Automatic Writing

The following is an excerpt of a few separate conversations I had with John regarding automatic writing. Automatic writing is an effective method for spirit communication. I posed my questions about it to him, back when the method was quite new to me, and I was struggling with some doubt about how it worked or that it even was working at all. As always, John gave me good info AND made me feel better about it.

[So I didn’t realize channeling and automatic writing would be, or feel, so visceral. It is very much an intuitional thing.]

John: Yes. You must trust your emotions first, before anything else, before thought can come in and compartmentalize. Thought is such a buzz kill. It is useful in other instances, but it bulldozes over emotions if you allow it too. Because it is much louder. You know how much energy I move to put these ideas in your head? A lot, but it is so worth it. I have to compete with your mind, which is no easy task, especially when you are not feeling up to par. Those days, remember to take time for yourself. If your body is not having any of it, you should listen. The body gets bulldozed by the mind a lot too. The body does not speak in words, but in energy. In fact, your body is the greatest teacher in understanding the nature of reality and the natural world. It does not speak, and things occur slowly. The body changes slowly, but surely. This is how nature works. You must be able to speak the language of energy and listen and feel what your body is telling you. Your mind will go nuts sometimes, trying to figure out what is happening or what is wrong, what it could be, yada yada yada. Listen to the body, it does not lie. Why would it?

[So I just read something last night that said people shouldn’t try to do automatic writing because there is too much room for error and also it is hard to determine who you are actually talking to. Is this true?]

Yeah, it’s true, somewhat. Depends on the person. Some people try to get into because it seems like fun or they just want to try it out. But they don’t really believe that a true conversation is occurring. So that keeps it from being authentic. Some people close their eyes and start scribbling, but I think that won’t work for you because you are a woman of words. Maybe we should talk about what automatic writing is… Okay, automatic writing is sitting down, paper and pencil, or like you, computer and blank document, and consciously putting your logic aside, and allowing the ideas to come into your head, unimpeded, for you to translate into written words. So yeah, I may say something weird and you take that idea and you translate it to something that makes sense. All the while, it has to be fast. You can’t think much while you are engaging with me. That’s what makes it all me.

[So is it dangerous for people to do automatic writing?]

Only if they believe it’s dangerous. If you are fearful of something, you’re going into it with negative energy, therefore you are more susceptible to negative or lower entities. So don’t be afraid! And only talk with those you know or feel comfortable with. You will know the difference by how you feel, and also by the quality of thoughts coming forth. Honestly, nothing can hurt you unless you allow it to.

[So why bother discouraging people about it?]

I don’t think it should be discouraged –  you just gotta believe it works for it to work. Nothing bad happens to those who don’t believe it anyway. In fact, nothing happens if you don’t believe. Those who try it out just to see are curious, but if it doesn’t work, maybe engaging in automatic writing is not part of their path. There are other ways to communicate with the spirit world. This method is good for you, because you are so affected by the power of words. Also, some mediums are superstitious, and they have to go through all these steps in order to “feel” protected. But you are always protected by your guides. Nothing can hurt you, unless you invite it in or allow it to come into your life.

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