Grid Walking: Part One – The Basics

salemgraveyardCemetery in Old Salem, Mass. photo by Theresa M.

Lightworkers are drawn to do certain types of light work. It’s one of the more rewarding parts of the journey. Most of the time, you don’t have to do much of anything and still you are making a difference. The vibration you are holding and sending out all around you affects more than you can know. Just being yourself, completely in the Now moment, creates ripple effects and becomes an example for others to see and implement for themselves. Even if most people do not yet believe that we are all connected, the reality is we are all very much effected by each other.  Being loving towards yourself inspires others to do the same, and because love is unconditional and infinite, it eventually becomes easy and joyful to share with others.

October is here! I so love October, and the timing for what I’d like to share this month cannot be more perfect. Today I’d like to introduce a series on a concept I call Grid Walking. It’s a form of light work that involves physically visiting, walking upon, and being in the moment in a certain or particular geographical location, in order to heal and stabilize the crystalline grid. Usually this location calls to you in one way or another, maybe you can explain the connection, maybe you can’t. You just know you have to go there. Traveling anywhere, no matter where you go, helps because you are there, being you, embodying your light and effectively helping to stabilize that region into the crystalline grid – simply by walking/being/traveling/hanging out there. It even works if you’re just passing through in your car. Every step you take is a healing step. It is healing for you because you are branching out into the great unknown and you are exploring the outer edges of your comfort zone. It is healing for that region and all of the people in it because they will have been touched by that light in some way or another. And I have a theory that people are drawn to certain places because their subconscious knows they spent a past life there and perhaps healing can occur just by simply “returning” to a specific location. This happened to me this past month, when I went to New England, particularly when I visited Salem, Massachusetts. In my next blog post, I am sharing my experience at Salem. Since it’s the month of Halloween I plan on going more in depth about my Salem story. It is almost too perfect. I love synchronicity. Does anyone reading this feel like they spent past lives as people accused of witchcraft? Perhaps you weren’t witches, but just eccentrics, that society did not understand? The next post may be beneficial to you, so stay tuned, lovies. (John just jumped in and wanted me to tell you all that he also had a part to play in the Salem legacy. We are both looking forward to writing about it this week.)

 As I mentioned above, I stepped way out of my comfort zone and embarked on a (very long but very worth it) road trip to visit my friend/soul sister Kristin who I met through The Channeling Erik Facebook group. We are on a very similar path and can easily talk for days without stopping. I feel like I’ve known her my entire life, and indeed we have confirmed knowing each other in other lives and being family members most of the time. While I admit it was hard for me to be away from home, I am so glad I went to visit her. I had a distinct sense that I was “going where I was needed.” Our time together was HEALING. We were able to delve into and shed light on old family traumas and ancestral patterns. We feel a strong sense of support in our efforts to share light with others. We are being led by our soul tribe to keep going forward, developing our abilities and working together in perfect harmony to bring heaven to earth.

The trip to New England to see her was so transformative and I learned a lot about my own abilities, plus finally I feel like there is no more room for doubt. I trust what I am getting from Spirit to be accurate and true and for my highest good. Kristin and I have decided that since our abilities only seem to be amplified when we work together, we should attempt to offer services to help people understand their own abilities. Read more about our new venture here. We are in the early building stages but every good thing deserves a firm foundation. We’re going to start making videos soon. We hope to start opening up the videos for people to ask questions for a small energy exchange. We are aware of the need for people to guide others going through all of these changes, and we will “go where we are needed.” As our abilities expand, so will our services.

In my next post I will share my Salem story which will tie into this post regarding grid working and grid walking. In the meantime, feel free to download and read our free e-book Hello, My Name is John, in which we have compiled the best of John’s wisdom channeled by Theresa. Check it out here.

Have questions for spirit? Do you have an affinity for reading? Do you feel like you learn best by reading and/or re-reading something for understanding and clarity? When I first started channeling John, it helped so much to have our channeling sessions typed up and on the computer so that I could go back and re-read as many times as I needed in order to integrate the info. At first, it took me a while to fully integrate but I started integrating faster the longer I did this practice. I am now offering my automatic writing channeling services to you. Here’s how it works: send me your top 3 questions for spirit. The fewer amount of questions ensures I can go into depth and even ask spin off questions if it seems pertinent to getting the best answers. The quality of answers depends upon the questions asked, including how they are asked, and I will help get the best answers available. I will be channeling a collaboration of my trusted spirit guides and your spirit guides, if applicable. Questions asked can be general metaphysical inquiries about the afterlife, channeling and psychic abilities, or the ascension/shift in consciousness, 5D living, or they can be more personal questions. We will attempt to connect with crossed over loved ones or ascended masters for you with you and your spiritual guides’ permission of course. If you are asking about someone specific, please provide their full name. A picture is a bonus but not necessary. When we’re done channeling, I’ll edit for typos and readability, then sent it to your email via PDF. See some of our examples for blog members’ questions:

John Reaches Out – Manoj’s Questions

Mike’s Questions: Reiki Energy Healing

For more information about this service, including a free sample e-book (so you can check out our writing style – check out the archives too!) and pricing, click HERE. If you are interested, contact us today to order your e-book.

I can’t wait to share my stories with you, light tribe. Sharing my light and my true authentic self here helps me express myself truthfully in the every day world I live and work in. I am now more open about my spiritual life with others and I am always pleasantly surprised about peoples’ reactions. Most people want to know more, or at the very least, being transparent with people about your heart’s desire and purpose inspires them to focus more on what makes them happy and authentic. Their guard will let down due to your courage in speaking your truth. Try it sometime. It’s not fool proof, there will be people who just don’t or won’t understand, but it is not your job to make them understand. Perhaps you are serving the role of shaking up the status quo in and for their perspective, and perhaps that is exactly what they need. We may not know all the ends but we have to trust that we are being divinely led in the direction of our dreams. Love you all!

Love, T

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