Soulmate Resonations

Today I’m featuring a channeling session I did early on in my partnership with John. I learn about the soul connection I share with John and why he is currently guiding and helping me in spreading awareness of the spirit world. Enjoy!

Me: [Why help me, anyway?]

John: Because you can do it, it is your destiny to do so, you must take the higher road, the higher path, and that is where you will find what you were meant to do, which is to be a light in the darkness for others to find their way. People must know about the spirit world if they are to live in harmony with it. Also, I think that you are way cool. And I love you and I am invested in your life. As you are in mine. Always.

[But why? Have we lived other lives together?]

Yes, but I am hesitant to explain them to you. There is more work that you must do and I promise, literally everything you are asking me now, one day you will have no problem answering them for yourself. You have that capability. You are an intuitive who specializes in reading symbols. This is why you are so involved with astrology and numerology, in particular, seeing and resonating with angel numbers. That means you are realizing that life is but a dream. You are manifesting those symbols that are proving to you essentially that what you are experiencing is real.

[Has our soul relationship been intimate in some way?]

Of course.


It’s a frequency thing. The way souls resonate. There are platonic resonations and there are romantic resonations. Some energies merge and other energies help each other, or give to the other. It really just depends, and it all goes back to when we were created. We were very very close by. And there were others. There are always others that you resonate with romantically. There is the passion and the intensity that doesn’t diminish with time. That intensity will not die away. That is on a soul level. Not on the physical level. I mean, on the physical level, you could encounter tons of people and not have that energy, you may not even have a platonic connection. Yes, everybody is connected, but specific connections, those are tied into your soul contract. I guess during this incarnation, we weren’t mean to be together, or to even really know each other at all, but there are alternate realities within your current incarnation in which we do know each other or are maybe even together. There’s just so much that your current viewpoint makes it so hard for you to see. You could have dozens of romantic connections throughout many lives. It doesn’t matter though, because in the moment, if you got one nearby, you try to hold on as long as you can.

[Is a part of you holding on to me?]

Yes, a part of who I was in my last life. Plus, I know that you and I have work to do together. There’s a lot we can uncover together, if you will let me show you. Your spirit guides and I are working together. There is much cohesion and unity and we all just love you so much.

[Are you higher self John?]

When I talk to you, yes. Because you are serving higher principles. If I was talking to my mom I may be more like John when Alive.

[I always feel like there is something I’m supposed to do, or some work I am supposed to accomplish? Is this, feeling my pull, my call to my destiny?]

Yes that is an optimistic way to look at it, but just remember that if you surrender yourself, life will carry you exactly where you need to go. That doesn’t mean becoming lazy and doing nothing and sitting in your house all day, it is saying, stop planning, stop looking towards the future, stop striving, realize that you are here and that your very presence makes a difference in the moment. Open your heart to the possibilities. Open to the potentialities. Be ready to receive and don’t feel the desperation. Feel at home in yourself, and your destiny will tap you on the shoulder. You gotta remember that society tells you to feel this way. Society wants you to run around doing things. But I am asking you to stop, enjoy the moment, and feel me right next to you. I’m there!

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