A Chat with Erik About Soulmates, Starseeds and the Shift

[Yo yo, Erik, are you there?]


(Then I hear the Watsky song, Ugly Faces – Listen here, the first line is literally WHAAAAAATTTTSSSUPPPPP?)

[Hey Erik! That is pretty cool that you came in with a theme song, almost like you are a wrestler or boxer or something. I can almost see the towel around your neck. How are you doing?]

I am doing super fantastic!

[Erik, I have never channeled you via automatic writing before, so I thought I would start today. I just have a few questions for you. Should we proceed?]

Uh yeah! Fire away.

[Okay, first of all, I wanna say thank you so much for all the work you and your mom and the mediums do for us, all for fucking free I might add. I have learned so much from your blog. Thank you so much, man! First up, I want to confirm with YOU, when John died, did you meet up with him and take him under your wing?]

Affirmative! I helped John from the beginning, because John was already on the docket for what you and him were about to do. You were about to reunite in a very different way from how most soul mates meet up. I already had all that down. I knew about you before you ever knew about me! Well, I mean, you don’t remember me from the last time you were home, but we are all really close. We are in the same soul group.

[That’s awesome! It didn’t occur to me that maybe I already knew you from before. But I guess that is why I felt so drawn to you when I “stumbled” across your site. I am sorry I won’t be making it out to Houston for the Channeling Erik weekend of enlightenment.]

Listen sweetheart you don’t have to apologize to me! I am just glad you are using your abilities now. It rocks!

[I have been wanting to ask you this question for some time now, but you know all those freaky trumpet sounds that have been recorded all over the globe? It sorta sounds like…(listen here: Hum Phenomenon)]

It’s the Earth. It’s the Earth. It’s the Earth. (He just repeats this really fast.)

[Okay, so it’s the sound of the Earth?]

Growing pains! The earth is also going through this shift, so she’s just changing. She is letting off these frequencies that are so strong that they can be heard by the human ear. Those frequencies are coming from deep in the earth. So it was just as you suspected! Cool, huh?

[Yeah, pretty cool. Well, when I listened to space sounds on youtube, the sound that Earth makes sounded a lot like the mysterious sounds that are freaking people out all over the globe, so I put two and two together and just figured it was the earth herself.]


(Suddenly I got the urge to yawn!)

[Oh my god, you’re a hoot! I remember, way back, I dunno when it was, maybe the spring of last year, when I was saying in my head, addressing it to you specifically, “Am I a Starseed?” And you told me I was a Starseed and then not long after, while I was driving, I saw a license plate that said Starseed, so I wanted to thank you for that. My next question is, am I a Starseed from Orion?]

Uh huh, yep!

[So what does that mean? Does that mean I am just recently from there, or have I lived many lives on earth?]

Girlllllllllll (I actually hear “girl” long and drawn out, like he is being sassy) you have lived many many lives on many many different planets.

[Is Orion recent, or?]

You live in Orion right now. Remember that everything is happening all at once? At the soul level, it’s happening all at the same time.

[So how can I connect with the self that is starseeded? Or I guess, myself on a planet in Orion?]

You can ask. Ask for it, and it will come!

[Sweet. Thanks. Will there one day be a day when I remember everything 100%?]

Like, if you are alive on this plane still? Probably not! That’s what crossing over is for.

[Okay, cool. So there is always going to be mystery while I am here in this plane of existence?]

Yup those are the rules, I didn’t make em!

[Cool. Well I will do my best because that is all I can ever do! But I will never stop searching!]

And no one is asking you to. Ask away, madame, we are here for you.

[Which density do I primarily occupy now, the 3rd or 4th density?]

Well, you’re operating from the 4th dimension typically. But the 3rd dimension is still very much there in your awareness. You are shifting away from it though.

[Have I scraped the bottom layer of the 5th dimension yet?]

You know everytime you engage with one of us, you are totally tapping into the 5th dimension, and everytime you are feeling the joy and the love, that’s a 5th dimensional experience too. Plus, you’re consciousness bounds in and out of it every so often, it just depends on your vibration!

[Okay, I guess I am still just curious how this shift is going to go down.]

Well with your awareness it should be a lot smoother than some peoples’ experiences.

[Thanks so much for chatting me up today, Erik. Can we do this more in the future?]

Oh my god you are asking me that? Of course!!!!

[Okay, thank you my friend. Love you so much Erik! Thank you!]

Gosh love you too! I FUCKING LOVE YAAAAA!

Visit Erik and his mom’s site at ChannelingErik.com for much, much more!





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