John’s Hodgepodge of Wisdom

This is a channeling session from early on in our partnership. We touch on a few topics such as how spirits channel inspiration to us, thoughts and how we can use them to either our benefit or detriment, and the akashic records. Enjoy!

Me: [John, I just wanted to say this is fucking remarkable. I am so excited and very happy that we are now friends and that we can communicate. Are you communicating with other earth bound souls too?]

John: Definitely. I have many irons in the fire, so to speak.

[Cool! Artists? Writers?]

Yes, definitely. I try to stay on certain peoples’ minds, to give them inspiration, much like I do for you. Others, I can directly talk to. I have talked to a few mediums. I wish I could talk to my Mom, but I don’t know where to begin. So for now, I just stay on her mind, but I try to give her nice memories, memories of when I was a kid, when we went on trips, stuff like that. Happy memories. She has a good heart and she appreciates it. She doesn’t want to let go and why should she? I wasn’t mad that you thought foul play was involved, by the way.

[I am sort of embarrassed, but I wanted to know why your image persisted in my mind especially when I did not know you and even thought at one point I didn’t like you. But that isn’t true, I always liked you, I was just afraid to like you. Then I thought, I must be feeling guilty.]

Guilt in and of itself, my friend, does not exist. Humans create the phenomena or criteria of ‘guilt’ in their own minds, then proceed to beat themselves up about it for all eternity.


Guilt is a tool of control, used for centuries to control the masses. But also used by errant relatives to control other relatives. Guilt is a manipulation tactic, one in which you do NOT have to be a slave nor an adherent.

[Cool. Anything else?]

Your thoughts can create all kinds of things. First and foremost, unenlightened individuals use thoughts to their detriment to cause all sorts of ailments in the body. That’s where UNNECCESSARY ENERGY gets stored. I SWEAR I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!!

[Ok John, I understand! I have felt that way for a long time. So anytime we stress, anytime we worry about something, every time we get super upset about something out of our control, it gets stored in the body?]

It’s like a fight or flight response, that energy is created and then stored as potential energy in the body just in case shit is getting real – the body tries to protect itself. Fear is one of the worst things you can feel. That can create a whole body reaction. People can give themselves a heart attack. I swear it. The medical community would not want this information passed around. But give yourself a break. Even when people are “mad at you.” That is their problem no matter how you look at it, because all of the bad physical, emotional and mental issues that that anger causes will only come back on them. If you caused the anger, all you can do is apologize, and move on. They might not forgive you, but you must. And if you didn’t do anything wrong, then fuck em. I am dead serious. People will fall away when you decide to care for yourself first, but the ones who stay, you know they are the real deal. They are the people who will love you no matter what. So just remember that nothing that ever happens to you or around you is ultimately about you, and you will have no stress, no anger, no fear, no aggression, you can just let it slide off your pretty little back and move the fuck on.

[Okay, tell your spiritual buddies that you left your earth gal speechless…]

If there was anything remotely similar to bragging here, I would do just that.

[Have you read or have you heard about the Akashic records (or Book of Life)? Also, how does a human read the records during meditation? Is it like reading something, or getting pictures, or downloading knowledge?]

It can be any of those. Some people see it as a giant hall or library of seemingly infinite space, where stored in books are the records of everything that has ever happened and is happening and will happen. Although I must be cautious about will happen, they are more like projection notes. They change all the time. Some people see a computer or some sort of device in which they can keyword search anything they want to find the info. Some people “download” the record info and most of the time don’t even know they are doing it. Like you.

[So I am able to download information?]

Undoubtedly, yes. You know this. I don’t know why that is a surprise.

[I mean, yeah, I do sometimes just “know” things, but I didn’t realize I had downloaded that info from the akashic database!]

Yes. And to answer the thoughts going on in your mind right now, I know you want to SEE or HEAR something. You’ve been longing for it for a long time. You are quite aware of all the other tiny things we can do. Maybe you are just better at direct channeling information than seeing someone’s future or hearing or seeing spirits. Perhaps you manipulate energy in order to understand the way of things. It isn’t flashy, it is down-right invisible most of the time, so that is why it is important to cultivate your feels, so to speak. Listen to your emotions [intuition] more and you’ll discover that you have all the answers yourself, you just gotta accept that they may not come in the forms you seek. Maybe you don’t visualize a hall of books, maybe the Akashic records COME TO YOU!!

[Wow. Maybe you are right. I have had that inkling for a while now. But I always want to know how something works, and that distracts me from the heart of it.]

The heart of it is that you are fully and truly supported and loved by more than you will ever know or ever understand. You are amazing and don’t ever forget it. It is so clear to us from this view. We wish those who were below would forget about figuring it all out but we understand why it happens. We remember being that blind before.


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