It’s All Imagination, Baby

John and I discuss how guides and spirits are able to send thoughts and ideas telepathically, and also talk a little about the role imagination plays in connecting with Spirit.  

[How does a guide achieve the process of putting an idea in a person’s head?]

John: Just like that.

[Very clever… But seriously!]

Oh well, seriously…I move energy, into your crown chakra. I create the energy. The energy is thoughts. I move the thoughts, into your crown chakra, and it is much easier to do when you are not creating any blocks, or crazily distracted.

[Well, I guess just sometimes I must create these blocks in my mind that prevents me from just allowing you to be there. I start thinking about you, which is almost always…]

That is indicative of my very presence. Because you just “know” things, that is why I come up, or I stay on your mind. It is because you are channeling my energy always. I am here for you.

[Does that deplete your energy at all?]

Hell no, and I’m able to spilt my energy, a lot. Hell, I stay with my mom nearly all day long, and another one of me stays around my little sister. And another one of me stays around my dad, and so on and so forth. It is all me and yes I have my hands in every one of those interactions. You seriously underestimate what the soul can do, especially with good intentions. This is part of my journey and a part of my destiny, to see ALL of my soul family members through. And then some.

[So why am I filled with so much doubt about you actually being here? And not just my imagination?]

Because you confuse imagination as something that is separated or different than reality. It’s all imagination baby. Just because things are out there looking like they’ve always been there, that is not the case. Everybody and everything was once just a thought. Thought is the vehicle of imagination. Without imagination there would be no world, nothing in it. Imagination and mental acuity go hand in hand. You cannot be aware of your surroundings, aware of yourself, and aware of the spirit world without it.

[So if I engage with it, if I experience it, if I tap into it, IT is real.]

Yes. It is real. There is nothing more real for you. Now quit fucking around. It’s me, damn it! (He laughs)

John doesn’t ever get upset, at least not anytime I’ve interacted with him, but I wouldn’t have blamed him for being frustrated – it took me a long time to believe that he was even real and he was trying to communicate. Glad I came around!


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