John’s Dream Job in Heaven

I just want to take this opportunity to express the gratitude that is in my heart for all of my spirit friends and guides, who are present with me everyday and who have helped me open up to All That Is. Love you guys so much. And a big thank you is in order to all of the people, in my everyday life, as well as my blog readers, who have reached out to me with kind and inspiring words. Thank you so much for your encouragement, but more importantly, your openness. I would not have shared any of this had it been solely up to me, but spirit urged me to share with others because it would help people far and wide, in ways I cannot even begin to imagine. I am so very honored, and happy that I get to do this, and I will always strive to go where spirit leads. Thank you thank you thank you. Now my friends, enjoy this post in which John describes more about his “job” in heaven.

Me: [So tell me more about your primary “job,” I guess is what you’d call it. Communication. Between my world and yours?]

John: Yeah that would be the putting ideas in your head thing. I am learning how to become an expert energy mover.

[So are you going to become a guide?]

Not…technically, but I guess you could call it a guide of sorts. I won’t latch on to anyone, but I will be moving around. Moving through creative circles, mostly in the writing and art fields.

[So that’s a pretty behind the scenes, thankless job.]

I don’t need any thanks. I like behind the scenes work. It suits me. It suits who I am.

[Cool. Well I am excited to see your influence all over the world.]

I so wanted to become a writer when I was on earth, but never got around to it. There was always something else taking my focus away. I like the single-minded-focus approach, so being pulled in different directions, having to meet up to expectations left and right, left me exhausted, unmotivated, and downright depressed. But again, I took the cares and the fears of others and took them in as my own, and fed them, gave them shelter…so there wasn’t time to focus on what I wanted. But I see now that was a choice I made.

[Well now you can influence so many writers. That’s really cool. Are there some people who are not as open to the influx of your ideas?]

Not anyone I work with, because I pre-screen everybody.

[Wow, how long does that take?]

Oh, not long at all.

[So once you pre-screen them, and you know that they jive with you, then you send them ideas, do you encounter blocks?]

Yeah, but the more dedicated ones are easier to get to, because they have generally created a process for themselves in which they can just get in the zone, and so the inspiration I am trying to send flows much better to them. My ideas marry with their ideas, along with their expectations and their experiences. Out of those ideas develops a story, becomes a plotline, or even just births a quote or two. I don’t channel whole books to people, they pull their inspiration from all over, but I certainly can get in there and ­­­influence them, and it is my job to do this, you understand, but I love it.

[Cool. Sounds awesome. You are very subtle. I can barely detect you sometimes, but other times, you’re there as clear as day. What gives with the varying intensity levels?]

Remember, it is all what you focus on. What you are focused on, manifests. For me to come in, it requires a certain amount of openness. I can interact with writers because they are open to the inspiration. They may not be aware that a spirit or group of spirits are transmitting information and ideas to them, but they are still able to receive. You are receiving all the time, but you are not always aware of it. In order for me to be evident to you, you must be aware of me, you understand?

[I guess I get it. So even when I am not aware of you, that doesn’t mean you are not there?]


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