When Shift Hits the Fan

John and I talk more about the Shift in consciousness that we are experiencing right now. This is really the topic I am most interested currently because I can feel it happening all around me. It is amazing to be alive right now, folks.

[So it was really cool that I saw you in my dream the other night, were you really there?]

John: Oh yeah, I was there. I am there a lot, you just aren’t always aware of me and sometimes you can’t see me because I am still in a higher dimension than where you are when you’re asleep.

[Is that why I see people who I know and who are alive way more frequently in the dream space?]

Yeah but they may not be those actual people, sometimes they are just avatars in your dream space that help you work through subconscious stuff.

[Well, how can I tell the difference? How do I know you weren’t just an avatar?]

It’s how you feel about it that makes the difference. When you woke up, you KNEW it was me. You can’t go back on that knowing just because you’re trying to logic it out.

[Yeah and I had the Grateful Dead song “Candy Man” in my head when I woke and I always attribute it to you. Anyway, thanks for reminding me that it had been one year since we started channeling. It was a nice surprise.]

Glad you enjoyed it.

[I wanted to ask about the Schumann resonance…]

Ah here we go! [he’s excited to talk about this, I guess]

[So can you confirm that it has been speeding up?]

Speeding up? More like, the frequency is getting more intense.

[Okay, so like the equivalent of the sound on a stereo being turned up?]

No, not quite, more like the frequency is just shifting.

[But can you equate it to the heartbeat of Gaia speeding up?]

Gaia is starting to vibrate at a higher rate, so I guess yeah if you want to look at it metaphorically, then yeah it’s speeding up.

[How true is it that the magnetics of the ionosphere create or I guess maintain the amnesia that we have as humans -where we can’t remember the other side – and those magnetics were put in place by God or the ancient ones?]

I don’t know about anyone putting it there necessarily. It is a part of creation – but the earth dropped to a lower vibrational field long ago, and that is when the fall of consciousness happened. So it’s the natural state of falling into a denser dimension, but now with the help of people waking up, Gaia can shift back up again.

[Is that why there are so many people on earth right now? To have enough people to wake up and help the shift into a higher dimension?]

The more people awake, the faster the shift will occur. But there are a lot of souls here now because Earth is one of the best learning grounds. Especially at this juncture.

[So people just wanted to come here for lessons and acceleration in their enlightenment?]

Yeah and some had lots of karma to clear out.

[Will we see more mass extinctions as time goes on?]

There will be some extinctions but you see, part of it is conscious intent. Don’t fret, even though it seems like a terrible atrocity. If the environment no longer serves a species, the species can choose to move on, collectively speaking.

[Will the shift cause people to stop exploiting the world of her resources?]

Yeah once everybody realizes that everyone can exist in peace and well-being if they trust the abundance of the earth. Most people flit around feeling like they will never have enough. And guess what? They never have enough.

[It seems as though everything is going to come to a head of sorts. Will there be a culling event on this planet?]

Will there? There always are! Now I don’t know if there will ever be huge cullings such as you are thinking (in the millions to billions) but yeah people will die in pockets here, pockets there. Some souls don’t wanna stay during the Shift cause shit ain’t gonna be easy for a lot of folks.

[Will it be easy for me?]

You are a big part of the shift and your duty is to show others the way, through example, teaching and ministering – and I don’t mean in a religious way, but you will be spreading info about how to make shift much easier, so you don’t get “shift” all over you. Brilliant stuff, haha, and it’s not mine, but I use it all the time.

[Cool, and I will do this through writing and graphic design?]

Mostly writing but I think throwing illustration in there will just open all the doors for you. It will get very windy in your mind-house.

[It already is! Well, I am just so ecstatic and I am keeping my eyes peeled and my heart ready for more. I love all the little signs you send me, it’s like getting a hug every time. You rock my world!]

You rock mine. Don’t forget that you can use your web design and graphic design skills for good. It’s going to help you simply and easily get your message out there to people. Are you watching closely? The world is changing around you. Keep documenting what you are experiencing and you will soon be hearing about other peoples’ “strange” experiences too. Stuff will start showing up so strong they won’t be able to ignore or bypass it. It’s gonna start getting their attention. We’re here, you just can’t see us, yet, but we’re here and we’re ready! Let’s do this THANG.

Learn more about how to avoid getting “shift” all over you at masteringalchemy.com Jim Self is credited with the saying!

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