Lessons and Karma

In this post, John and I cover a few topics. This is one of the many rabbit holes we have fallen down regarding the nature of justice, karma, and guilt. During this particular channeling session, I received confirmation that John indeed knows Erik Medhus (go check out channelingerik.com), who is another spirit friend of mine. Elisa Medhus is Erik’s Mama and a lot of my readers already know their story and follow the blog that has helped thousands of people in spiritual development.  I was led to Erik and his mother’s blog by John to find further explanation for what I was experiencing. Erik’s blog (which have a very extensive archive) has helped me advance in my mediumship training. I have since gotten close with Erik, and he has visited me in my dreams – he is awesome! I have grown so much spiritually since Erik entered the equation. I believe that Erik is a mentor to John, and teaches him how to manifest and do pranks.

[What can I do to increase the amount of channeling I can do?]

John: You gotta relax, first of all. You’re not 100% relaxed.

[I feel like I may be trying too hard.]

Don’t worry about it. That’s another part of the problem. Let’s just chat. You know? That’s all it really is, just chatting. We don’t have to talk to chat per se, you know. Sometimes, we just exchange ideas, we listen to music together and I lead you to songs with some lyrics I really want you to hear. Because I am romantic. And awesome. Don’t forget how awesome I am.

[Gosh how could I?]

Rad…. (He pauses for a moment)

But seriously, we have telepathy between us. But really, you can develop telepathy with anyone in the spirit world if you want. But I think you may be hesitant to reach out… beyond me and Erik, that is.

[So you know Erik?]

Oh sure, I know Erik. He is cool. He is writing, just like me. Doing big things on this side.

[Is every spirit as active as you and Erik are? Or are some souls lazy or unmotivated to do anything?]

Yes, there are some souls who just like to kick it. You can have anything you want here. Anything. But because there is no ego, most souls spend time creating joy. Yeah, there are some less than nice spirits roaming around, but I hang mostly in this group of like-minded souls. We are all part of the shift. Somehow… I am still learning about it. Even here, not everything is disclosed, you know, and there’s even more that I know but do not yet understand. Just like you. I just have better access to lessons over here, you know, I can view anything I can think of. Anything I want to examine, I just think it and I’m there. Yes, I may still be lacking the understanding aspect, but at least I am aware of almost everything that a soul can possibly be aware of.

[How does karma work?]

Okay, karma is not synonymous with justice. Let’s just get that out there. Karma is any unlearned lessons that are carried and are constantly played out until a resolution/learning occurs. This can and does occur over multiple incarnations. When you die, you are instantly aware of your karma. So you can make plans for your next life in order to clear these karmas. Karma is not good or bad. I wish people would stop using karma to denote that something “bad” will catch up with somebody because of something they did. Hey, no one is gonna get you for anything you did. The only bad guy is the one who is inside your head. We are our OWN ENEMIES and we exact justice to ourselves, sometimes unjustly, sometimes over and over and over again until it drives you crazy. What karma is that? That isn’t karma. That is just your belief system fucking up your mind again.

You alone have the power to make choices, and if those choices don’t line up with your current energetic state, things then get “fucked up” and so you may experience difficulties or at least what you perceive as difficulties. Actually, those “difficulties” are just offshoot lessons, lessons that are teaching you “well maybe that wasn’t for you, but at least now you know,” or “well you hurt yourself so maybe you won’t do the same action again.” A lot of times, when shitty things happen, those are just more opportunities for lessons. Sometimes it can be as simple as “slow down, you’ll make less mistakes.” All of these instances are great opportunities. Next time you stub your toe, laugh it off – realize that the lesson is to just laugh off stupid little shit that happens when you are being impatient or impulsive or clumsy or unaware of your surroundings. Because you have a clumsy physical body, stupid little shit like that is gonna happen and the best thing to minimize the irritations from it is to just laugh it off.

[So the three fold law, that’s just a crock of shit?]

Just a crock of shit…unless of course you believe in the three fold law. There is nothing external that is coming to get you, breathing down your neck and following you home to exact its final-destination-esque style of karmic revenge. I mean, that’s just so dumb. But of course, people believe that, they feel the guilt so intensely that it becomes real, at least to them, and they feel stalked. Then with their thoughts they create these problems, they create illnesses, or they attract bad experiences, like getting beat up, or getting robbed, maybe even attracting their own deaths. I’m not saying that every death was attracted, we all have our opportunities to exit life, without really causing it with fear.

[I guess, what I am still grappling with, is this idea that bad people don’t necessarily get what’s coming to them. But then again, if there is no good or bad, then anyone can tap in and find power to do anything, no matter if others perceive it to be good or evil.]

That’s not correct. The purer the vibration of love, the more enriched a soul will be. With feelings like anger, hatred, and fear, the body starts to deconstruct. Anger and fear are not sustainable emotions. Love is the only sustainable emotion. When a person chooses to act from a place of fear or hatred, they are inviting those things to manifest into their life and that is why a lot of people involved with any form of hurting others and profaning love, end up inviting negativity in, which in turn causes the body to shut down, first from a spiritual level, then down through the energetic and the mental bodies, eventually killing the physical body, essentially sending that spirit back to Source to be recycled and filled with light. But some spirits resist the process. Honestly, it is how much you are willing to surrender that determines how high you can climb. Surrender begets enlightenment. But if we come back to a body, and a lot of lost spirits go back almost immediately if the choices made in their last life built up hefty karma, they gotta go back and learn what they need to learn. So they can be reborn into a new body, with a fresh slate. Same soul with all of the karma attached. All of their lessons are on the docket, and they will go through life discovering them all, coming to all the same crossroads they have been at before. Will they make a different decision this time? That all depends. Hopefully yes if it is their karma from past lives. But some choose to make the same mistakes. It’s all of a part of their contract. They put all of the lessons in their way before ever incarnating on earth. The real lucky ones can remember rather than just automatically act. Awareness begets transformation begets intent. So to become the wizard, you gotta know that everything is a lesson you yourself set forth for yourself before coming here. Once you know that, the answers aren’t so hard to deal with.

[So for these opportunities for lessons in every moment thing, is there always a specific lesson for that circumstance or can you learn any lesson from it, so long as you learned something?]

Well first of all everyone is going to view one instance with infinite amounts of types of lessons to learn. It depends on your perspective. Your perspective is really all that matters. You are creating your own reality, so only you can know what lessons to learn from something. Hey, sometimes, you get to learn a couple of lessons from one challenge. That’s pretty cool. But typically, if you have learned something from it, you will know. You will feel better about it. You’ll be able to move forward and when you think back on it, which you will, from time to time, you will not have any emotional reactions to that lesson other than, yep, I am sure glad that happened because without it, who knows where I’d be or what kind of person I’d be. Trust the process, you know? Only you can know when you’ve learned something. It is not externally based. It’s not like you’re getting a report card for it at the end of your life. Your end of life review, while attended by your guides and teachers, is for you and you alone, to discern. You get to make all of the decisions for eternity, why not make some good ones while on the physical plane? Yes, it is harder to manifest all of our lessons in one lifetime – that is why it takes a BUNCH! So relax, you got plenty of time. And like I said there ain’t nothing you gotta do. Except talk to me. (He smiles and I can clearly see it.)


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