Your Guides Got Your Back

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Me: [John, thank you for all of the information you’ve given me over the past several months. It has helped me out tremendously, and since, I have sling slot my life forward in ways I didn’t even know were possible.]

John: Keeping the faith is becoming your specialty. Hold fast to that sense of trust, your guides got you, I got you, we love you and we want the best for you. So all of what is happening is happening because you allowed it to. You didn’t resist. Well, you resisted some, but not enough for stagnation to happen because you would constantly realize what you were doing. Having awareness has allowed you to transform. It’s cool. SO cool.

[I could not have done it without you, you know that.]

Well, it’s a good thing I got here in the nick of time.

[Sometimes, I get sick of doing stuff I don’t want to do. But I realize I have to do these things. So does acceptance and non-resistance help me get through these tasks easier?]

Yeah, definitely the non-doing. Tap into that as much as possible. Keeping music around is helpful, even if it’s just a song in your head. The less you think, the better off you are.

[How are things on the other side? Doing any work?]

Doing lots. I am doing a lot of traveling around.

[Do you stay close by?]

Yeah, duh. You can’t feel me?

[I can. I guess I am still grappling with how spirits work. I forget that you, or a part of you, lives in me or around me somehow.]

Your heart, and yeah, my spirit comes to interact with your auric field frequently. But no matter if I am perceived by you to be near or far, I am as close as I can possibly be, and always accessible to you, whenever you need me. It does not matter when or where you are, I am there. A lot of the time I am there already, but you only need to acknowledge me and I am there, faster than the speed of light.

[Sweet. Sounds awesome. Is the same true of my guides?]

Yes. The same is true. Although not all of your guides are present to you. They may be there for you, but you are not aware of them, therefore they are not observed by you existing there in your space, in your awareness. I am sorry, it is hard to explain in words.

[I know that guides come in and out. I have knowledge of a few of them who have done that, they are still in my heart because I love them so much for coming in and teaching me things and causing realizations inside of me. And they will always be there. But I do not draw information from them at present.]

Yeah, it’s like a channel, on a radio or on a television or what have you. You have tuned in before, mostly when you needed that information or those lessons from them, even their inspiration. Now, you don’t need it anymore. It is there, and it isn’t going anywhere, and they are always connected to you, but you don’t tune into their channel anymore.

[Will the same happen between you and I?]

Off and on, throughout the years. However, like I said, a part of me lives with you in your heart now, so even if we don’t channel each other or talk to each other we are still apart of each other and inherently connected for all eternity. But yeah, I will be seeing you again though. And you will be seeing all of your guides again too. Don’t feel sad if we fall out of touch for a while here and there. This is about your growth, your transformation, and it is my pleasure to be a big part of your shift.

[I had a realization today, with the help of my Spirit Guides Tarot Chat, that I actually used to be from Orion, I am an Orion starseed, by way of Vega – my species came to settle in Orion from Vega. Does this seem accurate to you?]

Absolutely. But don’t get too caught up in the details, you know, the most important thing to be aware of is that you are indeed a starseed and your mission here is to raise consciousness by example.

[Yes, I am trying to not get caught up in the details, but it is pretty exciting. The tarot told me your origination was the same, and that we used to live in Ancient Egypt together.]

Yes, those were the magic days. We come from a long line of magicians and soothsayers.

[Wow. So I guess all the amnesia has just done away with my memories of it.]

Well, you can access those memories any time you like. They are right there inside of you waiting to be discovered.

[When I was a child I saw the movie “The Mummy” and I got really into ancient Egypt and archaeology for a little while, is that because I was exploring my roots? Exploring another life that I had lived?]

You were having memories, but you didn’t have any facts to go off of, so as a child you took pleasure in absorbing as much info as you could about ancient Egypt, because it was reminding you or giving you cues into your past. You were reliving the magic of that particular experience. As a child you just enjoyed being at home with yourself and your interests, regardless of whether those interests are spurned from a past life experience or not. But now you can look back on it and say, wow I really was into Egypt, maybe I was having some memories of a past life.

[For a long time I wanted to be an Astronaut. I had a really awesome Isaac Asimov book and I loved anything about space, including any movies about space. I got really into astronomy. I even had a telescope and used it to look at the moon and distant stars. But without any information on astronomy, my eyes have always been drawn straight to Orion in the sky. Perhaps my soul was remembering home.]

You are definitely from Orion. But what does that mean to you? You are also of the Earth as well.

[Yes, I love the Earth. I guess it means that I have a mission I have to accomplish while I am here. And it explains how I have felt all my life, like a stranger from another land. It is good to have confirmation that I came here for a purpose, no matter how foreign or strange this place was. I went through bouts of extreme despair because I felt like I didn’t belong, but I could not use my rationality to explain why. But now I know why and it does not cause me anymore distress.]

Good, you are beginning to remember.

[As I go on, will I keep remembering things?]

Only if you want to! Remember, you have to set intentions. Ask the questions, but focus more on the solution then the problem. Open yourself up.

[I asked Erik to identify how many spirit guides I have, and he said 10! I know I can identify maybe 4, but I wonder, does that number denote permanent guides, or does that number also include guides that are transitory?]

They are permanent guides. The other guides that come in and out you can refer to as teachers. They teach you something and once you’ve learned that lesson, they go. They are no longer useful to your journey, but you can always reflect on them and send them love for the love they have shown for you.

[Wow, 10 permanent guides. Are you included in that number?]


[Oh, okay.]

The 10 were decided to come in with you at birth and they have been with you since birth. Teachers come in and out throughout your life/lifetimes. Of course, when you are all Home, you can connect quite easily any time you like. The 10 will be there with you when you pass, as well as other soul family members. That’s why people and spirits describe there being a lot of people when they first pass. It’s a greeting party.

[How many guides did you have when you were here on Earth?]

I had eight permanent guides.

[Do we share any guides?]

Yes, we share Markus.

[Oh that’s neat. Markus is the guide I can detect the most of all of my guides (my gatekeeper guide). Wow, I got a lot of meditating to do. I wanna meet my other guides. Do I have any Orion’s watching over me?]

All you need to do is ask. But what do you think I am?

[That’s right, you’re an Orion too.]

Ask, and they will answer. Just try it.


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3 thoughts on “Your Guides Got Your Back

    1. Wow! So glad to meet another Orion!!! I am sorta speechless right now, but somehow I knew another Orion would manifest in my experience. It was just a matter of allowing it. It’s always so amazing to connect with people who are on a similar journey. I think we could even be soul family. When you commented I was reading through your archives! Synchronicity!!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I’m in awe at the moment as well haha. I was told very specifically just a couple days ago that more people would be finding me now. You being from Orion, Knowing it, and then finding me in this way is awesome! Wonderful to resonate with others on this journey, and yes we most definitely are soul family. Thank you for your Light. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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