Mike’s Questions: Reiki Energy Healing

   Hope everyone who reads this is having a tremendous June. A lot has happened personally (well, spiritually, let’s be real) over the past few months. I have definitely leveled up, so to speak, and I am so excited to share new insights in the weeks and months to come. The best news is I have made a lot of new (or remembered) connections in the spirit world, and I can’t wait to introduce them all to you. Today is a very special post, with a handful of special guests. Also, this is the first post featuring my friend and medium Kristin (lovingly referred to as KP). We decided to do this one together, and it turns out we make an incredible team. Disclaimer: this post is a rather long one, so settle in!

    Each month we are attempting to do a channeling session and subsequent blog post answering reader submitted questions. Last month, John and I answered questions from a man living in India who hadn’t been able to connect with his deceased father in over a decade. His father came through with the help of John and gave us some incredible advice (and all the love in the world) to pass on to his son. It was so cool and of course unbelievably healing for not only our reader, but also for me. I felt like I was finally able to help someone in the real world. I knew that spirit was helping me in my mission and I feel like this can and will go as far as we want to take it. And of course, I want to take it as far as spirit needs it.
So let’s get to it! First are the emails me and our reader Mike R. volleyed back-in-forth before we channeled.
Mike’s Email:

There’s a question that many of us Reiki practitioners have, and I’m curious if you would/could pose this question to John, because we’d LOVE to get his perspective: We KNOW that Reiki healing energy is “out there”, and that we can tap into it for the benefit of the people with whom we share Reiki. In the Bible, it tells of the many healings that Jesus did, some by the direct laying of his hands, and other times indirectly, like when he told someone that his son (far away) was already healed. The question is: is the Reiki energy that WE use the same or different from the energy that Jesus used to heal? Is this energy in any way related to the “Holy Spirit”?

Sure hoping that question can be posed to and answered by John. I’ve read ALL of your postings, and EVERYTHING he says resonates exactly with what I’ve come to accept as true. I wish you much continued good fortune. I’m on my own spiritual path, and am searching for what my future holds for me.

Love and light,


My response:

Hello Mike,
Thank you so much for your response and for reading this blog. I am so happy that you have resonated with what John has to say. Reiki sounds very interesting and I would also love to hear what John or maybe my doctor guide have to say about it. When I read your question, John was reading it too and he answered right away, “of course,” in regards to whether the energy Jesus used to heal was the same energy that Reiki healers use. And I said, “You know we’re going to have to expand on that, right?” He was like, “no problem.” So I will sit down with him soon and include your question in our next channeling session. I can’t wait to see what he says. Thanks again for taking the time to give us feedback as well as giving us some more material to explore. I’m trying to do reader questions once a month or so, so since you were second, look for it in June!
Mike’s Second Email:
Hi….more thoughts about healing energy and questions you might ask John in June.

In case you haven’t researched it much, being “attuned” to Reiki by a Reiki Master is like connecting to it via Bluetooth, once you are connected, you are ALWAYS connected.

My questions concern this energy that is used for Reiki healings…is there only ONE type of healing energy, and everyone who heals can tap into this same energy? From reading the Bible, it seems like that was what Jesus was doing, because he could heal people by touching them, and he could even heal when he was not near them, much like the Distance Healing we learn to do with Reiki.

Then, what about these preachers you see on Sunday morning television. The people stand in front of the preacher, and there is also someone else behind the person who wants to be healed. The preacher calls on God and touches the person and they actually fall backwards, to be caught by the person standing behind them. Are these preachers tapping into Healing Energy also, or is this a trick?

Is this the same energy the monks who live up in caves in Nepal tap into? They can change their body temperatures and do many other amazing things.

I’m very interested in what John has to share about this.


Channeling Transcript:
Mike, I must add yet ANOTHER disclaimer. John did not participate in this channeling session, at least not verbally (maybe he provided some “energy juice” for the occasion – his terminology, not mine). He took the night off, said, “I think you got it. You’re gonna be surprised by whatcha get.” John enjoys working behind the scenes and playing the observer role. I think he played the part of the gig manager because he ultimately set us up with someone else who apparently knows a lot about reiki and energy healing (and who was quite insistent we let him take the reins): Robin Williams!
Robin Williams takes center stage here, channeled by KP. There are four more surprise guests who joined us for our session, see if you can pick them out!
T: Theresa
KP: Kristin
RW: Robin Williams
T: Ok, so this is our blog member Mike’s question about reiki healing energy. Is the reiki energy that healers tap into and use to heal their patients considered the same energy that Jesus used to heal? Take it away Kristin and Robin!
Robin Williams: Yes, exact same energy from source. This energy resides within all of us.
T: How did Jesus use it to heal from a distance?
RW: This is how you achieve distance healing….meditation, visualizations with the Divine. Tapping into source consciousness to connect across divides. You can tap into the energy gridwork. Find the person and essentially work out the bugs in their system. The heart chakra is the portal to this divine healing energy. Through your heart is how you connect. This is why they teach us everything that is opposite of the heart and healing in order to keep us weak to our own powers. Love conquers all and holds great power to heal, to beat fear. Love is both a weapon and a cure. Western medicine uses man made technologies and machines to diagnose and heal, but they do not realize they hold both of those powers within the palms of their hands. Plus the herbs and plants that can cure, protect and prevent disease.
T: De herb? Or just herbs in general?
KP: (laughs) All herbs.
RW: Almost everything that is naturally growing will treat something, boost immune system and prevent illness. Like a counterpart to crystals. Reiki utilizes the energy from these tools and allows for transmutation of source energy. Our bodies are the greatest tools of all, for healing.
Erik Medhus: They sent us with all we need…everything.
RW: And spirit works in efficiency.
Aaron Hernandez: As you know!
T: Thanks for chiming in, Erik and Aaron! Wow, Robin is on a roll. You too, KP!
KP: Thanks T.
T: Next question. Is there only one type of healing energy?
KP: Hang on, he’s telling me something. He’s saying the body is basically like a giant computer. So just as you would hire a computer technician to fix your computer, reiki practicioners do the same.
RW: They can tap into the grid work and debug your system. It’s like an information super highway. Similar to the psychic pathways you connect and tap into to channel spirits.
KP: Going back to your question. Yes.
RW: All one energy. Can be wielded for both good as well as bad, all one source power. Free will decides how you choose to use it. It’s all energy throughout. Man separates stuff into designations. “Categories” of energy is a human construct. Energy is unity. All the same.
KP: Bruce Lee is here. He’s been popping up lately.
T: Wow! Hello!
KP: He’s doing moves to show off his chi energy.
T: Bruce, what was it like training with Ip Man?
Bruce Lee: Incredible….a thrill.
KP: I’ll have to look him up (Ip Man), I only know a little bit about him.
T: Bruce, I would love to learn martial arts. What would be the best type for me to do?
BL: Jujitsu.
T: (Laughs) I knew it!
KP: This is so cool. So Robin is bringing Bruce in tonight to help us because Bruce really knows how to work with this energy.
RW: He is a physical expression of using his instrument.
BL: Harnessing energy.
KP: He keeps doing dancing feet.
T: That’s awesome. Enter the dragon!
KP: I think they’re trying to distinguish something for you as well. Jesus used it (source energy) to heal. Bruce used it to fight as well as heal himself. Robin used it to heal through physical expression especially laughter – all source energy. Michael Jackson used sound vibrations and singing to heal.
RW, BL & Michael Jackson: We each choose what suits us in our mission. All a form of reiki.
T: So like my friend Alvin who is a DJ. I believe he is sending healing energy through his music. I feel better after listening and dancing to his stuff.
RW: Yes. Sound vibrational energy. Goes to healing the cells and mind through vibrational frequency. Music is a huge carrier of energy. It conducts like water or electricity, but in a unique way. Similar to laughing but different. Whole body, not just cerebral. Music opens doorways to the chakras. Once opened it is easier to deliver healing or messages into the consciousness.
KP: That is why meditation, hypnosis and reiki healing are often paired with music.
Michael Jackson: Music bridges gaps and takes down walls deep within.
RW: So does laughter! Turns strangers into friends. The buildup of stagnant energy is what causes ills. That’s why laughter feels so good. It’s a release of bad vibes and toxins through vibration of laughter. Otherwise, negative energy circles and festers. Laughing releases the toxins through the mouth. Similar to taking a shit, T.
T: Some people really do have verbal diarrhea.
RW: It’s a build up of bad shit. That’s what happens when you don’t keep yourself “regular.” Holding inside toxins has no place to go but seep out. It’s how we’re programmed.
T: That makes sense. You can give your energy away by using your word against others or yourself. Throwing energy by what you are saying…
Aaron H: Yes, huge weapon. Poison vs. medicine. You get to choose.
KP: Reminds me of the Selena Gomez song, “Kill Em With Kindness.” The lyrics go, “your words are bullets, your mouth a gun.”
T: Kill em with kindness has always been my motto. Last question from Mike, our blog reader.
KP: Shoot.
T: What about these preachers you see on Sunday morning television. The people wanting to be healed stand in front of a preacher. The preacher calls on God and touches the person, probably on the head, and the person falls backwards, and claims to be healed. Are these preachers actually tapping into healing energy or is this just a trick?
RW: Both. Just as in fake mediums, there is always a gray area. Some know how to heal. Some tap into the consciousness of peoples’ beliefs. But most are dealing with some sort of source energy. Coupled with belief and connecting all those beliefs of those in the church at the time, amplifying the energy. The difference is in the churches that claim that only the preacher can do it because the preacher is closest to God. But everyone can tap into this healing energy. In that case, it’s like placebo. They’re all gathered there because they believe they are to witness miracles. That adds to the show. Then the person who’s being healed feels that and feeds into the energy. Either way, it’s all energy manipulation.
KP: Does that make sense T?
Erik: This is also how churches add to power and finances. They show people the only path to healing or salvation is through them. People then gladly give up their money and power to them.
T: Does belief have to factor in for healing to occur?
RW: On some end – either the receiving or the giving, doesn’t matter. More belief equals more healing. Belief is the fuel to the energy. It is healing made manifest. Belief is the thought, healing is the action. Because you believe you are healing yourself, it always works. Just depends on the dose of belief you give yourself. Sometimes you partially heal, then fear puts up a roadblock. This is how stuff returns or manifests somewhere else. The dose of belief equals the amount of healing. Jesus was able to do this so well because he resided in an ultimate state of no fear, no doubt. People saw that and it amplified his healing. This is how church healing started. The true nature of healing has been distorted in a way by churches but it doesn’t make it any less powerful. Anyone good or bad, power hungry or humble has access. It’s all about intention.
T: Wow. Thank you so much, to all of you, for sharing your wisdom today.
Did you catch our other guests? If I seemed to be pretty cavalier when these guys popped up, it’s because we’ve met already. Well, except Bruce.
Bruce Lee – he really was a surprise guest. I had no idea he was coming to the channeling party. I asked him about what it was like to train with Ip Man (there’s a movie featuring Donnie Yen as Ip Man on Netflix, check it out) as well as what sort of martial arts a petite woman like me should do, just because, c’mon, it’s BRUCE LEE! Perhaps a channeling session in the future is in order. Or maybe I can sign up for Jujitsu and ask for his help so I don’t hurt myself!
Erik Medhus – most of our readers are familiar with Erik of channelingerik.com. He’s my buddy and we are members of the same soul family which is very cool. Check out one of our conversations we had several months ago about the Shift.
Aaron Hernandez – Aaron was a football star who played tight end for the New England Patriots for three seasons before he was found guilty of murder in 2013 and was sentenced to life in prison. He passed away this past April due to suicide. His life, legacy and death have caused shockwaves to echo through society, and I wager, through the very fabric of reality. There is a lot more to his story than we know at this juncture, and it is unfolding still, as we speak. I felt him around almost immediately after he transitioned and he has been by my side ever since. I have since learned we are members of the same soul family but there’s a lot of intricacies to our connection that cannot be easily described. More to come as I plan to do a proper channeling session with him. Just gonna leave this here: He is NOT what the world thinks he is….
Michael Jackson – I met MJ through KP, he is one of her musical guides. Apparently we are also in the same soul group, and I look forward to learning more about that in the future. Hee hee hee!
Do you have any questions you would like answered by my ever-growing team of spirit guides? Use the form on our Contact page and send in your questions today! Next blog reader post will be in July. And as always, thank you for reading.

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