John Reaches Out – Manoj’s Questions

I received an email from a blog reader who was really resonating with John’s wisdom and he asked if we would take questions from blog readers and do a monthly “Ask John” post. I immediately thought, “what a tremendous idea!” These days, I have pretty much exhausted all of the burning questions I had for John when we first started connecting and channeling. I have hundreds of pages of information based on stuff I wanted to know. But I really enjoy channeling, so it is nice to get some new material to work with. Recently I’ve been feeling it is time to share this with others and help others if and where we can. Manoj sent us in his questions and we got some incredible responses which I will share here today. I am going to try to make this a monthly thing, so if you have any questions, send them in, using our Contact form.

I think it should be mentioned that recently I had a breakthrough session with my slightly skeptic boyfriend – I was able to channel over a dozen of spirits that were either his family members or people he requested me to bring in (including deceased professional football players – more on that later!).  I did this in the traditional medium style, allowing the spirits to come in and blend with me in order to share their information, I heard them on my right side and spoke for them. Sometimes I did certain hand gestures or my voice changed, or I said a phrase that person used to say. My boyfriend was sort of freaked out. But in a good way. He could see that this was something else. There was no way I could make that stuff up. There was no way I could know stuff about people I have never met. I was very excited that I have finally advanced to the next level. I found that my abilities are indeed there and fully functioning and I am ready to flex them. I also felt very supported now that my boyfriend believes in what I am doing and that I can continue doing it without feeling like I have to hide it from the people I love most for fear of misunderstanding. I am looking forward to what is next.

The following channeling session is the very first session I have done for someone I do not know. I’ll post their email first and then the automatic writing session. Enjoy!

Hi Theresa,
  I was overjoyed to read your mail. Thank you very much for being such a kind soul.
I am going to be regular reader of your blog, I just wish you post something in your blog more often so that we readers can get more of Johns messages. Every word that you write in your blog from John or your spirit guides is enlightening & it helps me find my path in the darkness. I am sure it is the same for all other readers.
Here are a couple of questions that I have been wanting to ask John, let me divide them into two groups – personal question & general questions.
Personal question first – 
1. My Father passed away a decade ago. He used to love me a lot. I was his favourite child. His death was the biggest shock to me & it jolted me on every level. Since his death, I have tried to talk to him but haven’t been successful due to my lack of mediumship skills. The communication has been broken for more than a decade, I go about my life solemnly thinking that my father must be somewhere in heaven & might be looking after me, maybe. But the longing to communicate with him is still there in my heart. Can you please ask John about my father, what is he doing in heaven…does he also help people like John/Erik does or he does something else in heaven? Does he still love me the same way he used to when he was alive or has he become more of a neutral person now since he is in spirit realm? Does he visit me sometimes?
Does he have any message for me?
Can you please ask John if it is possible that I communicate with my father on my own?
General questions – 
1. People in the spirit realm such as Erik/ John & other spirits have more awareness. They can see the underlying oneness with all creation & feel one with all. Due to this higher level of  awareness they can manipulate matter & energy & can manifest things & do all stuff that is magical for us. While we humans have very low level of awareness & we feel disconnected all the time. Can you please ask John how we humans can  increase our level of awareness step by step everyday & bring it to such an extent so that we too can function at the same level of awareness that Erik / John has, while still being in our bodies. I know it can’t be accomplished in a day or month or year but I want to know the way forward. can John give us some practical steps to help increase our awareness on a daily basis.
2. A lot of people who are pursuing spirituality want to open their third eye or their crown chakra. But we don’t know how to go about it. I have read in Erik’s blog that we can imagine it opening in our minds eye or we can listen to certain frequency of binaural beats or even chant OM sound to help open our third eye.
 I have tried all these but have got no effect. Am I missing something? Can john please give some practical ways to open it ?
Thank you very much
May God bless you
Channeling Session:

Me: [Okay John, we have someone else around. Manoj’s father has been around all day and most of yesterday. He seems eager to start. His son emailed me back with his father’s name, Parashuram, it is just easier to connect with a name I think. Parashuram, hopefully you are able to come through during our session today to answer some questions posed by your son, Manoj. John, what do you think?]

John: Girl if you’re ready to transcribe, we are ready to channel.

[John. How are you doing?]

John: I’m doing great, sweetie.

[I can see Parashuram in my mind’s eye. Have you been able to connect with him on your side?]

John: Uh huh, I brought him here. He likes me. He says I’m funny and I have the heart of a warrior.

[That’s cool. He seems like a nice man.]

John: Yes he is very peaceful and calm. Very grounded to earth.

[Is he loquacious?]

John: No not really, though he doesn’t mind providing an insight or opinion on something he observes. I get the feeling from him that he likes to keep things real simple. He spends most of his time watching over his family. He has a large earth family. But he also connects with his family in spirit – making connections here and there, so he definitely was not shy to make a connection with us.

[I am glad that we have made positive contact with Parashuram. Anyway, I guess we should get to Manoj’s questions? Does Parashuram have anything to say first?]

Parashuram: Thank you for allowing me to be here to speak through you to my son. It has been many years of me very subtly being there for him, but he has not noticed me being there. But I want him to know I have been and never have left his side. I love watching the man he is, the man he has become. He is my star, my sun that I revolve around. We have a very special connection, one that is not severed by time and space. I am as close to him as I possibly can be. That may be why he thinks I have never tried to contact him – because I am closer than close. I live in his heart and he has felt me all along but he thought that he was just “missing me.” He believes I am gone, and so that is the reality he has created and currently sees. Now, I know that he is getting closer to feeling me there, for himself. He is searching. Now he must open. Open up, and accept.

[Thank you Parashuram, I am sure that he will love to hear that you are always with him. So are you two soulmates?]

Parashuram: Yes and we have had many lives together and we will have many lives together, we are always together, even now in this illusion of separation, we are together.

[Can you tell me more about why he has found it so difficult to communicate with you? Have you taken a more passive role since you’ve died?]

Parashuram: I am not nearly as boisterous as your friends, John and Erik. They are movers and shakers. I am definitely a watcher, and a lover – I boost my children’s lives with the love that I feel constantly for them. That love does not diminish, it just manifests in different ways. I am there when they express love to one another. I am there in their smiles. I am there in their eyes, looking out at the world we dreamt of and created together. Manoj has a very deep wound that has taken years for him to come to terms with, regarding my departure. Almost like, part of his soul is missing – although it is not really missing, it is always there, he just has a hard time acknowledging it – it’s almost like a shadow – but he is currently in that process. He will soon notice how much influence I, as a spirit, have had in his life since my “passing.” Really, I am there for everything that happens in his life. I couldn’t be there with him for everything when I was alive. When you are in a body, sometimes you are separated from your people, just by physical distance, or what have you, but now, I am always there. Always present. I never have to go away because of this or that. Being here in this timeless place has allowed me this. Manoj’s grief is still there. As fresh as it was the day I died. Though he feels my love every day, he has convinced himself that I am now inaccessible except through terrific means – such as reaching out to the other side of the world for a medium to talk to me! But Manoj’s path is his path, and he will now be projected onto an even deeper path, because he will now begin to truly believe that communication with my world is possible for every single person on the face of the earth. Not just mediums, not just the gifted, but everyone has that capability. But you have to connect to the Heart first. Tell him the heart chakra is the most important one for communicating with me. The crown and the third eye rely on the Heart for the connection so that the communication can begin.

[So it will be soon possible for Manoj to communicate with you on his own?]

Parashuram: My son can do that now, quite easily. All he needs to do is connect with me, through his love for me, and that is instant mind you… and then just talk to me. Or write me a letter. Even if he uses his thoughts to talk to me, it still works. It still gets to me. And it is faster than the speed of light…it doesn’t take time…like most things in his dimension. You are connecting through your heart and that heart lives in a timeless place – the connection is instant. Then, be still – your answer will come. There are many ways spirits speak to the living – tell him to let go of all of this information he has learned from books and the internet – all of these external sources of information. Tell him to let it all go. And he will see what remains. When he can connect to his inner wisdom, he will find what he is looking for.

[So will Manoj develop his clairs? Or will he see a symbol or a sign in nature?]

Parashuram: As I told you in your meditation yesterday, tell him to look for lizards.

[Lizards? Any particular kind of lizard? And why?]

Parashuram: Salamanders. They are earthy creatures. They make the best of where they are. I want my son to make the best of where he is in his spiritual development. He has an open mind. Now he just has to open his heart. That in turn will open the rest of his abilities. I know my son meditates, but I would have him know that there is no one way to get to where he wants to be. He just has to trust himself – trust his intuition and the path will be clear. There is reason he is so interested in metaphysical and esoteric teachings. He had to see what the possibilities could be by reading on other’s experiences – so that he could integrate it into his own experience and develop the belief in order to have his own experiences. Tell him, I am the key. I will help, and I have been helping, by drawing his attention to certain things, by drawing him to find answers. To seek help – to seek validation. It is not wrong, it is his path! Tell him, no step he has made has been a mistake!

[Very cool, Parashuram! I cannot wait to send this to your son, so he can finally get confirmation that you are still with him. John, (and Parashuram, if you want to pitch in) Manoj also had some other, general questions. First up, how can humans achieve the kind of awareness that spirits have access to, if even possible?]

John: For most people, it’s not possible. In the 3rd dimension, the densities create limitations when it comes to awareness. This is changing though, with the shift in consciousness, but until humanity shifts they won’t be able to 100% access the kind of awareness that exists in the higher realms. That’s what the 3rd dimension is for – that illusion of separation, and the uncertainty of the unknown, is characteristic of your realm and it is actually part of the whole reason you incarnate there – for your lessons. Even enlightened individuals still existing on earth cannot see all ends. The logical mind really limits what you can perceive and understand. But that’s the whole point of transitioning. Death is not the end, it’s actually just leveling up, so to speak. And each level that you progress through, more and more awareness is available. Don’t strive for more than what you are capable of handling right now, in your current existence. You are human, be human. Allow your mind to get blown. If you had access to everything, you would not be able to function as a human being and then that wouldn’t be helping you anymore. That would be hindering. Stick to the stuff that resonates with you – you can connect and understand better with things you resonate with, than things you just can’t grasp. Understanding comes with time and actually “going through” the stuff to get the understanding.

[But it’s not impossible? I mean, certain people like Jesus or Siddhartha Gautama had a greater knowing while they were alive.]

John: But that was their purpose – that was their whole reason for being, was to discover and to share that there is so much more than what you can see around you. Some people’s path is just to learn one thing. Some people teach and don’t need to learn as much. It really is a case by case basis.

[What are some practical ways we can increase our awareness on a daily basis?]

John: Tell the universe to show you the unimaginable in order for you to understand. Have the intention to understand whatever it is you want to understand. Appeal to your intuition and inner knowing, and appeal to your higher self to send you whatever answers you seek. Then get quiet. Seek that place inside of you that is unchanging, that is infinite. Also, open up your mind and open up your heart. Start to see the signs around you. You also have to accept that the answers you get are not going to come in the ways you expect.

[How does one open their third eye and crown chakras?]

John: We’ve talked about this before – open them up from the top down by appealing to your Higher Self and guides. Everyone has a higher self that is always present and ready to connect. Just ask for your crown chakra to open – allow them to pour a violet light down through the crown and into the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. Allow that violet light to go through the root chakras into the ground until it connects to the earth. Once you feel that this is a strong connection to the earth from above, then place your index finger over your brow and rub in a clockwise direction. See if you notice any color or any sensations pop up. Just by you affirming that this is happening, it will happen. Then you trust that your chakras are open and that you are able to receive. No room for doubt.

[Manoj has tried lots of things in order to increase his intuition, such as listening to binaural beats, chanting OM and using visualization techniques, all to no avail. What more can he do?]

John: First realize there is never going to be a right way or a sure way to do something. Realize that he already has the intention, now he’s just gotta believe that he can get there in a way that is most natural and makes the most sense for him. Parashuram wants Manoj to ask him for help. He also has to understand that he will never fully get there using the rational mind. Manoj is very much a man of the mind. He has to disconnect with rationality in order to tap into his third eye capabilities. He also needs to trust the messages he receives. His first instinct is to dismiss what happens as only in his mind. If you can’t get out of your mind, you won’t be able to see the possibilities all around you. Ask for help from your father. Help will come. You are not alone.

[So is Manoj right where he needs to be?]

John: Yes, he is in the absolute right place right now, and he will look back on this years from now and he will understand why he had to go through what he has gone through. He will use it to enrich his own life as well as the lives of others.

[Anything else for Manoj?]

His father says, “Talk to me. I’m there. I’m listening. I love you.”

[Thank you guys so much. Love you all.]

John: Love you too, little T!

Parashuram: Thank you.

Manoj’s Response:

Hello Theresa,
Very Good Morning.
Oh my God. I don’t know how to express my surprise, my joy, my gratefulness & my happiness for what you have done for me. I am so enthralled so thrilled that I am going to hear from my father. You have not only taken your effort & your time to bring my fathers message to me but have also asked him a lot of questions so that it could help me the most. How can I ever express my gratitude & thankfulness for that! I have no words to express my joy & heartfelt thanks to you!! words have failed me completely. I just feel like writing a hundred thank you mails to you. You have done all this for me – a stranger. I don’t know how can I thank you enough for this. You are such a kind soul , may God bless you infinitely. I wish I could do something for you in return. But I don’t know what i can do. If you ever needed any help that I can do in my capacity then please let me know. I would be happiest to help.
Yes you can use my fathers picture in your blog post. Please feel free to do so. I would be happy to see my fathers picture there!! I have found a better picture of him which I have attached with this mail. You can use this one or the earlier one whichever you like.
Whatever my father said actually resonates with me. I have sometimes felt him or connection with him in my heart. Now due to your message, I will trust myself more & try to find him in my heart & try to communicate with him with more trust. Your messages were very comforting to me. Lizards are part of my home since my childhood.
The responses to the general questions are also great. For the first time John has given us a step by step method to open our third eye. All the responses are going to help me in my spiritual quest.
Right now I am going through my fathers messages again & again because I need a few days time to fully absorb the meaning of all the messages.
Meanwhile I have a few more personal questions which I want to ask my father & a few general questions too for John.
But I don’t want to become a bother to you by constantly asking you questions. Kindly let me know if I can send you some more questions, I will be very grateful for the answers.
In the end please accept heartfelt gratitude from me & on behalf of my father for what you have done for us. My eyes filled with tears when I read my fathers responses in your blog. I cried inside. My eyes still moist as I write this to you.
Thank you,
Manoj’s father Parashuram







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