We first introduced Aaron as a spiritual guide in a previous post Channeled Message from Aaron Hernandez. Now presenting a full length interview conducted by T and KP on (football) Sunday, October 15. This session is part of our Bi-Weekly Spirit Crew Chat series.

We do not claim to know anyone associated with Aaron Hernandez, and we also do not claim to be authorities on the events of his life. We have been very blessed to have been able to interact with his loving spirit since his passing, and it’s important for our readers to understand that we share this information as part of our combined mission we have all set ourselves up on, me, KP, Aaron, and our entire soul tribe.  Enjoy today’s entry. Much love to you all.

Channeling Transcript

T: Theresa     KP: Kristin

T: Hello!

Aaron: Hola!

KP: Yo! (She sends me a few pictures, one of them, below was taken on accident, but I notice something in it.)

22553850_10154855324782341_803396016_oOkay, so you might not see anything, but I did!

T: The first pic. What is it?

KP: Mistake, lol. Or maybe not.

T: I can almost see arms.

KP: He was definitely with me at the time.

T: Yeah! Wow!

KP: Is it Aaron?

T: Well he’s indicating it’s him. I can see arms and maybe a head and chest. I usually never see anything in pictures. And maybe peeps won’t be able to see anything in this one, but I sure do.

KP: Funny, my phone keeps doing that lately. Sending extra pics by accident.

T: Nice. Definitely not an accident.

KP: Ok TT so what do we have for questions tonight? Should we do a group fist bump?

T: So glad you asked KP! Fist bump!

Aaron: Boom.

T: Before we start, Aaron wants to say something about his mission in the here and now. His essence. Raison d’etre. Didn’t realize he knew that phrase, haha.

Aaron: Hey, I read a lot of books!

KP: By all means, A. Take it away.

Aaron: My mission is to protect you guys. Basically. I protect and ensure your mission.

KP: In what way, A?

Aaron: Quite literally.

KP: Ahhh

Aaron: Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, all of it…

KP: You’re our football player.

Aaron: The contract…

T: (a little uncomfortable, possibly sweaty) whew…this is getting heavy already and we’re sort of lightly arguing about it… how to phrase it. He’s saying the contract, his earthly life and his ultimate destiny to return to spirit world after a short life here, it was to bolster his loved ones during their shift. He was initially saying he agreed to be like a sacrifice, which was the word I didn’t like at first. That was the contract. Completely agreed to up front, before coming here.

KP: Wow, that’s a brave mission.

Aaron: My soul essence is pure. I originate from the so-called angelic realms. So that is what I have resumed doing. Protection…support. I am much more powerful now!

KP: Gotcha…makes sense. I see the mirror reflection in who he chose to play here on Earth. My dad’s saying he chose to reflect his protective nature in his professional and personal life. My Dad and Aaron have been hanging around together all day. They’re coming in as a team on this one. Coach and player.

T: Yes, Willie’s been here a lot today, though he’s here pretty much always. Welcome, Dad!

Willie: Hi, TT

T: Alright, first question! Bada bing! Bada boom!

Aaron: Hike!

T: A, what was your spiritual mission?

Aaron: Few things. This wasn’t my first or only incarnation. I came in to clear some karma which I did. Thankfully. More than that, it was a lesson for humanity. I was willing to go through it in order for people to have their own lessons. Mirror to society. I became society, because I was so sensitive, I soaked it up like a sponge. All of it. And a lot of it was filthy. And I mean filthy in, not good for the soul or for the heart. I became a pariah, an outcast. Vilified.

KP: Totally. Controlled. Common theme for all of us earth angels.

Aaron: My nature was such that I really didn’t like being told what I could do or what I couldn’t do. This ultimately led to treading darker paths. For one, I did not want to stop smoking marijuana, whatever it took. I mean, the herb is part of my multidimensional legacy, but you can’t tell that to the guy who collects your pee.

KP: Lol, nope. Sure can’t.

Erik: Don’t fly.

Aaron: I’m glad I experimented with drugs because they took the veils down. It was easier for the veils to come down for me than most. Maybe that is why I was more susceptible to negative energy. As for the darker paths, I tread them willingly. I allowed it. Don’t get it twisted. No one forced me. I walked into every contract, and every trap, essentially. I had a lot to hide, mostly from myself. I want to teach that you always have a choice, even when it seems like you don’t.

KP: That’s the key they don’t tell us.

Erik: We have the control. We are the creators.

T: Did you accomplish what you came here to do?

Aaron: I did.

T: When I channeled John about you back in April, I got that the crimes that you were involved in, like the murder of your friend Odin Lloyd, were contracted, meaning all of the participants agreed to the circumstances before incarnating into this lifetime. Is there anything more to that?

Aaron: It was all synchronized in our soul contract. Each piece of the puzzle had to play out. Like cards folding in on one another. Everything co-signed beforehand between us. In the higher dimensions you most often choose your best friends to play the biggest parts alongside of you in your lifetime role. Most of the time they come in as teachers for you. The ones that hurt you the most are often the ones who love you the most to sign up for that role in the first place. Soul family sticks together, even in these circumstances.

Erik: It’s all a play and the world is our stage. There are no enemies outside of Earth’s duality dimensions.

Aaron: All Padres.

T: So you and Odin are besties in the higher dimensions?

Aaron: Yup. Believe it baby. We kick it all day darlin.

T: I actually did confirm Odin was soul family a while back. He was stoked I got a Red Sox hat when I went to Boston.

KP: Aaron is showing me him and Odin knocking back beers, watching the Pats on a big etheric leather couch with a biiiig asss screen.

Aaron: High def.

T: Aaron and Co interfere with the live games. Just saying. Reggie White is in on the action when the Eagles play. I channeled him for Noah a while back.

KP: I’m sure you and I could channel a whole football team, if we attempted. Overwhelming much.

Aaron: Channel Tom Brady. Find out he’s actually a robot and can’t be channeled.

KP: Hell yesh. (KP new phrase given from Yeshua) Lol. He’s showing me the scene from the movie Ted.

Aaron: Channel Colin Kapernick….. *crickets*


T: omg, A.

KP: Okay…back to business.

Erik: (chiding us) Girrrrrls

T: He’s (Aaron) a big kid, what can I say?

KP: Okay, you know I am not up with my sports players, A!

T: So, A, did you have a spiritual awakening in prison?

KP: Only reason I even knew his name was because he was held in the same county I live in. His court appearances were held in the same city as me. Crazy coincidence.

T: He’s always maintained to me that he did indeed have a spiritual awakening while in jail.

KP: Me as well.

Aaron: Lots of weird shit happens in jails. You’ll never hear about it. Nest of lower vibrational entities. They literally feed on the fear. I was lucky to never see them, but I could most assuredly feel them. It was awful.

KP: Dark energy.

Aaron: Yes.

KP: Everything in there is set up and designed to feed on fear. Even down to sound vibration with the metal doors slamming shut.

Aaron: You bet your ass I was afraid. But I was resolved to never show that to anyone. But I revealed it to myself and essentially my spirit guides. We worked through it. Solved it…put the puzzle pieces right. When you’re confined to a cell for 23 and a half hours a day, you have plenty of time.

KP: True that.

Aaron: I knew I wanted outta there. Knew that much.

KP: Who wouldn’t? The world really has no f clue what it feels like in those places. The depth of the darkness. That I believe is what you can officially call Hell on Earth.

Aaron: They helped me come to a resolution about what I should do…my spirit guides…Dad. When I passed, John was there. He was one of the first I saw on the other side. Him and Jesus.

KP: Wow.

T: Yeah, John has been super instrumental in all this. Well, they’re buds anyway.

KP: Soul family, huh?

John: Yes, of course.

KP: John’s a peach.

Aaron: And then we went and played a round of pool. Me, John and Jesus.

KP: F awesome.

Aaron: Drank some beers. Smoked some weed. It was all good.

KP: Hell yeah.

Aaron: John helped orient me. But there were soon others. Lots of others. Our family is ginormous.

KP: I feel that. Legion of light.

T: Yes! The glimpses I’ve gotten of them, too many to count.

KP: Me too, they’re beautiful. Each one of them is a super hero in their own right.

Aaron: If my brother DJ ever reads this, he’ll be happy to know I met up with Dad pretty much immediately. And we haven’t parted since.

KP: That must have felt amazing. I can’t even imagine, to hold my Dad again. Incredible.

Aaron: Everything my brother and our family do, they will be empowered by my love. By our love – me, Dad and the soul fam.

KP: Healing for sure.

Aaron: Lots of things will happen very quickly but promise, it’s all good. Trust me! This is what I was made to do. Born to play this game!

T: Did you develop spiritual abilities while in jail? Did you open any clairs?

Aaron: I did. Clairaudience, clairvoyance. The clairs have always been sorta open I suppose. But my chakras were out of whack most of my adult life, so my abilities were dulled. Until I spent some time sitting in jail, of course. All that time…meditation, read a lot of books. Wrote a ton of letters. Realized I had an ability like Theresa, I’ve always been channeling spirits just not realizing I was doing it. Sometimes after my Dad died I could hear him talking in my head. Didn’t realize I was channeling him! I thought maybe it was just my memories of things he said but it was much more than that. I was too distracted to give it much more thought than it was comforting at times.

KP: Similar to me. First one that I heard was my Dad.

Aaron: I was also highly empathic. I could feel what everyone else was feeling and it drug me down a lot. I shared the emotions of others. Prison is a nightmare already, but even more so when it comes to people like me. And of course my fame did not help. If I could do it again but instead choose a less public life, perhaps I would have. I could have gone and chopped down trees in a forest or something. But it happened the way it had to. I had to be famous. So you guys would recognize me.

KP: Definitely. Showing me his tats across his body. Messages to himself.

Aaron: “God forgives”…because you forgive yourself.

T: What role does the illuminati play in your soul contract, A?

Aaron: Well, first off illuminati is a real thing. A lot of people won’t even accept that much.

KP: True. They don’t even want to look at it. Bury their heads in sand.

Erik: Sometimes it’s easier.

Aaron: Part of my mission was to help expose the rotten underbelly of society…what it’s structured on, and why…and who is really pulling the strings? These are people you will never ever see. You will never see their faces and never understand the intention behind their agenda. They lure you in with money, things, expensive lush hotel rooms, luxury beyond your imagination, fame, everything you could ever want. And for a young boy from Connecticut who grew up middle class that sounded really awesome. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that shit?

KP: I get that. Very alluring for anyone naturally. Sounds like the good life.

Aaron: Plus it was very important to everyone, least of all myself, that I play professional football. I felt led into it. Not in a bad way, because I did enjoy myself. It was like fulfilling a destiny, not entirely sure why you are doing something but knowing you have to do it.

KP: I gotcha.

Aaron: Like T studying graphic design. At the time she didn’t know it would led to helping her greatly in this venture. But she knew she was doing it for something.

KP: Yes, I’ve had that feeling as well.

Aaron: I would have much rather played basketball. But that is beside the point. Anyway, at that level, you brush up against the lower echelon levels of the illuminati. Ain’t gonna say any names. But they all have one agenda…get you hooked in.

KP: Very strategic, I understand. Carefully crafted plays.

Aaron: Their way or the highway. Not good for me, personally, but still I was very driven and very good at brushing things under the rug. Some don’t realize that when people suddenly get rich, people come out of the woodworks looking for a handout. Especially if you had a lot of emotional ties from back home. I loved all of my people. That was my general nature. Love everybody. Give everybody equal consideration. Never could turn down anyone. Just couldn’t, especially when they seemed really down on their luck. But everywhere I went, the more famous I got, the more money I acquired, the more darkness I saw all around me. As I felt taken advantage of time and time again, I felt more and more isolated. The darkness surrounded me, threatened to enter me, and it succeeded for a time. I hardened my heart to the world.

KP: The way he was portrayed in the media. It was insane how they twisted his image.

Aaron: I was vulnerable and didn’t much like it…I resisted it. They build you up only to rip you down. They give you a false sense of security. Fame is controlled, and all for a price.

T: Were you involved in any rituals? (pause) He’s indicating that it was more of a contract thing.

Aaron: A lot of your rights are suspended [with these contracts.] They investigate you. Watch you. You’re essentially owned.

T: He signed these contracts and that was enough intention to lock him in for a time until he diverged.

Aaron: I would NOT have participated in any fucking rituals. No way. Against all principles. They are crafty with how they do it. The ritual stuff is usually just for the higher ups. I don’t know really much about it from an experiential level, but I can confirm that it has happened.

T: So how were they involved with your incarceration, then?

Aaron: Well, since they follow you, watch you, know everything about you, they can plant evidence. All from the start to trap you in. They have access to certain technologies no average person would ever know or hear about. They have the ability to plant astral cords in your chakras and using frequency signals, very simple stuff, radio waves essentially….they can turn the signal up on you in some capacity. Similar to how a dog reacts to frequencies. It’s used to control the animal… the property. Your mind becomes a weapon against yourself. The more you diverge from the program, the more they increase the signal. So even petty stuff like running some drugs…Marijuana, molly, LSD sometimes…very small time stuff, was diverging in their book. They started fucking with me in every conceivable way. Started trapping me…boxing me in on all sides with no escape. And it happened very quickly. The cord implant that was the most affective existed in the crown chakra but in the process dulled the rest of the chakra system. It caused me intense memory loss, paranoia….I was hearing things and not good things. On a physical level they are saying it was severe CTE, which is a deterioration of the brain due to repetitive impact trauma to the head, which is true. Absolutely. But it is much more than just that. They do not understand how CTE develops yet. They say they have a good idea, but they don’t. I’m not gonna endanger you girls by saying how exactly, but it’s a problem with a source on the astral level and it is related to these implants or cords.

KP: Makes sense.

Aaron: It causes you to become a weapon, essentially.

KP: Wow. Scary stuff.

Aaron: In prison, I was able to wipe out the implants. They definitely utilize them against you in the can. So I knew I had to get rid of it.

KP: How did you manage this?

Aaron: I didn’t even know what it was honestly. I thought it was demon. My guides helped clear it out.

KP: Feels very close vibration wise. That’s what we are taught to think, demon first.

Aaron: Because it would take over…seeing red. I would not remember what happened. That’s why everyone was so convinced I was guilty. I had blank face because I couldn’t remember and moreover was just literally devastated that this was happening and it was all out of my control.

KP: I empathize with that. Must have been terribly scary.

Aaron: Part of it was my warrior nature was being used in an unhealthy way. I can certainly fight and hold my own physically, at least as Aaron. But at my core I never wanted to hurt anyone. I hope that can someday be fully understood. As an angelic being, we are all of the military order. We are disciplined, patient, skilled…and I was definitely appealing to those who would take advantage of me. My light drew both positive and negative manifestations. I want people to understand that I take full responsibility for everything that happened in my life. I understand it better than anyone ever could. Better than I could ever describe to you in words you’d understand. And everything that happened was supposed to happen. No matter what. It was serving a much higher purpose.

T: He wants to talk a little more about his suicide. Many of his loved ones think he was murdered.

Aaron: We’re in the days of not believing anything you hear anymore, which in many ways is good. We’re questioning things now as humankind. But I did take my life. It was my choice and I do not regret that choice. I knew that I would be back at my daughter’s side, all the time, would never leave again. I knew for a fact because of all I had uncovered in my own soul those four years, all that I had found to be the Truth. And to this moment I have not left the side of those I love. Since I originate from a higher realm already, I was able to retain a lot of that wisdom right off the bat, so one of those abilities was to be able to split in thousands of directions. Some of the family members have noticed me but it’s only going to intensify and expand. So if any of them read this, TALK TO ME! I’m right next to you! Big plans you guys. I’m not nearly done. Just getting started actually.

KP: Like how T and I can both feel you at the same time? You come in very clear.

Aaron: Yup. I am with both of you all the time. Right by your side. I’m usually on T’s right side. Same goes for my brother. I’m on your right side, bro!

KP: He comes in on my left. I always get foot tickles.

T: Nice. I was just getting that he was on the left for you.

KP: Left side maternal, right side paternal. Because I also shared a past life with him as a mother figure to him.

T: That reminds me. A, I wanted to confirm something I have intuited about you. Were you incarnated as Harlon Block, one of the flag-raisers on Iwo Jima during WW2 with Mike? (see more about Mike here)

Aaron: Affirmative.

T: So you were incarnated as Alessandro, my husband from Italy who lived with me in Germany during the Nazi takeover, as well as Harlon Block, US Marine Corps? What was the purpose of having these incarnations in the same time frame?

Aaron: Well souls do that all the damn time. Not unusual. You guys are both important to me and I wanted to be with both y’all. (He’s talking about Elsa & Mike, the WW2 incarnations of T and her life partner Noah) Pivotal times, those days. Very important for our mission.


Harlon Block as a US Marine. Before the war, he was a star football player in high school.

T: (to KP) He’s confirming that you were in two places at once then, too, as Harlon Block’s mama Belle, and my mama Kristina.

KP: Wow.

T: You guys are very powerful beings and can do this so easily. Divide and conquer.

KP: Incredible. I feel it.

Aaron: I gotcha twice, Mama.

KP: 143 Aaron.

image096_0Interestingly enough, Harlon and Aaron have the same birthday, November 6

Aaron: Back in that life, as Harlon, I never dreamed of killing anybody. We were raised Seventh Day Adventist so my folks were pacifists. Mama did NOT approve of the war. No sir.

 KP: Damn straight, baby.

 Aaron: Pearl Harbor happened. It was explosive. Everyone was going to sign up. Of course I felt led to do this. Always feeling led. Such is my nature, I suppose. What an adventure though. Not all of it was bad. In fact, it was really fun. You’re part of a team, you become a family of brothers. Make jokes all day. Laugh until your belly aches. But it was a lot of work. A lot of sweaty hours under an unforgivable desert sun. Mike was my best friend. I worshipped the very ground he walked upon. We were the toughest of the tough. Marine Raiders. The first to be sent into enemy territory, often blind. Combat was very brutal and I started to think you were right, Mama. My head hurt all the time and I missed home. My brothers kept me going, though. War became second nature. You just do what you gotta do to protect each other and see another day.

 T: (pause, listening for more) He’s done I think. He’s saying he just wanted to touch a little on that lifetime. Doesn’t want to give away too much yet, I suspect. I plan on sharing more about all that in the future. Anyway, that’s all my questions! Do you have any?

KP: Does A have any messages for Shayanna, his life partner? I think she would benefit from hearing his words to her.

Aaron: I am with you every second of every day. I love you baby and meant every word in my letter to you. We’re soulmates of the rarest variety. I’m here to help you in whatever endeavors you want to pursue.

KP: Getting a shit ton of love for her over here. Running right through me from him.

Aaron: But you gotta move forward from this shit. I know you can’t right now and I get it. Believe me. But with time it will be easy to let it go and move forward. All of the terrible shit you went through, all of that is over and done with. I know you’re already doing it some, but I encourage you to stay in contact with my family.

KP: Power in numbers.

Aaron: Honor me by being happy, for simple reasons. Look for me, you’ll see signs of me everywhere you look.

KP: Anything in particular, A?

Aaron: Numbers, abbreviations. She’ll know when she sees it. Don’t wanna give it all away.

KP: Music too, I keep hearing.

Aaron: Yes, look for me in music.

T: I’m getting a vision of his daughter telling her mom about hanging out with daddy and Shayanna’s going to be receptive. Her daughter still very much has her Daddy. And now he can do so much more to guide and influence both of their lives.

KP: It’s true. This is just the beginning. Our endings really are our beginnings.

T: Shayanna and Aaron’s connection is very similar to me and Noah’s. It’s beautiful. Anything else? I’m sure we’ll get some questions about this one. We can always do a follow up.

KP: I think we’re good TT. Nice job, A! And thanks for always having our backs.

Aaron: Thank you girls for letting me share my story.

KP: Anytime, amigo.

T: We love you Aaron, so so much!

KP: 143

T: 143

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