My Last Life

A question about pool leads to John telling me about my most recent incarnation before this one. I wish I had asked more about it, but it blew my mind, I guess, and when you are channeling it is hard to think about what is being communicated as it is coming through. Ironically, had my rational mind been present, I doubt I would have been able to channel this at all!

[So I’ve been kinda curious, is my newfound interest in pool because of you?]

John: Partially, but you discovered that you really do enjoy playing it. And that started long before me, even long before this life. You used to play pool for a living, back in a previous life. It was the 70s.

[Cool. I always figured I lived in the 70s. I am obsessed with the 70s. Was I a male or a female?]

You were male. You were really tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. You were really thin. You like to play pool and spent a good chunk of your life doing that, but also you were into gambling. You were into the party circuit. You really lived it up, then.

[Wow. So what happened to me?]

You died. Of an overdose. You fell into a pit of despair after losing all of your money.

[Wow. Did I have lots of family and friends? Or was I alone?]

You had a ton of acquaintances, but few real friends. And your family had let you down. But it came about because you were so hyper-critical of them all. Nothing was ever good enough, or perfect enough for you. You didn’t seem like the critical, down to details type on the outside, but anyone close to you experienced it. That is why you are stand-offish in your current life. But you need to release the fears of connecting with others. Most people aren’t gonna fuck you over. Lots of people are just there for your lessons. And some are there because they like you and wanna be around you. If for no other reason, that’s a good enough one.

[So I need to learn to thoroughly enjoy making connections with others in this lifetime?]

Yes, if only to just have people around who give you joy and who enrich your life. This is a much easier incarnation for you than your last one.

[Wow. Amazing. Thank you.]

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