Colors, Music and Fractal Awareness

John and I discuss colors and music in the afterlife. We also touch on fractal awareness and how becoming mindfully aware of our own selves – the conscious and unconscious aspects – can help us transform and grow. [What color should I associate you with?] (John sends me a visual: I got sea green. Maybe with some laces of Duke Blue in there.) John: Cause I’m … Continue reading Colors, Music and Fractal Awareness

My Last Life

A question about pool leads to John telling me about my most recent incarnation before this one. I wish I had asked more about it, but it blew my mind, I guess, and when you are channeling it is hard to think about what is being communicated as it is coming through. Ironically, had my rational mind been present, I doubt I would have been … Continue reading My Last Life

3rd Dimension: School of Hard Knocks

When I became aware that there were other dimensions, and that parallel realities do in fact exist, I pondered the idea deeply. I also zeroed in on the fact that spirits do not experience suffering in any form on their plane. It made me wonder, “Why did I come here? Why do souls decide to incarnate on earth? Why even bother?” I asked. I am peace … Continue reading 3rd Dimension: School of Hard Knocks

Lessons and Karma

In this post, John and I cover a few topics. This is one of the many rabbit holes we have fallen down regarding the nature of justice, karma, and guilt. During this particular channeling session, I received confirmation that John indeed knows Erik Medhus (go check out, who is another spirit friend of mine. Elisa Medhus is Erik’s Mama and a lot of my readers already know … Continue reading Lessons and Karma

Empaths, Crystals and the Life Review

This post is a hodgepodge of topics, but this is how conversation naturally unfolds between me and John, my friend in spirit – we talk about everything and anything, frequently jumping from one subject to the next. The information he shares is just incredible. Every time I read it, I glean something new from John’s words. This charming guy has been consistently satisfying me with tons of … Continue reading Empaths, Crystals and the Life Review