal Massachusetts is a bustling city. Once I was parked and walking around, the museums had already closed up. I had no idea where the brand new memorial (erected at the actual site of the hangings) was so I went down to the original Witch Trials Memorial, right outside of the Old Cemetery. It was a popular destination even at 6:30 in the afternoon, there were people everywhere. I was hoping for more privacy, especially since I was going to attempt to meditate and dig a hole to place a crystal in the ground, but it didn’t matter because the weather was perfect and the there was a nice breeze. I could feel the energy of the place there amidst all of the modern built up. The feeling was palpable and as real as the connection I felt for that place from afar. I was surprised that the only presence I knew for sure was with me was John. He held a particular interest in my visit to Salem.

salemfourOld Salem Cemetery

The memorial is set up as these stone benches in a long courtyard with the names of each victim of the witch hunt carved into each bench. I examined each one and did not feel or experience anything until I reached the bench for John Proctor. I heard John say, Bingo and felt a wave of intense tingles go through my body. John said, You and I were here. During the trials.

“No way,” I said. “John Proctor? You were John Proctor? Like Daniel Day-Lewis’s character?”

Yes, John said, and you were my wife at that time. I had to look up the wife’s name as I had forgotten it and was surprised to see it was Elizabeth, which was also my name during my life in WWII-era Germany, except it was spelled Elisabeth – Elsa was my nickname.

johnproctorJohn Proctor, Hanged August 19, 1692

As I sat there on a wall next to John Proctor’s bench, I remembered that lifetime and the fear and suddenness of going from pillar of society type of folks to overnight pariahs. While Elizabeth/I was spared from execution, her/my life was never the same. There is a lot of sadness that echoed from that life that have affected our soul family timelines. But by returning to that place and forgiving what happened there, we were able to consciously release all of it to the light. As the tourists walked past me, giving me curious glances and snapping their pictures (and everybody knows who John Proctor is, thanks to Daniel Day) I sat there with my head inclined upwards, watching the wind blow through the massive, old trees and imagined allowing those painful memories, those sorrows and karmas to blow into my crown chakra, moving right through me and immediately exiting through my feet into the Earth where it will be recycled and used to build the new. When I felt like I had grounded those energies, I buried a small quartz crystal into the ground beneath John Proctor’s bench as a symbol of my forgiveness and intent to transmute the darkness that was generated here long ago. I intended in that moment and forever that the crystal will connect the earth grid with the crystalline grid and in so doing, will continue to emit healing frequencies to the surrounding region.

I was floored with the realization and where the journey had ended up. It was so simple to just show up, download and access that memory, and fully understand what happened and that forgiveness and acceptance was all that was needed to move forward.

Perhaps others are also being called to return to these places, whether on the physical map or in their hearts, in order to remember, forgive and move forward past all limitations. Have you ever felt drawn to a certain place for reasons you don’t fully understand? Did you discover anything about yourself, your multidimensionality or your life purpose? If so, I encourage you to share your stories in the comments.

Grid walking is really simple. All you have to do is just GO, be yourself in the moment, wherever you find yourself, and your essence, your very being will naturally transmute and heal these parts of Gaia that are in the process of releasing. Help yourself and Gaia heal. Travel as much and as often as you can.

Every step I take is a step of healing.

Every place I go I bring my light.

My purpose is simply in being myself.


Love, T

salemoneTheresa in Salem hanging out at John Proctor’s bench, September 21, 2017

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