Colors, Music and Fractal Awareness

John and I discuss colors and music in the afterlife. We also touch on fractal awareness and how becoming mindfully aware of our own selves – the conscious and unconscious aspects – can help us transform and grow.

[What color should I associate you with?]

(John sends me a visual: I got sea green. Maybe with some laces of Duke Blue in there.)

John: Cause I’m a water guy.

[Nice. What is color like in the afterlife?]

Color is enjoyed through experience of it. You can step inside of color and experience the magic and the warmth and everything that goes into a color, all of the emotions of a color, all of the weight of its purpose. And there are far more colors here that you could ever see while alive on earth, so that’s cool. And in upper dimensions, colors take on life forms, colors are conscious. You can channel a color, and there is information there. You won’t get pages and pages of material, like from me, but you will get a certain vibration and signature. And yeah, you were just thinking about hearing color, yes you can hear it because color is a vibration. So you can see, hear, feel, perceive, and understand color in the upper realms. Better than the best acid trip ever.

[What is music like in the upper realms?]

Music is ever present. It is a reality here. The most beautiful music that you will ever feel plays always here. It is hard to explain, because music is also vibration, and it takes nothing to create it here, merely a thought, but it is always clear and always transformative and healing.

[When musicians make music, are they merely tapping into energy that was already there?]


[That is so cool. So that is why some songs sound so similar?]

Yeah, I mean, there are infinite melodies and harmonies, but because we are all connected, musicians constantly pull from the same collective consciousness and that’s why you get so many similarities in song melodies or types of music. But also, musicians are consciously capitalizing on something that works. A certain pattern of tunes and notes just works better for the masses, who they are producing for. People will spring for what feels familiar to them, vs something they are unfamiliar with.

[Does the fractal phenomenon also play a part in this? In the similarities and patterns?]

Certainly. People are more alike than they’d like to think. There are certain patterns people are going to unconsciously follow until they start making the decisions about what to do or who to be with their hearts, not their minds, which are already pre-programmed by their blueprint. It is not that people following patterns and trends is wrong. The people who conform even at the risk of hurting themselves mentally or emotionally need to listen to their heart. That disconnect manifests as unhappiness, anxiety, or depression. Or an inability to move on or move forward, stuck in loops that keep playing over and over.

[And the ways that people can become aware of this is through, meditation, reflection, seeking help from spirit guides, or from studying their natal planetary placements, as well as aspects and conjunctions, yes?]

All the ways that someone might get to know themselves would help in this venture. Then they could convince their subconscious, over time with mindful awareness and meditation, that they need to let go of stagnation or negative behaviors. Becoming mindful is crucial for embracing change and growth.

My next post will be all about astrology and the importance of accessing your personal natal chart. Stay tuned!

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