The Natal Chart

Have you checked out your placements yet? Read on about the unexpected importance of astrology and your natal chart. I’ll provide some links below for you in case you need to access your birth chart or are looking for birth chart interpretations.

[How does a natal chart work exactly? I understand that being born under certain signs already pre-programs you to behave and think and operate a certain way, unless of course, you become aware of it, and then you can go in a reprogram according to your specific soul needs. For example, you don’t have to express the shadow side of your sign if you become aware of it. You bring those traits to light, when you examine your natal chart. But I guess my question is, why? And why don’t more people notice how accurate it all is?]

John: I think people are terrified of being the object of circumstance. But, it’s not that their circumstances are set in stone. Observing the natal chart is just honoring the fact that the cosmos is much bigger than us and that everything is inherently connected – intricately so. So it is empowering to learn about what you are both in for and up against. So you don’t have to become the bitch of circumstance, you can turn it around. You can examine, both from looking at the natal chart and examining your own experiences and your own ways of being, and then from that point you can discern what it is that is triggering you to devolve or to keep making harmful mistakes. It’s actually lessons just begging to be noticed, instead of constant grief and sorrow. One thing after another occurs, and then you start to think that the universe is after you. Like God abandoned you. Like everything is everyone else’s fault. But if you just took the time to get to know who you are… Yeah, you don’t think you chose your time of birth. You don’t think you crafted your own birth chart. [You don’t think you chose] your own time to come into the 3d world. But I am telling you this, you chose it all. So it is a really important thing that people take a look at their birth chart and try to reconcile the more challenging aspects and try to turn it around. You have the power. Alternatively, you can also look at your best aspects, your shining traits, and use those to live a healthy, happy life. You use what you yourself gave to you, in this incarnation, to better understand yourself, and why you do all of those unconscious things. It is your natal chart that you are born under, and it creates a fractal effect. That is why no one is the same. Everyone is a bit different. It even boils down to microseconds. Yeah it is hard to find a natal chart that specific. But you can definitely figure out the longer time frame aspects. It’s wild.

[So are people afraid of knowing themselves?]

Yes people are afraid of what they will unearth about themselves. It is a self-confidence thing. If they weren’t taught a healthy range of self-confidence and self-esteem when they were younger, if they weren’t taught to get to know themselves, or to do what makes them happy – if most of their interests were shut down at a young age by their elders, then these people don’t really get into it for themselves. They are taught that it is a bunch of hooey, and that it is all made up. So those people don’t ever find out. Yeah, some of them don’t need it. There are people that come into this world that just know themselves. But even those people could benefit from being aware of the subconscious elements of their existence. Everyone can.

 [I used to just look at it as entertainment, but because I have always observed others’ behaviors and ways of being, I kept thinking, wow, so and so really IS like that.]

Yeah, and until you develop a better understanding of it, like you clearly have, you don’t see it. You don’t think about it. Your mind is preoccupied with all sorts of 3d world things, but you miss vital information. You can learn how to get along with anybody if you understand better where they are coming from and how they are programmed. Now, that is not to say that you should put expectations on them. Everybody is different. Everybody is born under lots of signs. That ensures the variety of people you see every day. But once you become aware of it, you start to see patterns everywhere. You will see similarities more than differences, the deeper you go. Then you realize that there is order to it, somehow – there is fractal element to it.

[You say fractal a lot to me. I am thinking that specific traits get filtered down through certain signs, from the cosmos all the way down to the microcosmos. This ensures that the patterns are infinite and infinitely varied. All different but all the same.]

You are downloading today. Awesome. You pulled that right out of an akashic record.

[Cool. But I still don’t understand.]

Well, not everything can be understood. Chalk it up to organized chaos.

[How do astrologers get information about how different signs behave and how different aspects, like conjunctions and squares and oppositions will affect the natal chart?]

They intuit the information directly from the akashic records.

[Ah I see. So that is why it is not considered reputable by 3d world standards, because its proof is not found in this dimension?]

The proof is all over this dimension. But people can’t see it, if they aren’t aware of it. So they don’t take it seriously. But you know for sure that the proof is all around you. I mean, you can pick out Scorpios based solely on their energy. You are reading people. You think that what you are doing is comparing how they look or appear, which has some validity, and comparing how they behave, how they operate, which is a big way to see the similarities, but also, you are reading the energy. You do not have the words to describe it. Energy is a language without words. You pick out Scorpios because you are attuned energetically to their frequency. But because you have advanced knowledge, you do a fair job picking up on energies from all across the zodiac. You focus more on how good you are with Scorpio, but you are also picking up on everybody. Sometimes, when you guess “wrong” it is not always wrong, you just intuited their rising sign, which is sometimes way more apparent than the sun sign. But you see proof every single day, my dear.

[So what does it take to really use this stuff to our advantage?]

An open mind. Open heart. Openness really. You have to be willing to hear what you don’t want to hear, and understand what you don’t want to understand. Otherwise, you are a hamster caught in a wheel, with no understanding as to how you got that way, or how you can get back out.

[After leaving their earthly body, does a soul still exhibit traits or qualities of their chart of their previous life?]

We retain certain personality traits that really just mesh with our spirit’s rhythm so to speak. You forget, you get to choose when you come into a body. So you totally get to do it up. You choose when you’re coming in, so you’re already aware of where you’re going and who you’re going to be. Then, because of amnesia, you forget that you chose it and then it becomes circumstantial. It becomes something you didn’t choose. And if you perceive to be born under a bad sign, or whatever, you can unconsciously take that role on, but if you just gave it a little bit of attention and reflection, you could see that you don’t have to be trapped by your birth circumstances. Those circumstances may be what is prompting you to discover yourself in the first place.

My favorite astrology resource is Click here to access their birth chart feature.

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