Conversation with an ET



Well things have been getting more and more crazy here but that is a good thing. Intuitively I’ve been made aware of benevolent aliens orbiting our planet. Although we cannot see them, as they are generally vibrating above time and space dimensions, they are literally everywhere, both above and on the ground. They are absolutely among us masquerading as humans – I am one of them, and you probably are too. Starseeds are beginning to wake up and our star families are helping us do that by providing influx of ascension energy waves. I’ve been aware of this for a while, but only recently was I able to make sense of what that meant to me. As most humans have seeded roots from the stars, these aliens are in actuality our galactic families and they are here to help us with the shift to the 5th dimension. Personally, I have remembered my Orion lineage (update 9/6: and Lyran heritage!) and have connected with my ET fractal self – my alien life that is happening concurrently just as all of my other lives are. Our star relatives are actually quite accessible through the same means of channeling as we used to connect with spirits. And they are very responsive to those who seek them out.

I’ve been wanting to see them in the skies for a while now. The other night I was sitting on my porch and got the feeling to go out into the middle of the front yard and look up at the stars. As soon as I looked up I saw what appeared to be an orb  (it looked just like a star) moving at a rapid pace, taking sharp turns and loops through the sky. It was not a plane because I had observed planes all day and there were tons of blinky lights on them and also they were flying closer to the ground that this object. I also ruled out the possibility of a satellite or space station as it was not moving in a straight path, but kept making sudden turns. At one point it took off to the right and suddenly disappeared. There were no clouds for it to disappear behind, it just vanished in the sky. I saw it once more, zooming around again before vanishing as quickly as it appeared. I was shocked and couldn’t hardly believe my eyes. I received information via claircognizance that the anomaly I witnessed was one of my galactic family members zooming around in their individual light vehicle (merkaba). They wanted me to see them, that is why I could. Perhaps it could have even been my ET self dancing in the sky for me to see and connect with. It was, to say the least, incredible!

Today I wanted to share a channeling session that I did with John, my soul brother in spirit. This was in April 2016, when I was first becoming aware of the existence of aliens already on and around planet Earth. Enjoy!

[John, I want to talk to an alien, like actually channel one. DO you think you could bring one in?]
John: Hm. I will do my best. (pause)
Okay. I think I have one. Talk to them like you would to me. It’s a female. She’s gonna talk to you telepathically.
Alien: How do you do?
[I am doing awesome. I was really interested to talk to any ET who was interested in contact with a human. Where do you hail from?]
Alien: I hail from a tiny little planet, a lot like earth, but much smaller, light years from your planet.
[What is your planet’s name?]
Alien: Juduu. However, that may or may not be accurate as there is no direct translation in your language.
[Where are you now located?]
Alien: Orbiting your planet. I am part of a reconnaissance crew. Me, and seven other members, all volunteers, we orbit your planet day and night, under cover of course, so that we are not detected.
[How old are you?]
Alien: By earth standards, over 1,000 years old.
[How long do your people live on average?]
Alien: We can live thousands of years.
[Why orbit planet earth?]
Alien: There is much we can teach you about the preservation of your planet. Juduu is a lot like earth, and we have come into complete harmony with her. She provides for us, in a way you can allow the earth to provide for you. In reality, scarcity does not exist, not on your planet, nor anywhere that harbors life, but civilisations must learn to protect themselves against their own misjudgments. The time is now to honor your tie to mother earth. We can help you understand your place on earth and your place among the stars.
[How long does it take you to travel from Juduu to Earth?]
Alien: Approximately one hundred and sixty three Earth hours.
[That is nuts. How do you accomplish this feat?]
Alien: We are able to pass through dimensions. Time and space is no matter to us.
[Which dimension do you exist in?]
Alien: We exist primarily in the upper dimensions.
[Like the fifth dimension?]
Alien: We are above time and space dimensions, however, we can lower ourselves to your dimensions if needed, though we do not do so very often.
[Will we ever have to abandon planet earth?]
Alien: Planet earth will be around for eons, but eventually, the sun will snuff out the solar system. Humanity will have traveled intergalactically for millennia by the time this occurs. Fear not the destruction of earth in your lifetime, for the earth is strong and harbors life…the universe protects life wherever life is found. Life abounds all over the universes, though from your perspective, it would seem Earth is the only place that has life. Indeed, earth is the only place that has Earth life. Even on Juduu which has a similar star and similar makeup of earth, still has different life-forms. Even on planets that are parallel to earth, life is different in one way or another. Earth life is unique in this galactic neighborhood.
[How many earths exist?]
Alien: An infinite number of earths exist. Because you live in the realm of free will, each choice creates a new earth, a new reality.
[Do you have a family?]
Alien: Yes, a very big one, in fact. You see, on Juduu, everyone is your family. We have no wars, no conflicts. There is no such thing as an enemy. We feel the pain that many of your people go through, when they feel alone or they feel afraid. We are here to tell you, there is no longer time nor need to be afraid. It is time to wake up and walk into the next dimension.
[Is earth entering a new dimension?]
Alien: Earth exists in all of the dimensions. Earth is an ascended being, but she vibrates lower to bring all of her lifeforms up. She wishes to bring them above time and space. She is bringing you accelerated growth. Trust that the earth provides you with everything you need. Feel no fear or hesitation about the changes that are happening. Trust your guides and trust your intuition. Your mind is a useful tool, but you must transcend old habits and beliefs in order to ascend with the Earth.
[What is your name?]
Alien: Tathra (or maybe Tethra)
[Nice to meet you Tathra, can I call upon you again if I have any other questions to ask?]
Alien: Of course. Remember you are never alone. We are here to assist you in this process.
[Thank you.]

I’ve been wondering about Tethra ever since. I wonder if perhaps I am Tethra and Tethra is me. Perhaps Juduu is a planet in the Orion system and that is where my ET self hails from. I am not sure yet but I know soon I will find out. Thanks for reading!



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