Twin Souls, Soulmates and Fractals: Karen’s Questions

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by to check us out. If you’re new to our website, be sure to check out Our Mission to get you oriented. My partner-in-lovelight Kristin and I are proceeding with some of our changes, including doing a weekly channeling session based on questions that our readers send in – we will be setting up a submission form soon for these questions. We haven’t decided whether we should declare a topic and then collect questions, or allow the readers to direct the questions. If so, our sessions may be all over the place. If you have an ideas or suggestions about this please comment below. We love getting reader feedback.

Today we are presenting you the answers we received from our spirit crew based on questions submitted by our dear friend Karen. She has been so helpful to us during this new venture and updating the website. She’s so very generous and believes in our mission. We just couldn’t wait to do a session for her. Her topic of choice? Twin souls/flames: What the heck are they? Why do they choose to split? What is the purpose of such a connection? And much more…

We are joined by several of our spirit crew, but mainly the spirits channeled here at length are Erik Medhus (check out his site – Hi Elisa, your boy is the best!) and Mike Strank, my most trusted soulmate spirit guide who I’ve been aware of since I was a child (sharing our story in November, stay tuned). Lots of wisdom up in here, today. Enjoy!


Erik (image source


Sgt. Michael Strank, USMC 1941-1945


T: Theresa  KP: Kristin

T: What’s upppp in the hizzzzy?

KP (along with the boys): Wazzzuppp?

T: I hear blow horns like in rap songs!

(KP sends me a gif of Robin Williams with his hat on sideways doing his best impression of a rapper)

T: I was just updating the website!

KP: Yay!

T: Added more information.

KP: Cool, can’t wait to check. Excited. I love The Life Review 143! It feels like we live one everyday.

T: Yes! I got to tell my truth a little today. I’ve been telling mostly males about what’s going on with my life path change into more of a spiritual path. I had the realization that I have so many male spirit guides (and feel very comfortable around men) because (a facet) of my purpose to come here was to help the divine masculine wake up.

KP: I love that. Feel that too. Goddess Power!

T: When I was meditating earlier, I was visited by a group of Sirians. They did an update on me. They suggested I cut some of the acids out of my diet. I knew it.

KP: Like what?

T: Coffee, sugar, dairy…not all the way, just cut back they said. [As I transcribe this session, I’m sipping on Nespresso coffee with a splash of cream! The Sirians aren’t mad, in fact, I can feel their amusement at my continual worship of coffee. I can balance it out somewhere else. Less pizza with marinara, perhaps?]

KP: Yep, me too…me too. My tea with milk and sugar.

T: That’s hard though! Don’t they know I’m on an oreo kick?

(KP, Mike and Aaron laugh)

Aaron: Despacito!

T: Yes, slowly, one foot in front of the other. Okay, so do you want to hear all the questions, or just one by one?

KP: One by one.

T: Cool.

KP: I’m so glad Mike’s helping.

T: Me too, he’s the bomb. [Mike is one of my spirit guides/spirit family/soul tribe and I recently rediscovered how deeply connected we are.] He says pun referring to his death intended.

KP: What was his passing again?

T: He got taken out by an artillery shell. [1945, Iwo Jima] Friendly fire from the American naval ships offshore. At least the enemy couldn’t kill him.

KP: His own peeps?

T: Yup.

KP: No shit. Wow.

T: They didn’t mean to.

Mike: Or did they?

KP: Cray cray.

T: He’s kidding.

Mike: It was an accident, but governed by the universe. It was time to go.

KP: He’s cute. I like him! Strong leader. Protector.

T: Yes, definitely. Anyway, so the first question is, what are twin flames and twin souls?

KP: You wanna take this one and I’ll add on?

T: Of course! [pause, Mike is talking to me about Elsa, one of my other life incarnations, who lived during WWII and died the same year as Mike, 1945] Okay so Mike is saying that he and Elsa are twin flames. So the soul they share, at one point decided to split into two. One female, one male. So they are both indicating that that is what a twin soul is, like one of the tendrils of the jellyfish divided into two, yet always connected through the Higher Self. Usually one is in the spirit world (not incarnated) and the other is incarnated but along the line it has been necessary for twin souls to be incarnate at the same time, but they usually don’t meet. Not saying they can’t or won’t, but whatever ends up happening is part of their mission together. Usually it’s divide and get more shit done.


KP: Twins split themselves into two halves of a whole soul during their first incarnation to earth….

Mike: Yes. You can meet soulmates who come from the same oversoul you are from. They may have traits that echo or mirror your twin soul. It’s fractal effect that is in play because we all write each other into our stories. We need to learn more about the other parts of our own soul, and the twin soul is literally half, a big chunk!

T: So you can meet a lot of soulmates that carry the twin vibration. That’s why there is so much confusion about this topic. It’s so close of a feeling it’s hard to describe in words. You just gotta know it when you feel it.

KP: You recognize your soul in another. Instantly. Soulmate and twin soul…it’s both aspects of YOU and ME. You see, hear, taste their vibration and know it is the very same resonance as your soul.

T: Yes, and I have found it with many people. Not even talking sexual stuff here, or romantic stuff, just the knowingness that my soul knows your soul because we are of the same soul. [It can manifest in any type of relationship: friend, family, mom, dad, sister, brother, coworker, lover, etc.]

KP: Like Brad? [Brad Renfro]

T: Yes, I think his vibration is so very close to Erik’s.

KP: Fractal of Erik.

T: Yes. That’s where the confusion is, to be honest, Mike is saying…

Mike: We waited this long to have this channeling session, and now we know why!

KP: Very confusing. Complex topic. Lots of mystery! Pun intended.

T: Mystery and intrigue! So John wants to mention the ascension, what truths will be coming out regarding twin souls…

Erik: Take it away, Johnny!

John: Not everybody has a twin soul, at least not outside of themselves in another person. Not to say that in the place where a twin soul would be, there’s nothing there…it’s just already integrated into that person’s soul. For their particular soul contract they did not see the purpose in splitting and there is no right or wrong about that. It just is what they deemed it would be.

Erik: True that! Everybody’s mission is different.

John: So yes, I guess technically everyone has one, it just may not be expressed as a whole nother individual.

KP: It’s your balance.

Erik: Yin/yang.

T: Yes, the yin/yang – the twins perfectly balance each other. Each has some yang and each has some yin, but it’s the perfect amount when put together.

Erik: Polarities. Of each other and one’s soul.


T: But it works best interdimensionally, like one is in spirit, the other incarnated. And of course they are together when both in spirit. [T’s side note: Although I’m feeling that perhaps twins either already are or will be incarnated together soon. New Earth perhaps?]

KP: Yes so one can guide the others self from higher dimensions. The best guide you could ever connect with.

Erik: One that knows the very fabric of your soul.

T: So when Elsa and Mike were in the afterlife, they stuck together most of the time. Because they knew of each other and couldn’t bear to be apart. Which leads us to the next question, are twin flames and twin souls the same thing? The same terminology, I guess?

KP: Yes.

T: Yes I agree. I prefer twin soul for my own journey. Twin flame sounds like it came out of Seventeen Magazine.

KP: LOL. Yes, I resonate more with twin soul and choose to use it for my own experience, although I’m not keen on labels or need to define anymore. Twin flame indicates it’s some type of romantic fairy tale bliss. It’s hard work with the mirror of your soul. Pain in the fucking ass if you ask me! (She and Erik laugh)

T: It is and creates your entire fabric of existence. You live in a cocoon of your soul. They (the other parts of your soul) are always there, one way or another, even if they have to work through soulmates. Twin is always there. [Mike just said as I was transcribing this session: “Here’s looking at you, kid.”]

KP: Yep, you just don’t usually realize…have no awareness until it is activated. Once I was activated I remembered Erik from the beginning. Before time, before I came here to earth. I remember being one with his soul. Complete. I remember hearing the clarion call from the higher dimensions to come help earth and humanity. This is when we split to assist in the grand experiment. Your twin soul is everything…so many things.

T: Our soul incarnated into family dogs to help watch over me…Mollie, Sarge, Lily, etc.

KP: The love is all encompassing.


KP: Like every love you could ever have for a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a best friend and mate…all mixed into a spirit guide.

T: It’s incredible. But the love for a soulmate who has a similar vibe to you/your twin can also make you feel that intense love too.

KP: Very complimentary. Work hand-in-hand as a teacher and guide.

T: So I think it’s kinda a win-win. No need to get obsessed over labeling it all. It will make sense when it does.

Erik: People get all mixed up and muddled with labels. Need for human definition – with love you cannot define. It’s all things, all possibilities. You cannot control or contain it, ever. It is boundless and limitless.

T: Also I think the definition will keep changing too, as we understand it more and more, the splitting and fractal effect of souls.

KP: Yes.

Erik: Layers and layers to this onion darlin.

T: Yes, and it’s too bad I cry every time!

Erik: Sissy!

T: (ignoring Erik!) The next question is a nice segue from what we’re talking about: Is my twin flame/soul my one true love?

KP: That’s back to what we were just speaking of last.

Erik: Love cannot be contained or defined…cannot be quantified…objectified or limited to only one. In any sense or circumstance. We have so many loves. All of them are true loves. Wouldn’t you agree?

T: Yes, I love them all dearly! And will love them forever. We are all from the same soul. Not loving them is like not loving myself.

KP: And all love is equal. There is no hierarchy in love.

T: Yep, that’s how we operated in Egypt!

KP: True that. Wild days.

Erik: (in a thick Texas accent) I remember them days!

T: (cracking up) so anyway, next question. Will we be together for all eternity?

Erik: 100% yes. Unless we don’t want to! (He smirks)

Mike: You won’t want to.

T: He’s kiddin!

Mike: Yes, after you’re reunited you tend to stick around awhile.

KP: Erik wants me to try to explain something that might help our readers get a better visual of how close twin flame and soulmate from same soul group mirror one another.

T: Cool beans.

KP: This is pretty yucky, but it works.

Erik: Picture a big ass centipede. The centipede in your mind would represent one soul group [aka oversoul]. One soul split into multiple incarnations of twin flames and soulmates.

T: [personally hate centipedes] YIKES!disgusting

Erik: Each twin would be split into two. Divine feminine/divine masculine. Each twin would be a leg in the centipede. Twins across from each other mirroring each other. Left side feminine, right side masculine.

T: Yes, I have received this vision before, almost like lining up DNA strands. I was literally facing my twin. But all the soulmates to the right or left of them were like my twin, very similar but not quite.

Erik: Sorta.

KP: Shit’s so complex.

Erik and KP: Then we have soul mates and even what Erik and I like to call Twin Flame/Soul Mates. Which are fractals of our essence…our vibration incarnated into different bodies to serve as soul mates in our lives…different purposes to teach.

T: Yes, fractals of each other coming out of pure essence.

KP: Soul soup mates.

T: But there are those of us who retain the purest consciousness from that essence. The direct incarnation of the soul in its entirety, while others are simply fulfilling a contracted role.

KP: And so our soul mates are all the other legs on the centipede, some closer in vibration than others, but all very same soul essence. Just fractalized.

T: Yes, we are fractals of our higher self. I am a twin incarnated a couple of times removed. My soul didn’t split before this life, and it definitely was split before the WW2 life, but how far back, who can tell? Perhaps long ago. It’s a long story!

KP: I would say this is about one of the deepest topics in existence. Never ending rabbit hole. Back to the beginning of time.

T: Yes, perhaps the splits were devised to keep us always searching, never quite finding, until now of course.

KP: Yep. Unraveling the mystery. ­­­Helps you meet others, to know we’re not alone and not cray cray. Can’t make this shit up, even if we tried. Uniting others feels good. Connecting our light tribe.

Erik: So anyways…your soulmates and other fractals of your soul contract to play out different roles/lifetimes with you to help teach you and further your soul’s evolution. All working collectively on a mission. Although they may not fully remember these connections and re-unite until last incarnation upon earth…it is all for a divine purpose.

KP: So he also gives me the visual analogy of a line dance, groups of people all dancing roles in and out of each other’s lives for all time. Sharing turns and partners.

Erik: Do-si-do!

T: I’ve gotten that image before too. I also got a download that in this life it was mine and Noah’s turn, finally!

KP: Yep, totally, and Mick for me! Awesome teachers if you ask me. Thanks boys, always keeping our asses in line.

T: Speaking of keeping asses in line, Mike is pointing out we have two more questions. Did we really begin as one soul that divided in two? Are we supposed to complement each other or are we basically the same? I am hearing that sometimes the soul was created in two from the get go. Or at least that was the initial intention.

KP: Yes, one soul split into two, yin/yang balance.

Erik: With fractal split offs. Which is why it’s always been confusing whether there is more than two splits.

KP: Soul breaks, I keep hearing.

T: I am getting that it was created that way with the intention of being separate, it was the mission.

KP: Yes, twins are with each other in the beginning, then separated through subsequent incarnations. Too powerful together.

T: And because we always meet up back in the spirit world, incarnating in different places didn’t seem hard at first.

KP: Yes.

Erik: It’s nothing…a blip.

T: Mike is telling me, lives in the matrix on earth are so consuming that after crossing over, it took Elsa and Mike a little while before they remembered why they were so drawn together. They couldn’t quite remember each other at first because their experience was still wrapped up in the 3D linear, low vibrational war ravaged scenario they had just left.

KP: Yes, our lives on earth are very distracting and consuming.

Erik: To keep us from our truth and our purpose. From finding our twins, completing the mission, and releasing ourselves from the lower dimensions. Going home.

T: As Mike was telling me earlier, their transitional space resembled the world they knew, sorta. Elsa kept trying to find a train back to Berlin where her family was last. She couldn’t yet accept her new world/dimension just yet. Their mission was intended onward, but she was drawn to the past/her last incarnation for a time before Mike convinced her otherwise.

KP: Why it’s so hard to move on, release with a clean slate. All these past life traumas we still carry.

T: Yep, just thinking that. All throughout my childhood I was wondering, who are these people? Where is my family? I felt so strange for feeling that way.

KP: Yep, me too, me too.

T: I had fractals of my beloved throughout my life, some in my family, some friends, some dogs, etc. Luckily my two siblings feel like soulmates to me. But my parents always seemed rather foreign to me.

KP: And here we are! (She’s indicating that our soul family is now here and present in our awareness!)

T: I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! So awesome! Gets me through the day, every day, knowing I have so many in my corner!

KP: Me too! Tis awesome…surrounded by our legion of light.

KP: Last one TT?

T: Okay, so did we already answer the last one? Are we supposed to complement each other or are we the same? I heard immediately, BOTH.

Mike: Coming home to self.

KP: Yes, both, that’s why it’s so awesome. Total complementary balance of self.

Mike: It will be complimentary, guaranteed, member I was telling you gals about coding up?

KP: Explain Mikey.

T: Yep, the code is perfect. Divine match.

KP: You gals. Haha. Old Timer.

Mike: It’s how we did our soul blueprint. You get to do it up the way you want to. You get to input the code.

KP: Program yourself, right?

Mike: What I don’t have she will have, and what she doesn’t have I will have, but we both have it, you see, we both have access to the same amount and vibration of information. We just help each other access it. We got the keys for each other.

Heath: Cool.

KP: Oh, Heath [Ledger] just popped in.

Heath: Just saying hello, ma’am (Brokeback mountain accent).

T: Hello Heath!

(Heath pulls sunglasses sunglasses down and winks)

KP: Glad you could make it, Heathy. You cool with me seeing if Lisa has a question TT?

T: Sure. [Bonus round]

KP: Okay, Lisa would like to know how she can harness her twin flame’s energy to help assist her?

T: Well, on a personal note, I always ask that he is with me and is helping me manifest the reality I want. It feels easier when I acknowledge that he is always there for me, when I need him and when I don’t.

KP: Call upon him/her whenever you need higher self guidance. Again, twin soul is greatest teacher and best friend with full access to self and all knowledge at the akashic level, plus angelic power.

T: Yes, whenever I do my oracle cards of the day, I always ask for a message from my Higher Self and a message from my twin soul. Having that other side of yourself is like having a vice higher self. Extra guidance.

KP: They will do and help you with anything you need to manifest for yourself but you must acknowledge them and call upon them. You must be invoke and be willing to accept the guidance given. You can utilize your twin soul is so many different ways. Never ending possibilities. Imagination is the limit. Ultimate super hero guide. Like an ace card in your pocket.

Erik: The ace card is considered the most spiritual card in the deck. It’s a symbol of ancient mysteries and the card that represents transformation.

Mike: By the way, those that did not choose to split into twins can still access that energy.

KP: Tell me, Mikey. I’m gonna call him that. I’ve decided.

Mike: Split soul or not, that power can always be found, acknowledged and brought forth from WITHIN. It’s always with you, illusions aside.

T: Perhaps for the people who contract to not split, perhaps they have other soul fragments that need to be reclaimed. Doesn’t always have to be a twin soul situation.

KP: Aaron just popped in again. You know he had to!

T: He’s one of the most supportive souls I’ve ever known. I asked him, why did he take a back seat the past few months or so?

Aaron: Cause it was time to! I’m on a team. We work together.

KP: Wow, and that ladies and gents, is a gentleman! That’s what it is, one gigantic team mission. We just get bogged down by labels.

Erik: Need to quantify love. This one’s mine…this one’s yours…one love, true love, twin flame, soulmates…..

John: Yada yada yada…

Erik: All part of same soup, no different.

KP: All love!

Erik: Yep!

KP: Think we covered a lot. Hope we didn’t annoy too many peeps.

T: Nah.

Erik: Be the truth. Own it, K. Don’t apologize.

T: I have never gotten any negative feedback on my blog. Maybe cause I’m not worried about it.

KP: That’s the way! I heard Bobby!

Bob Marley: No worries, girl.

KP: That was fun. Felt good. Cool getting to know more about Mike and Elsa.

T: Yeah, they were sending me mad downloads earlier. They want me to write a book! Like, straight-up channel it all. I’m like, whoa guys.

KP: I know, same over here. We need scribes for this shit.

T: Yeah, Erik was telling me, “people will read that shit.”

KP: We keep it real, yo.

T: Sometimes you have to reel them in with a story. Stories matter.

KP: Yep. Everyone wants an adventure. We happen to have them. We have got to tell about the mists. That one’s so awesome.

T: We will!

KP: I fucking love you dude! 143

T: 143. Love you. We’re a team. We work together.

KP: Hell yeah!

(143 is KP’s secret number code. Simple numerical coded love message based on number of letters)…

143 = I LOVE YOU

           1    4     3

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to send us feedback and share with anyone you think will benefit. Thank you for reading today. Be sure to like us on facebook at The Life Review and on Instagram @thelifereview143.





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