3rd Dimension: School of Hard Knocks

When I became aware that there were other dimensions, and that parallel realities do in fact exist, I pondered the idea deeply. I also zeroed in on the fact that spirits do not experience suffering in any form on their plane. It made me wonder, “Why did I come here? Why do souls decide to incarnate on earth? Why even bother?” I asked. I am peace seeking by nature – I really dislike having crap happen to me or the people I love. I hate seeing people suffer, and I sure as hell don’t like to suffer either. So these questions were very important to me, and I am so glad my spirit crew helped me understand. Now I know that we come down to enroll in an “accelerated learning class,” as phrased eloquently by Erik. AKA: You’re gonna put in the work. But the good news is, we are never tasked with anything that is beyond our ability to do. You have a special reason to be here, though, otherwise, you wouldn’t be. And even better news, spirit is here to help us REMEMBER so that the day-to-day grind becomes the moment-t0-moment of unfolding LIFE! I, for one, have always felt like I was meant to be here, and I am so glad I am.

[Why does any spirit ever want to come or return to Earth, when they know that they will forget that they came from Source?]

John: For the experience. We are all heading in the same direction, each and every one of us, even if some of us could care less about enlightenment – they will, eventually. So we need to come to earth to learn lessons so that our souls can climb, although take that word lightly because we are not technically climbing UP anywhere, but I think you understand the reference. Yes, it is kind of sad that we inherit amnesia when we come here. But that is price that has to be paid, otherwise, no one would ever ELECT to stay here. You feel me? If everyone reincarnated and REMEMBERED, they would never choose to come down, but the forgetfulness of it all kinda seals the deal. If we all remembered, we wouldn’t be able to function the way we need to – there would be no lessons to learn, no milestones to reach. Lessons and milestones are what 3rd dimension is all about.  And 4th, since we have to include time. It’s like the school of hard knocks. But it’s still a lot of fun, if you do happen to remember and understand unconditional love.

I wanted to say one more thing about 3rd/4th dimension experience versus the higher dimensions where I stay now. Because the 3rd and 4th dimensions’ main characteristic is linear time, a point A to point B type of scenario, on this plane we can experience a wide and vast range of emotions, thoughts, and energetic states. Because you can see distances, depth perception, values, and because things feel solid, because they are not a part of your physical body, there is a lot better chance of pain or suffering because there is a noted illusion of separation on this plane. But if you go either up or down (again take my directional words lightly) oneness is the way it actually is. You feel me? In the 3rd dimension, you see things as causation, as things affecting other things, perhaps even harming other things. You do not see the bigger picture in that balance is always attained, balance is always restored. That is the way it works when everything is everything.

[Well said, John. Were you into physics before you transitioned?]

Yeah! Science was cool. It wasn’t my first choice subject though.

[You were a writer, right?]

I wanted to be a writer. I should have tried to write, but never got around to it. Oh well. Maybe in my next life I’ll be one of those writers that writes a book like every month or so. So by the end of my career I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of books!

[What does it take to stick to something, no matter how long it takes?]

Honey if I knew the answer to that, maybe you’d still see me around.

[Well, I guess just do your best?]

Yeah that’s all you can do.

[And my best will always be different.]

Yeah, and if you don’t feel like doing something, don’t fucking do it.

[Kinda easier for you to say than me. I often wonder what would happen if I was just like, fuck work. Fuck commitments. I’m out.]

Then you would have to face the consequences of that choice. That’s why you don’t.

[I know. But now, the difference for me is that I am working on making my dreams reality for me.]

Keep your intentions sharp and SPECIFIC. I cannot stress that enough. Please be specific. And definitely don’t ask for things unless you understand what all that entails. In your world, a lesson is to be had each and every moment, and if you stay sharp, ask all the appropriate questions, you’ll get by the way you need to, and a funny thing will happen, you will feel in charge because you are coming at the world from a place of integrity. Sometimes you can even bypass lessons because you have cultivated the right amount of understanding and awareness. Keep it up.

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