Questions from a Skeptic

I recently “came out” to my boyfriend/partner-in-crime about my intuitive abilities and how I was able to channel information from the Spirit world. I was relieved when he didn’t immediately suggest I go “talk to someone.” He actually accepted it quite well. It is not that he is not willing to entertain the possibility of the existence of Spirit, he just doesn’t really care too much about searching for it. He dabbled in spiritualism during his teens to early 20s, but didn’t really get much out of it. He feels like he just doesn’t need it, and I say that’s is a-OK. We are both rather content to allow the other to be who they need to be. Nevertheless, when I told him about what was going on – and that I was able to get decent, coherent answers from my spirit guides and my friend John, he was undoubtedly intrigued. He wanted to know more, but of course he was skeptical. Still, he commissioned me to ask Spirit some very interesting questions. I was happy to oblige but also nervous about mucking it up – so I called on my entire spirit crew to band together to give me the best possible answers so that my boyfriend would both be able to understand and benefit from the answers. It was really cool. There were at least five distinct spirits present to help me out. I detected Erik (of, my gatekeeper guide Markus, my joy guide Christa, and perhaps even my doctor-teacher guide, who I didn’t know then, but now know him to be called Lark, and of course my buddy John, who I channel the most. Here is the result. Enjoy!

[Why are there no superpowers in this present reality?]

Spirit Crew: The present consciousness in which you exist currently makes it difficult to harness superpowers. However, there are other realities in which “super powers” as you view them, come quite naturally to the inhabitants. We’re talking other dimensions. In this dimension, the 3rd dimension, it is hard for people to do such things as fly or exhibit super strength, because the energies of this dimension are incredibly dense. Manifesting in the 3rd dimension is not instant as it is in the upper dimensions, therefore, it would take time for powers to develop. People can develop certain abilities, such as manipulating energy or turning off/on certain parts of the brain, making it possible to survive in harsh conditions or negate the feelings of pain. The mind is actually a powerful tool – you are not fully aware of the capabilities you could have, if you were able to harness the mind. Beliefs are everything, no matter where you exist, no matter which dimension you are in – your beliefs about things are going to shape the world you see. You currently harbor the belief that super powers (as you define them from comic books, movies and television) cannot exist in your world, and therefore, it is only something that is make believe, unattainable. But what we want you to examine is your limiting viewpoint regarding the matter. We want you to understand that anything is possible. It is possible for people to have super abilities, as you understand them. But what first needs to happen is beliefs will need to change. People are so unaware of the reservoir of power that they can access – they have been taught from a young age that human beings are virtually powerless, subject to the conditions and whims of the universe. I am telling you right now, you are a co-creator just like anyone else. You possess the inner strength to discover just who you are and what you can do, but you must believe that anything is possible, otherwise, you will never get there. Long ago, powers that be convinced the human race that they were powerless and have to go through great lengths to survive. The reality is that there is never a shortage of abundance – the universe provides exactly what you intend on having – there is no such thing as scarcity. But people think that a “power” must be handed down to them from a greater power, through birth or through some adversity. You can develop it right inside of you – but it requires a great deal of surrender and right intention.

[I told him that spirits have jobs in the afterlife. He is concerned about the workload in Heaven.]

Tell him it’s all about numero uno. Everything is up to you. So you get to Heaven and you’re like, I hate work, any kind of work, I am going to spend my time doing anything but work – hey, no problem. You don’t have to work to survive here. All your needs are instantly met, and you don’t have to eat or drink, you don’t have those necessities anymore after becoming pure energy. There is no time, so there is no concept of night or day, and spirits don’t need to sleep. Spirits sometimes need rest or healing, but not sleep. So a lot of spirits, since they are so free, choose to take up work on this side – but it is nothing like you are thinking. You are not bound by rules or regulations. You don’t answer to anyone. There are, of course, higher vibrational spirits that you can look to for advice or for help if you need it, but you are making all the decisions. Your perspective will be much different too. You’ll likely want a job of sorts. And the work here is fulfilling. You are doing exactly what you want to be doing, and it gives you purpose. You will be amazed to see what sort of jobs you could do, when you get here. You can work with those still in the 3rd dimension, or you could focus on broadening yourself (yeah we have schools and classes here too), or you could spend your time traveling other dimensions. Maybe you take up superhero-ing part time. The possibilities are endless. You can take up work, not because you have to (to survive) but because you want to, because it gives you joy.

[He wants to know if you laugh?]

Yes! All the time. We feel ecstasy here, always, and, tell him, it feels better than any drug or combination of drugs you can find on earth! We admit to you that feelings like anger, guilt, sorrow, embarrassment or any other lower vibrational emotion – they don’t really exist where we are. It’s difficult for us to put ourselves in the perspective behind suffering – it is not that we forget what suffering feels like, but we transcend suffering because we are aware that suffering is a byproduct of limited perspective and the illusion of separation.

[Are the Elysian fields still around? Is it an option for a habitable heaven?]

Yes, they are. They were created by thought, a lot of energy was put into constructing and maintaining that space – and it is constantly manifested. It will not disappear so long as spirits keep thinking of it. It’s a popular attraction for the traveling spirits.

[What is the pet policy in the afterlife?]

All souls are equal, so pets receive the same sort of treatment over here, including a life review and a reunion with soul family members. Animal souls can reincarnate immediately if they wish, but almost all move on to the spirit world for a time. They, as souls, are much more receptive to the cycle and are intrinsically connected to the spirit world always, even while incarnated. They generally accept death and cross over quite easily. If you wish to hang with your pet, you can connect to them at any time and they will be there, but generally, they hang out in their own heaven.

[What is God, and is He approachable?]

Throw out the gender, first off. God is not a He or a She. God isn’t even really an It, because that would be implying that God has a beginning and an end. Well, God isn’t a person or a soul or anything like that. God is literally Everything. God is the source energy. You are sitting on God right now. Your couch is God. The trees are God. The birds are God. The sidewalk is God. The clouds are God. You are God. Everything is God. Everything you can see and all of the things you cannot see, it is all God. God, when appearing to us, takes on the form of anything – most of the time, God will come to you in a form you are familiar with. God is boundless, but if we have to define God, God encompasses everything that has ever been or ever will be all in one infinite moment – at that level, everything is happening at the same time.

[And what is the missing link?]

Humans as we know them today perhaps may have never developed on this planet, at least not in the relative short time in which they have evolved, had it not been for the efforts of a distant galactic race – in fact, there was a great war that drove many of the alien races towards earth – they were searching for new bases, new planets and lifeforms – their worlds had become war-torn and inhospitable. While here, they altered the DNA of some species of apes, allowing them to evolve faster. It was an experiment of sorts. They wanted to make a stronger, more adaptive species that could eventually harness technologies that the aliens had already long ago mastered. But it was not to create humans for their needs. It was more like helping advance the race of man. 

[Thanks guys. Love you all.]


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