Set It and Let It

John has a message for us all on setting intentions and letting go of expectations in order to see the reality we truly want. This is one of my favorite tidbits of John’s seemingly boundless wisdom.  

You have the right to set intentions, to dream up a better reality for yourself. You have a right to ask for things you want. The universe wants to give. It truly does. All it knows how to do is create and give. But yes, you should never expect everything to go your way all the time, because sometimes the way you’ve envisioned it and the way it actually is are way different. That causes disappointment. You must approach every day with intentions but not expectations. Intention is a very positive sort of energy, while expectations create a negative sort of energy, an energy that gets very dense and murky. It is hard for you to do much of anything without constant strife under this perspective, because you’re constantly looking back at what wasn’t right, or looking forward to what you think is coming your way. You need to live in the present moment. Intention means you have put that out there, whatever it is, and you’re not attached to the outcome, you don’t have to try to make it happen, because you know that if that is truly your path, it will come your way. You don’t have to throw any extraneous energy at it, like expectation or desperation. You know it will come when it comes. You are able to put your faith into your intentions and that is what makes it possible, what makes it real. Set it, and let it.

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