Empaths, Crystals and the Life Review

This post is a hodgepodge of topics, but this is how conversation naturally unfolds between me and John, my friend in spirit – we talk about everything and anything, frequently jumping from one subject to the next. The information he shares is just incredible. Every time I read it, I glean something new from John’s words. This charming guy has been consistently satisfying me with tons of KNOWLEDGE. Could not be more grateful.

In this post we discuss using crystals for energy work, empaths, and John’s feelings for his family and friends. Thank you for reading.

[Can you tell me more about crystals? How useful are they, and if I had to pick one (or two) which should I go with?]

John: Crystals are tools for centering and channeling energy. So I think crystals would be beneficial to you. But here’s the catch, you gotta believe in the work the crystals are doing in order for anything to really happen, on an energetic level. You gotta treat those crystals as if they are living beings, which they are. Everything is alive. So you gotta take those crystals and make sure you set good intentions with them. You only want your crystal to take on and emit positive energy. The crystal kind of acts like a sponge…well equal parts sponge and transmitter… it takes energy, transforms it, and sends it back out, it purifies it, cleanses it, and makes it clearer. I think you’d be best off with quartz and maybe another of your choosing… something for protection or for clarity. But definitely get some quartz. And don’t forget to leave them in the sun, much like you do for plants, so that they can get fresh energy from the most direct source of light available on earth.

[Thank you. Interesting stuff. It never much occurred to me to use crystals. I thought it was a bunch of hooey. But now I am seeing that a lot of stuff that seemed like hooey only a year or so ago is making a whole lot of sense.]

There is always so much more to this world than you will ever likely see or sense with the five senses you got, that is why it is important to first cultivate awareness so that you can know what you can accomplish. That you can tune into more than just what your five senses tells you. You can actually have up to 10 different senses, but most people will never get there. That is, until you become like me. Free as a bird.

[Do you feel like I am a fauna empath? An empath who can communicate with animals?]

Yes! I think that almost anybody can become any sort of empath they want if they believe it enough and do the work to get there, but you are naturally drawn to animals and animals are drawn to you. However, it must be understood that animals don’t think like we do. So if you are intuiting something you think is coming from them but sounds just too human, it’s probably not your dogs talking to you. They don’t think in words or big concepts so you won’t get that from them. You most likely intuit their needs and how they feel but there are ways you can read an animal, almost like sensing their past lives or whatever traumas they may have encountered. You can read their soul, if you are in touch enough.

[Were you an empath in your life?]

Yes, but I never 100% figured that out for myself. I did notice how much others’ feelings would affect me, sometimes I could be completely out of sorts for weeks because of something someone said or did, even if it wasn’t to me. But I took a pretty grounded, earthly approach. By nature, crowds were not really my thing and loud people was something that bothered me from time to time, but I was the type of dude to not let anything get the best of me. Sometimes I was determined to shake myself out of that crap – of being uncomfortable in my own skin. So I oscillated between extremes of super hermit and going out every night. To get lost in a noisy crowd was one of the best things I could do for myself because if I hadn’t, I may not have had the kinds of friends I did. And I had good friends.

[You seemed like the type of dude who could make friends really easily. I think people must have been drawn to you, because they knew you were different.]

It is hard to go through life feeling so different but wanting so desperately to not stand out. I am not the stand out type of guy. I am very much the work behind the scenes sort of person. But I attracted people like a moth to a flame. People (who didn’t know me) always thought I was kinda bad. You know? Like I was a bad guy or an asshole, but when people got to know me, they saw another side of me. I think that is what kept people around. Because I was not into sugar-coating anything. But yet, people appreciated my advice. And of course, I had no idea about any of this until I passed on.

[Were you frightened or worried when you crossed over?]

It was a complete surprise, that’s for sure. But no, I was never afraid. It felt so good to be free of the body, of a life that was not altogether easy but sure was filled with love. I felt like it wasn’t my time but it was also my time, you know? Now I will tell you this, I was so upset for my family. It’s hard, you know. Feelings like fear, anger, jealously, envy…those feelings don’t really exist here. I mean, you can try to feel these things, but these emotions are slipperier than water. But you can still feel sad for those who are left behind. Especially when I would go back (which was and has been every day since it happened), and see everyone just crying, or even worse, silent and pale, and I would feel so sad. My whole soul is just wrapped up in a deep dark blue when that happens. It doesn’t last long, but it sure does hurt.

Excerpt from a more recent conversation, touching on the topic of the life review:

[What was the most important or profound thing you learned from your life review about your most recent incarnation?]

I learned that people loved me more than I could ever have known while alive. I had a lot of people who thought of me often, who saw me as a friend, some saw me as their hero, which was profound, and I didn’t realize how many lives I had touched, and these people didn’t realize it until I was gone, which intensified the emotions. I just sat and cried when I found out. I wasn’t alone…not in the least, and that was really comforting to me, because I always felt so alone when I was alive. But I had created that space of loneliness, I cloaked myself in it. I didn’t have to, but I did. It was my nature, my ego, and my intense longing, for something, I never knew what it was. But it was a lifelong struggle. It was hard to be happy. But I saw then that all of my troubles, it was me who caused them, and I knew that in order to move forward, I had to forgive myself, and learn to love myself, which, now, isn’t hard to learn with this much perspective, especially with so much love coming to me from all over. Love is just amazing, dude, and I have finally FOUND IT!

I can feel your love, and I am sending it back tenfold.


2 thoughts on “Empaths, Crystals and the Life Review

  1. I just read your blog and I absolutely love it! I do auto writing but can’t seem to sit long enough…I like John’s honesty. Can you ask him if our multiple lives can connect with the current life to lift us up when we are not happy? Just a thought


  2. Thank you for your comment Lillie! I asked John your question a couple of days ago, but he just gave me his answer today, via automatic writing. Hope this helps! Here goes:

    [Can our multiple lives connect with our current life to lift us up when we are unhappy?]

    John: Certainly, they can! You see, in reality, time just doesn’t exist, so everything is happening all at once. Your soul is existing in a timeless state. So a good thing to do would be to – let’s say you’re feeling upset – you can take a few moments to breathe (induce meditation) and to invoke your higher self. The higher self can interact with you through your crown chakra. If asked for help, it can purify the chakra just with energy juice alone – sorry, that doesn’t seem like the proper term, but I don’t have a better term to use. Anywho, it will do that for you, pro bono, and you can be on your way to healing from the top down. Lots of people start from the ground up (root chakra and up so to speak), but your higher self is always there for you and always accessible. Connect with your higher self and you are on the fast track to better. In a sense you are connecting with your other lives. In order to even learn about your other lives, you have to go up to the higher self first. If you believe that one of your other lives is causing you to feel a way you don’t want to feel, you can go into meditation and ask your higher self to cleanse that part that is gummed up – you don’t want to feel that way! So I encourage you to connect with your HS – and let the healing begin!


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