Spirit Stands with Standing Rock

We conducted this channeling session months ago in November, right after police used brutal force on peaceful protesters at Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. I was feeling very discouraged about this situation. I am a firm believer that we need to abandon oil and other archaic uses of energy that ultimately hurts the planet and us. Clean, renewable energy such as solar or geothermal, is the way of the future. Having native heritage, I was saddened by the fact that even still, native peoples were getting “screwed.” They have appealed to the U.S. government for help, and received some under the Obama administration, though not much. Now with Trump in office, (who recently signed an executive order to resume construction of the pipeline) they should not expect any help from the government. But we have a chance if the company is hit where it will hurt the most – financially.

If you are not familiar with what’s happening in North Dakota, Energy Transfer Partners is a multi-billion dollar company attempting to construct an oil pipeline, part of which will be cutting across treaty lands belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and will be cutting under the river that the tribe needs for their water, threatening contamination (when the pipeline inevitably fails.) They have no right to construct the pipeline through these lands and the tribe, along with tribes from all across the nation as well as non-native supporters, have taken this issue from covered up (yes, there was an actual media blackout on it for years) to headline news thanks to thorough documentation at the protest site as well as people sharing posts on social media.

John says something in here about how the company will lose money for the project, and he said to “look for it next spring.” Since several banks have JUST pulled their investments out of the project and it is SPRING, I thought I’d post this. Keep believing people, change CAN and WILL happen.

[John I really enjoyed watching Fantastic Beasts last night. I felt you show up next to me when the movie came on. Thanks for hanging. Also, I could SEE YOU on Thursday! It was so cool. You looked younger and really happy. Hope you are doing okay.]

John: I am doing fantastic!

[I wanted to ask if you knew what will become of the North Dakota Access Pipeline? Will we be able to stop it?]

Yes, it will be a momentous turn of events, and it will cascade through time as a precedent of sorts. This is the beginning of the end for the oil companies.

[So we will prevail? How will that happen?]

When the money runs out the corporation will give up. Also, a lot of attention is on what is happening there now, specifically all over the world. People are watching and they are responding in ways that are constructive and positive. Keep sending your light to the peaceful demonstrators. It helps more than you can know.

[Will it get worse before it gets better?]

They will do no worse than what they did the other night, the big night when everything went down. They are still doing more of the same, but it won’t get out of control like that again. There is too much attention on what’s happening now and the general public outrage is being heard and received by the company that is responsible. They are already starting to see their profits plummet.

[When will this happen? When will the company give up?]

Sometime next spring. Look for it.

[Oh trust me, I am watching very closely. I am actually sort of thankful for social media right now because without it nobody would know what is going on. The media has been paid not to say anything. Some media outlets are reporting it, but the mass ones are not.]

They are trying very hard to keep it covered up. But it isn’t working. The people have the power. Always have, always will. Love isn’t louder than money, but it is much more powerful.

[Is this what the prophecy of the rainbow warriors is all about?]

Yeah, think about it, how many people alive today are reincarnations of former natives? [This was rhetorical – I am assuming a lot of us?] They are going to wake up to this shit and they are going to decide to fight for what is right and true, instead of what is easy. It is a process of remembering why you came here, and a lot of people are going to remember that their purpose is to come back and set everything back into balance with love and awareness. Non-natives have just as much of a role to play, because there are so many more of them and they can have an incredible influence on the structures of government and corporations. Boycotts have a lot of power to create change. Remember, corporations cannot exist without us giving them money. There is going to be change happening at every level. Everyone who is fearful of a corporation-run dystopic future are feeling these feelings for a reason – it is prompting them to do something about it so that future never comes to be.

[So, in this case, fear is serving a function?]

Yeah, I mean, if you are concerned about how something is going, then figure out what you need to do to fix it. And all that starts at the individual level. From there, it can spread organically. When people try to spread something in a forceful way, it may work for a very short spurt, but quickly falls off. Hate and greed are not sustainable in the least.

[Have you been to Standing Rock?]

Yes, I went there. I can still go there anytime I want.

[Are there are lot of spirits at Standing Rock trying to help?]

Of course, there are tons of spirits there and they are very strong influences because the people are choosing to remain positive and peaceful. They are singing songs and chanting prayers and that is a really juicy (energetically, of course) environment to be in. Change is happening!

[Well I feel a lot better about this now. I will continue to send love and light to Standing Rock.]

Good that is what you can do and it is so much more helpful than you think. The best thing to do is not get caught up in the difficulty of it all, but instead be excited that this is the brink of change we have all been searching for. We are on the edge of a new future. Your lifetime is a very interesting time to be on Earth.


Logo I created in response to Standing Rock


If you want to know more about Standing Rock and ways you can help, visit their site here.

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