Truth & Consequences

In this channeling session, John and I discussed lying and why it is constantly utilized by people on earth, but doesn’t really work in higher dimensional relations and interactions – and also about the inevitable consequences lying causes in our daily lives.

[John, why do I lie?]

Because you are non-confrontational and you would sometimes rather lie than tell the truth in order to keep harmony.

[So why do lies get caught? It is kind of creepy how the truth finds a way to the surface.]

Because the truth is the only thing that is real and so it always finds a way to be revealed. It matters though, if someone on the other side of the lie wants to reveal it. Because if they don’t, it may never come up again. Guess it depends on the severity of the lie and the consequences it caused. The type of lying you do, on a typical basis, not so bad. There are worse. I think it boils down to this: it’s not that lying is wrong, or bad, but lying muddles things. It confuses the situation. It is a break-down of communication. So all of that naturally has consequences.

[Does anybody lie in heaven?]

No need to. It wouldn’t be very useful up here.

[Why do I feel guilty about lying?]

Because you value the truth in most situations. You demand honesty from those you consort with, so it is like you are going against yourself by telling the lie. But I think honestly, lies just happen. Sometimes you don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings or potentially start a hostile situation. You have to know to play your cards well. Sometimes, it’s just easier to lie by omission. The words is where the energy goes. So if you don’t answer, you are not technically lying, you are just not saying either way. Or you could shock people and say, “well I don’t know.”

[“I don’t know” is probably the safest bet. I think the shitty thing about actually telling a lie is that you sometimes then have to craft even more lies in order to keep the first lie from being found out.]

Yeah it is a vicious cycle of miscommunication and it plagues the universes. But you can’t blame lying, for lying’s sake. Lying is still just a tool. It is neither good nor bad, it is a reaction, it is a method, but it is only really ever used in the physical world. The spirit world is just too apparent; lying isn’t a useful tool.

[Because you are telepathic in heaven? Lying works here because people typically can’t tell what another person is thinking. We have to communicate in words, but words can be manipulated anytime, in any way.]

Yeah, you got it. Here where I am, we are all open. Everything about us is apparent to another spirit. It’s like being stark ass naked all the time. Refreshing, really.

[It doesn’t get on your nerves?]

No, not really. Because I know that everyone is connected. Another soul is just another facet of myself. I never meet a stranger now. I don’t feel the need for privacy like I did when I was alive. Privacy and stand-offishness on earth works because it is a survival technique. But in the spirit world, you don’t have to worry about your personal safety or survival. And you don’t have any fears or concerns about that stuff. None whatsoever.




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